FlightScope Mevo+ Flex Space Package


Are your looking to buy FlightScope Mevo Flex Space Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own FlightScope Mevo Flex Space Package.


Best Golf Simulator Guide Flex Simulator Package is perfect for those that want a golf simulator at home but don’t have a dedicated space for it.

Featuring the HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen, the Flex Simulator Package allows you to convert any space in your home into a golf simulator room.

Simply use the remote to extend the screen down whenever you want to take a few swings, then use the remote to retract the screen back up and return your space back to its original form.


What’s Included In the Flex Space Package

  • Mevo Launch Monitor, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Pouch and Free App for Mobile Device
  • 50 Metallic Stickers*
  • E6 simulation Software Package (5 Courses, 17 Practice Ranges)
  • HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen
  • Pro Turf Mat
  • Optoma HD 1080P Projector
  • Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure
  • 15’L HDMI Cable
  • HomeCourse Accessories Included: Ceiling Mount Kit, Wireless Remote, Easy Reach Pole, Charging Cables

Here’s What You’re Getting

Mevo Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo provides real time performance data to help you train and improve with every club in the bag on the range, on the course, and in your home.

What We Like About the Mevo

  • Radar Doppler Tracking
  • 5 Simulated Golf Courses (E6)
  • 17 Practice Ranges & Darts Mini Game
  • Action Video Clips With Data Overlay
  • 15 Accurate Performance Data Parameters
  • Save, Upload, and Share Each Practice Station
  • Rechargeable Battery – up to 2 Hours Continuous Use

E6 Golf Simulation Software

The FlightScope Mevo+ includes an E6 simulation software package. The package includes ownership of 5 golf courses:

  • Aviara
  • Stone Canyon
  • Wade Hampton
  • Sanctuary
  • Belfry
  • The software package also includes 17 different practice ranges & a darts mini game.

HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen 

The HomeCourse is the ideal projector screen for those that are looking for flexibility and portability. At the click of a button, the FlightScope golf simulator price extends down creating an indoor golf simulator enclosure. Once you’re done, click the button again and watch as the screen retracts and your room returns to its original form. Since its retractable, it eliminates the need to dedicate an entire room to set it up!


  • Ballistic-Grade Projector Screen
  • Retractable (takes 30 seconds to extend/retract)
  • Wireless Remote
  • Mounting Options: ceiling mount kit (included)
  • Dimensions: 8’H x 10’6″W x 3’D
  • Link To HomeCourse Pro Minimum Space Requirements
  • Link To Easy To Follow Installation Videos

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

The Pro Turf Mat is made specifically for the The Net Return products. Unlike other mats that are smaller, the Pro Turf mat is 6′ Wide and 10′ Long and fits perfectly within the Home Series Net.

The mat’s length allows for continuous ball return, and can even be used as a putting green. The Pro Turf has a 42 oz. nylon face-weight with a 5mm foam backing, allowing it to be rolled up and stored like a carpet. It weighs 50 lbs. and is roughly 3/4″ thick and ships with two Rangemart rubber tees, a 2’1/4″ tee and a 1’3/4″ tee.


BenQ MX825ST

The BenQ Short Throw projector integrates seamlessly with the Projector Shield floor mount enclosure system.

The MX825ST projector is a great option for golf simulators with just the right short throw ratio and Lumens for max brightness.

15’L HDMI & Lightning to HDMI Adapter

The included HDMI cable, at 15 feet long, is long enough to allow you to connect your device to the projector.

Projector Shield Enclosure

10 reviews for FlightScope Mevo+ Flex Space Package

  1. Olivia

    Great Experience
    All the items in the package performed well and the service was excellent. Support could not have been better.

  2. Emma

    The material is not very durable.
    Material should hold.its strength longer.

  3. Noah

    Great idea but doesn’t last long.
    When it 1st arrived it was great, but after 2 weeks of use it was no longer usable. Now the club head catches the rippled area. Good idea but not ready for prime time yet.

