Golf Simulators

It’s debated that the origin of golf happened in Scotland during the middle ages. However it did not gain its popularity until the 19th Century. It is said that the Dutch used to play a game with a stick and a leather ball. Whoever  used to hit the target that was several 100 yards away with the least number of strokes, was considered to be the winner.

There was a time when golf used to be considered as a rich man’s game. On Sunday mornings these elite groups of men and women will travel with their picnic bags to an esteemed and very expensive golf field. There the husbands will compete with each other to strike the best shot. The wives will enjoy seeing this game with some cupcakes in their hand.

However not many people could afford spending this much money every week end to enjoy this sport. While its very interesting a game, the amount of money you need to spend to be a club member was so high that it was out of reach of most of the population.

Many of us like the idea of playing golf under the clear blue sky where soft wind is blowing. But with the weather being most unpredictable these days, it’s a rare commodity to find such clear blue sky every time you think of playing golf. Besides the weather, we may not find enough time to play the 18 rounds to the game. Or may not have the access to such grounds that are ideal to play golf. Does that mean that we then can’t play golf. Of course not. That is why golf simulators were invented.

With the help of these golf simulators, now this game is something even you and I enjoy playing from home.So if you can safely swing a club, you can have enough space to have a golf simulator set up at your home for you to enjoy the game just as much.

Optishot Golf Simulators

One of the world’s best selling golf simulators comes from Optishot. It is known for its best selling swing pad and industry leading Ball fight.The range of Optishot simulators start at $5000 which is very affordable price.The simulators come with swing pad,Ball fight,Vision, Golf in a box series,360 custom studio and pure series.The online courses include seasons passes for mini, Pro and Pro X.You also get tournament details and academy details online.It also comes with several courses like amateur tour courses, mini tour courses and pro tour courses. The optishot online golf shops include, mats and turf, gift cards, nets and screens and optishot parts which makes shopping very easy for you.One of the top features of optishot is optishot Events. They offer full service event management for any small gatherings to national game shows.

Optishot Golf SimulatorsPriceLatest Price
OptiShot 2 Platinum Package$3,642See Price Now
OptiShot Golf In A Box 2 Simulator Package$799See Price Now
OptiShot Golf In A Box 3 Simulator Package$2,800See Price Now
OptiShot 2 Practice Golf Simulator Package$1,199.00See Price Now
OptiShot Golf In A Box 3 Simulator Package$2,800.00See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight Bronze Golf Simulator$8,499.99See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight SIG12 Golf Simulator$11,399.99See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight SIG8 Golf Simulator$9999.99See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight SIG10 Golf Simulator$10,999.99See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight Training Package$6,999.99See Price Now
OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package$3,642.00See Price Now
OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box Pro$5,000.00See Price Now
OptiShot 2 Home Package$1,199.00See Price Now
OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box$799.00See Price Now
OptiShot BallFlight Flex Space Package$9,549.99See Price Now

So if you want to plan for a community event, or a corporate event, or a trade show or a charity fundraiser show, optishots team of event management experts can make this a successful event for you. All you need to do is submit a form and they will get in touch with you.Purchasing an optishot is much simpler as you can avail its financial scheme for purchasing it. This means you can pay an affordable amount monthly rather than making the full downpayment during the time of purchase. At any point in time if you decide to make a full prepayment, you do not have any penalty charges for doing so. Because of such benefits it’s actually one of the highest selling golf simulators in the world.

Bravo golf simulator

It has taken 10 years of extensive research for Bravo to come out with one of the best golf simulator softwares ever created. This creates a feeling that you are literally there in the course. You can replay the shots you have taken to analyse and understand how you played the shots and helps you work better on them next time.It supports different game systems that support various languages like Korean, Chinese,Japanese and English.Its got dynamic sound and scenery which is synchronized with light and shadow to give you the real effect of a 3D adventure when you are playing this game. Currently has 60 courses and they are adding more with each day passing by. The best part of Bravo golf simulator is that you can get the full HD feeling with this software.It also supports real time online video matches. This means that you can play with your family and friends in it, visiting different parts of the world virtually.

Home Indoor Gulf Simulators

This package comes with 2optical swing pads, the softwares, and accessories like Net Return Home series golf net,The home series side barriers and the pro turf golf mat.The length of the net is about 7 feet. Along with the side barriers you will get 6 sand bags.The best part is you can easily roll up and store the mat at any corner of your house once the game is over. One of the biggest questions that any purchaser has is that how much space do you need to set up the simulator. The answer to your question is that the minimum space requirement for this simulator is 8.5 feet height, 16 feet length and 12 feet width, which is easily manageable in any room you want to set it up at.Coming to set up, the entire set up can be done by just 1 person within an hour. In Fact you can also connect your computer to your TV and get display cast on to the TV which is great.