  4. Liam

    Great 👍 perfect

  5. Liam

    Easy to set up…so is buying a house, in this market!!!!!!

    not working for chipping, set up is an absolute pain, not straight forward as the verbiage, wants to suggest. aka; an indoor cat! UPDATE: corrected most of the above, indoor (but I’m outdoor14 feet easy10x10x10x10 cage distant AT ALTITUDE remains off 30-50 yrds for sea level also). the technology I don’t believe is there as of yet! , SET to indoor, 3mos later, camera went south (target dark, “wifi, move closer…set 2inches from unit, same error), talked with flight scope, they didn’t correct. “okay” on a range, home use not so much

  6. Alexander

    Apps are difficult to use and have a hard time communicating with each other

    Mevo Plus itself was easy to set up. I had it up and running in short order, I was disappointed with the distances until I realized Mevo was not adding roll to my shots. The problems begin when you try and play courses on E6. It’s a hit or miss affair. I usually have to spend 5-10 minutes multiple times per round adjusting and making sure Mevo and E6 are communicating. When working, it is a lot of fun and accurate. When it stops working multiple times per round, you want to throw it in the garbage. Another issue is the elevations on the different courses. Wildly different shot distances even if you adjust elevations on your Mevo Plus.

  7. Evelyn

    Great way to better my golf game then just going to the range.

    After a few shots I knew I made the right choice. Only reason giving 4 star is that you MUST have an IPAD or apple product over IOS 13 to get the free courses. Would be nice to have this on Android and if that was the case would be an instant 5 Star!!!

  8. Henry

    I love my flightscope!

    It’s a great value for the money. It’s a little complicated setting up but once I got it set up it works great.

  9. Isabella


    The MEVO+ is incredible! It’s fast, appears to be very accurate, and has so many fun features. It’s not cheap, but for the quality and functions it provides it should have been double the price.

  10. Benjamin



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Hello Justin,

You could mount that projector to the ceiling. We send it with the projector shield on the ground, but could swap that our for ceiling mount if you wanted. I can send you a draft order for that.

Hello Randy,

It does allow for up to 8 players with the 5 courses that come in that package.

Yes, Mevo can be used indoors and outdoors. The space requirements for indoors is 8 feet of ball flight and 4-7 feet behind the impact. In total you will need up to 15 feet of space.
TGC2019 is a unique golf simulation option that is integrated with the FlightScope X3 and Mevo+. The software allows users to choose from over 150,000 golf courses, golf course design, the ability to compete in online tournaments, and more!

Conclusion. The Mevo is a really good product if you understand what you’re getting when you buy it. Although the data isn’t good enough for a PGA professional, it’s still a useful tool that gives amateurs reasonable feedback while practicing.

Flightscope Mevo Plus can can easily monitor: ball and club speed, smash factor, carry distance, roll distance, total distance, lateral landing, shot dispersion, shot type, distance to pin, skills score, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, angle of attack, spin, spin axis and spin loft.

If you mostly use your launch monitor outdoors, then Mevo+ is the way to go. Its doppler radar is much more accurate for outdoor use. On the other hand, if you plan to use your launch monitor primarily indoors AND do not have a space in which you will have 16′ of depth, then SkyTrak will be better suited for you.

Flightscope Golf Simulator Packages For Sale

Flightscope has officially entered the consumer market with two fantastic portable launch monitors. … The Mevo Plus allows for top of the line data as well as a the ability to be a workhorse for your simulator setup.

Action video clip recording

Via your iPhone or Android phone, the Mevo Golf app automatically captures video and clips it 1-5 seconds before impact and 1-5 seconds after, giving you just the right amount of visual feedback you need.

They both stream the same, up to 1080p at 6 megabits per second. … 264 or HEVC up to 1080p at 30 frames per second while the Mevo Plus could actually record a higher resolution, H. 264 only but up to 4k at 30 frames per second. And this is one of the big differences you’ll see between the two devices.

The FlightScope Mevo is the most portable home golf simulator on the market. The FlightScope Mevo is the most portable golf simulator on the market and used mostly for work at the range. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is not affected by direct sunlight.

Flightscope Golf Simulator Packages For Sale

Priced at $499 and $1,999.99 these two launch monitors offer stunning statistics and fantastic portability. The original Mevo is a very small launch monitor built to be pocketable.

In general, if you have enough space to swing your longest club, then you have just about enough space for a golf simulator. The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators is 10’W x 10’L x 8.5’H.
To build a golf simulator you need a space that measures 12 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet high, larger rooms are always better. You need 15 feet of width to enjoy a central aim. You may require more length, width, or height depending on you, your launch monitor, and your impact screen setup.