Optishot 2 Home golf simulator package:

This package comes with 2optical swing pads, the softwares, and accessories like Net Return Home series golf net,The home series side barriers and the pro turf golf mat.The length of the net is about 7 feet. Along with the side barriers you will get 6 sand bags.The best part is you can easily roll up and store the mat at any corner of your house once the game is over. One of the biggest questions that any purchaser has is that how much space do you need to set up the simulator. The answer to your question is that the minimum space requirement for this simulator is 8.5 feet height, 16 feet length and 12 feet width, which is easily manageable in any room you want to set it up at.Coming to set up, the entire set up can be done by just 1 person within an hour. In Fact you can also connect your computer to your TV and get display cast on to the TV which is great.

GC2 Golf Simulator Packages

The GC2 is the industry’s all time best selling launch monitor. With quick and easy setup, verifiable accuracy, and all-in-one simplicity the GC2 delivers a level of accuracy and precision unrivaled in the market.The GC2, you can practice or play golf in any environment with equally trusted results. Outdoors, the portable GC2’s exclusive self-leveling technology provides verifiably accurate results on every surface and on every shot. Indoors, the GC2 produces the most accurate measurements of ball characteristics at launch – period.

Trugolf Simulators

Average price range of a trugolf simulator is between $30,000 to $70,000.E6Golf software that provides the most high end golf simulator was developed by Truegolf. You can choose about 36 modes to play a game with trugolf.It also presents to the world with 85 most world renowned courses.Their golf simulator solutions also provide extensive training on how to learn and excel in the swings that you take. They have their own hardware house where they design, manufacture and manage the simulators. This means that it’s a one stop shop for all that you need. The point of impact technology of Trugolf makes it the only company that can measure strikes inside of 10 feet. This makes it one of its kind. Now it’s time to get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when purchasing a golf simulator.

Complete Systems

Shop our complete home golf simulator packages or build your own from our indoor golf simulator components. Customization is our speciality! Call or chat to discuss your custom golf simulator project with one of our experts.

Optishot GS10 Studio$10,777Click Here to Order
Optishot GS13 Studio$12,208Click Here to Order
ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition$26,631Click Here to Order
SkyTrak TGC GS10 Studio$11,653Click Here to Order
SkyTrak TGC GS13 Studio$14,423Click Here to Order
ProTee Black Interior$2,639.10Click Here to Order
ProTee Aluminum Truss$4,970.50Click Here to Order
TGC2019 for Simulators Upgrade Package$562.07Click Here to Order
TGC 2019 + TGC Simulator Software Bundle$1,242.50Click Here to Order
TGC 2019 Simulator Software$1,005.80Click Here to Order
ProTee Play VIP membership$396.50Click Here to Order
ProTee Play Diamond Membership$248.50Click Here to Order
ProTee Play Premium Membership$147.90Click Here to Order
ProTee Halogen Light System$165.14Click Here to Order
TruGolf GS10 Studio$16,648.00Click Here to Order
TruGolf GS13 Studio$19,228.00Click Here to Order

OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box 3 Simulator Package

If you want the full simulator experience along with screen and projector but you don’t want to pay as high as that of Skytrak then this is your best option.This comes with optishot simulator, a software,a net return pro series net,optishot hitting mat, a pro series simulator screen,an optoma short throw projector and foam practice balls with adjustable rubber tees. The net is 7.5 feet long and can be easily rolled and kept at a corner once you are done with your game.There are velcro tabs that you can use to attach the screen to the net.The mat is designed in such a way that it can easily fit in it. The minimum requirement of the room is 8.5 feet high, 10 feet long and 9 feet wide.

Just remember the smartest buyer is one who keeps in mind the following things when he is making the purchase. The size, portability,simulator software type and the budget.

SkyTrak practice Golf simulator package

If you don’t want to spend extra money on a screen and projector but still are looking for accuracy in measurement, this is what you will need.This package is also offered by Rain or Shine golf. It comes along with one of the best quality nets in the market along with a mat. you can open and set this package anywhere within 20 mins and the game is on.This package comes with Skytrak launch monitor, a game improving software ,a net return pro series v2 golf net,pro series side barriers, and 6ft by 10 feet Pro turf golf mat, The minimum room requirements for this simulator is 8feet high, 12 feet long and 10 feet wide.As the screen and projector is not there you can view the shots in your computer or TV screen that you have connected with it.In order to get the feeling of a full size projection,send the feed to your TV and then position it behind the net. This will give you the complete feel of being in a real golf course with an accurate date to learn and improve on.

DIY Packages

DIY Golf Simulator – Everything You Need To Know Our Golf Tech Packages are listed to give clients examples of Golf Simulator costings. Whilst you can purchase what is listed, in all scenarios we tend to customise the package to suit the client and the space available which will alter the price. If you’re unsure how much a simulator will cost this is a great place to start.

Sensor Systems

The golf game system of the present invention includes at least two magnetic induction coil sensors to simulate the speed and the direction of a golf swing by a golfer. A magnetic strip adhesively attached to the end of the golf club locates the position of the golf club with respect to the sensors. An electronic circuitry panel translates the information provided by the magnetic induction coil sensors into information that is acceptable to the customized software package.


As a golfer, you know it’s nearly impossible to hide from a poor swing. The game has an uncanny way of finding and exposing weaknesses. But if you’re committed to reaching your goals, reducing strokes, and generally playing a better round of golf, it’s critical to start improving your swing as quickly as possible. Process analyzers are on-line tools for industrial process analytics, used to determine the chemical composition or physical properties of substances involved in industrial processes. They enable process optimization, asset protection, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Swing Analyzers

Average price of a full swing golf simulator is anywhere between $19,000 to $100,000.People like Tiger woods have endorsed to this range of luxury golf simulators.It gives realistic 3D view of the top courses around the world.Its known for its meticulous data feed back and state of art ball tracking. You can get the immediate statistics of your ball flight with the help of two ,360 degree screens or curtains of infrared beams.

The team full swing includes Gary woodland, Tiger woods,Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth, Brandt Snedeker and Jason Day.

The full swing simulators work on two of the most advanced technologies which work hand in hand to give you the most accurate data of the shots that you play.You have a wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing a space to play this sport. You can start it by using it in your own home, or can make it commercial by playing in any club house. You can even take it to a different level by taking this to play in colleges as a tournament or in any fundraising event as well. To sum it all up a full swing simulator is a combination of Golf ,sports, movies and games.

Launch Monitors

If you are looking for a simulator which is known for the accuracy in its data collection when it comes to you ball flight, you have to consider no other but the SkyTrak Launch monitor.This launch monitor also provides simulator software options that can be set up very easily and ones that is set up it actually gives you the feel of a real golf field.Ones you have set this up, depending on the package you have selected you can play in the world top courses and different level challenges both as a beginner or as a professional.The photometric technology uses advanced algorithm to take several high speed photos of the initial few initial few inches of the ball flight. By doing so you use this to learn how you played and what should be the angle and precision of your next move.Setting up the Skytrak is one of the easiest things to do. You can use either a phone, tablet, laptop or a computer to do so.First all you need to do is charge the SkyTrak.Then turn it on. Once it’s on, download the app onto your computer.Create and register your account to connect to your Skytrak device.Keep your Skytrak device at a foot’s distance from the ball. It should be kept opposite to the place that you will stand to make a swing.That is all. When you swing the ball the device will automatically collect the data and show you the same.

Launch MonitorsPriceLatest Price
Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC$589Click Here to Buy
Ernest Sports ES12 Golf Launch Monitor$199Click Here to Buy
Ernest Sports ES14 Pro Golf Launch Monitor$495Click Here to Buy
ErnestSports ES16 + The Golf Club Simulation Software$987Click Here to Buy
GC2 Launch Monitor Certified Pre-Owned$5,400Click Here to Buy
Optishot GS10 Studio$10,777Click Here to Buy
SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor$1,995Click Here to Buy
Ernest Sports ES15 Range Launch Monitor $1,795.00Click Here to Buy
Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)$499.99Click Here to Buy
Voice Caddie SC200 Plus Golf Launch Monitor$349.99Click Here to Buy
Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor$10,000.00Click Here to Buy
Uneekor QED Launch Monitor$6,000.00Click Here to Buy
Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor$1,999.99Click Here to Buy
Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor$14,000.00Click Here to Buy
Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor$9,500.00Click Here to Buy
Swing Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor$499.99Click Here to Buy

Golf Launch Monitors

Choosing the best golf launch monitor takes more then merely ordering the first one you see,no matter what the brand. to get the best one for you, you should know what feature will provide you with the most information. buying a personal launch monitor as a gift for golfers is different then purchasing a commercial device. you will want a device for indoor practice, that is accurate on a hitting mat when hitting into a golf net. golf lanch monitor that can quickly be transported to the range or used when you are playing golf on the course.


Average cost of a Golfzon simulator is between $40,000 to $70,000.This is one of the first Asian based companies which ranks among the top popular producers of the golf simulator. You can play a variety of shots such as draws and fades and can be rest assured that it will give you the most accurate information about the balls direction , trajectory and the spin. It’s now partnered with LPGA to play and sponsor the GOLFZON LPGA Match play challenge which is an international event played yearly among the best golf lovers.This year it will be played in The World Golf Hall of fame in Augustine Florida.Some of the variety of Golfzon simulators are Vision Premium, Vision Standard, Vision compact, GDR standard. They have created about 30000 simulators which are being played in about 62 counties around the globe.There are about 2.8 million online members of Golfzon today. If you were to know as to how many golf rounds has been played using their simulator, you will be stunned by the number. Almost 59 million rounds of golf has been played annually using Golfzon simulators. Not just that in an average there are about 356 amateaur tournaments that are played daily on their simulators.

Hitting Bays

Over the last few years, the image of the golf pro standing on the range giving a lesson has become less and less common. At many clubs and high-end golf communities, teachers have their own hitting areas and facilities, specialized learning centers fitted with the newest technology—high-speed cameras, launch monitors, pressure plates, and more—that can analyze every nanosecond of the swing.

Golf Mats

Home golf practice is all about trying to simulate the same conditions of real golf. You wouldn’t sharpen your baseballs skills using a cucumber as a bat or practice your basketball dribbling in a swimming pool. This is because a quality golf mat will most definitely maximize your practice session while a poorly developed golf mat can destroy any golf club in your bag. Golf mats are awesome training items that will make your training session more enjoyable.

True Like Golf MatsPriceLatest Price
TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat$898Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat$1,329Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat$397Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Range Golf Mat Section$139Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat$789Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Static Impact Golf Mat$669Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Edge Trim$39.00Know the Latest Price
TrueStrike Ball Tray$49.00Know the Latest Price

True Like Golf Mats

This is another budget option that gives you a few different surfaces. The turf is decent quality, but a similar issue arises with the Callaway option that the ball will be elevated from your feet since this is not a larger mat. For it is still a good deal if you are looking to simulate heavier lies in the rough.


Average cost of XGOLF simulators is between $40,000 to $70,000. This industry was created in the year of 2005. It’s one of the pioneers of the golf simulation industry. Indoor automatic ball teeing system and variable lie stance platform was first introduced by XGOLF.Recently they opened their 9th American franchise.They are into a whole range of activities apart from just selling simulators. For eg they conduct weekly league or tournament lessons,They organise club or corporate events, private parties. They also have streamlined and extremely efficient food and beverage services.They have about 16 global patents of this simulator. They have several esteemed clients and partners like Etihad, Samsung, IMG,NFL,BMW and Callaway. One of the things really interesting about this company is that although it’s so big, it does not ignore the requirements of a daily man. hence it actually allows you to rent these simulators on a weekly payment.

Fire Built Golf Mats

The ultimate game improvement mat system, the Flight Deck Practice Station combines our oval-shaped Flight Deck with a high-traction stance mat that has an integrated ball tray and is full of training components. The Flight Deck hitting area is constructed with genuine Fiberbuilt Grass for realistic impact conditions, ball flight, and injury prevention.

HD golf simulator

Average price range of a high definition golf simulator is between $35,000 to $70,000. All high definition golf simulators use CVT or computer vision technology to give you the most effective and realistic vision for all the renowned golf courses of the world.You can actually feel as though you are standing in the middle of the real field and swinging the ball.The weatherproof golf is one of the pureset in its technology. You can play it indoors , or outdoors and it will surprise you by the level of detailing and accuracy in measuring data.It comes with several collections of competitions, namely Break the glass, golf poker,Field gold challenge, target golf and skills competition. It also gives one of the best multiplayer competition experience.The user interface is a cloud based interface and the software is mobile friendly. HD golf also comes with floor to ceiling simulator screens so you can watch events with your friends or have a real community competition with it.


It doesn’t matter if you have chosen OptiShot, Skytrak or TruGolf as your simulator, you need these golf simulator accessories to make your experience complete. The golf simulator accessories below will make your golf practice easier and more efficient. They are simple and easy to use. These add-ons will not save you time and money but will improve your game. No longer will you need to go the driving range because you will have everything you need right in your golf simulator room.

Best Golf Nets

It goes without saying that in order to master the skill of golf, you need the best golf equipment you can get. I launched this website in order to make it your last stop before you decide to invest in a golf net. With so many information available online, it can be complicated to do your own research, and if you have too much information to process, you will most likely end up with a poor-quality golf net.

Trackman Simulator

Average price of a trackman simulator is between $50,000- $100,000.Trackman comes with the best performance enhancement software of the world when it comes to simulators.The biggest strength of the trackman is the pure precise and reliable data that it creates. It’s because of this perfection that many professional golf players prefer the trackman simulators above any other ones.Trackman also has its university where you are given thorough training sessions in order to master the game of golf. Here ones you get certified you can get unlimited access to the workshops that they create . This really helps players to hone their skills.

Shop Brands

Golf Simulators are high-tech machines that analyze your swing or ball flight and use computerized models of real golf courses to create a real-life experience of playing golf. Using radar, light sensors, or photometric technology they detect countless factors that go into your shot and swing. Start perfecting your golf skills today with these innovative Golf Simulator Packages from Top Shelf Golf.

Trugolf Simulator Package

Experience one of the top of the line golf simulators offered on the market today, with arguably the best golf simulation software available. TruGolf Simulators come from the same company who creates the top rated E6 golf simulation software that is used by thousands of PGA pros and recreational golfers alike!

Foresight Sports Launch Monitors

Launch monitors have become increasingly popular for lessons, club fitting and even individual practice. As we explained in our Guide To Launch Monitors, some use radar whilst others use cameras to capture launch data. Foresight Sports lead the way in camera technology and say they have taken it a step further with the launch of the GCQuad that if the first to user four ultra-high-speed cameras in a single compact device.

SkyTrak budget Golf simulator package

This is yet another very popular simulator package as it is designed by Rain or Shine golf.This simulator cones along with a Launch monitor within a protective case,A game improvement software,It also includes some of the popular series like the net return pro series VS golf net.Some of the other items that come along with this is the pro series side barriers,the pro turf golf mat,the pro series screen,High definition short throw projector and a ceiling projector mount. The projector mount can tilt up to 30degrees up, down, left or right. The mat can be easily rolled up and kept in any corner of the house. Now coming to the minimum space required to set this simulator up.The minimum requirement is 8 feet high, 12 feet long and 10 feet wide. This means that you can easily set it up in your bedroom . Skytrak can easily connect wirelessly with your ipad or Pc. This thus gives you the option to carry on playing anywhere and anytime.

Skytrak Golf Simulator Packages

If you have a budget of about $10000, Skytrak is the golf simulator you should be going for. It has one of the best entertainment simulators which is a breakthrough in the commercial quality launch monitor technology.Its easily compatible with ipads using its wifi hotspot. All you need to do is download the free App of skytrak. Then you are ready to hit shots on its 3D practice range anywhere and anytime.The best thing is that Skytrak has its own battery for total portability. So you don’t need to worry about wires to your simulator.With its enhanced technology you get instant feedback about the angle of the shot,the spin rate, and the distance carried by your shot. Hence you can learn from it and constantly improve yourself.It also has a shot tracer that gives you the view from two different angles of the camera.Skytrak also comes with different type of simulation plans namely, Eggolf connect,the golf club 2019,WGT golf,creative golf 3D version 2.5, fitness golf, protee play and golfisimo by creative golf 3D.

The simulation packages are available for both PC and IOS devices.You can also get video analysis softwares that have been graded as the best by many coaches of the world. It comes with record branded  video lessons,advanced video analysis tools and much more.When you purchase the skytrak simulator, inside the box you will get the Skytrak launch monitor, USB cable,the user guide,and the downloadable software.If you want to use a PC for this simulation you will need a PC with windows 7,8 or 10. It should have an Intel core2 duo processor running in it. This can also run on IOS devices such as iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPad mini 3 along with all the latest iPads.

Imagine having the technology to play golf anytime and in any way, and the insight to take your game to the next level. SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor that delivers instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data. Plus, enhance your SkyTrak experience with a high-definition simulation package.


I have attempted to give you an insight into what is a golf simulator, the different types of golf simulators in the market. The companies that are the best producers of these simulators and the price range for such golf simulators. I have also shared some of the most frequently asked questions company wise . I hope this article gives you all the insight you need to choose the best product as per your requirement. Well I have found my perfect Golf simulator and hope you do the same.With the COVID virus situation where it’s important to maintain social distancing and stay safely at home most of the time, I am so glad that I have the golf simulator to keep me and my family engaged. This is not just an entertainment, it has actually helped  my son to improve his skills as a swinger. It has influenced him so much that he has decided to consider this as his sport carrier. He regularly takes the online training sessions, then plays on the online tournament challenges to see how much he has improved. As for my wife and my daughter, they enjoy watching the movies on the huge HD screen with pop corn in hand. To be honest with you the golf simulator has brought me and my family together in such a tough time. I am proud of the decision I made by purchasing it at the right time. I look forward to hearing such inspiring stories from many of you as well in future.


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