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Are your looking to buy Preferred Hitting Strip for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Preferred Hitting Strip.


Ideal for golfers looking to replace the hitting strips in their SIGPRO Mats or DIYers that need an insert for their subfloor – the Preferred, SIGPRO Softy, and SIGPRO 3D, are all designed with their own unique qualities and differences that result in better performance, durability and feel.

The Preferred is the same hitting strip that comes standard in the SIGPRO Golf Mats and is the perfect replacement for those strips that may have become worn over time.

It responds like real turf even on mishits, providing realistic feedback even with a fat or chunky shot.

The accuracy of the Preferred Hitting Strip enhances the simulator golf experience as if you were hitting from the fairway.

Our proprietary blend of Teeline turf provides enough give when hitting down and through the ball, yet prevents your club from “grabbing” and causing joint pain.

Features & Benefits

The Original Insert

The Preferred hitting strip is the original hitting strip that comes standard with our SIGPRO Mats and Flooring

Use a Real Tee

Golfer can use a real tee and adjust tee height to his/her preference


Reacts like real grass. Great shots launch with precision, while mishits, fat or chunky shots are accurately penalized, but not as much as some other mats on the market.

Firm Surface

A firmer and more compact surface compared to other mats on the market that exhibit a spongy feel and grab the club.

Preferred Hitting Strip Specifications

Dimensions: 28 in x 12 in x 2 3/8 in
Weight: 3lbs



Three New Synthetic Turf Inserts Designed Specifically To Replace Strips in SIGPRO Mats and Those Built By DIY Indoor Golfers

DALLAS, Texas  — Shop Indoor Golf, home to the largest selection of residential and commercial indoor golf equipment online, is introducing three new replacement turf inserts, highlighted by the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip, that is the game’s most realistic and forgiving synthetic turf mat for golfers wanting better feel and feedback without soreness and joint pain. In the new collection with the SIGPRO Softy is the SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip and the Preferred Hitting Strip, all designed and constructed with their own unique qualities and materials giving golfers different options in performance, durability and feel.

“Our design team set out to create three very different hitting inserts for our SIGPRO Mats and for those do-it-yourself types who have built their own golf simulator studio and subfloor,” said Rene Delgado, founder and president at Shop Indoor Golf. “The SIGPRO Softy is a game-changer being that its the most advanced hitting surface with multiple layers of compression absorbing materials. It really eliminates the pain and discomfort that many golfers feel when hitting on artificial turf. And the SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip is specifically built for high-volume use, in the home or on the range.”

Shop Indoor Golf’s Replacement Hitting Strips include the SIGPRO Softy, SIGPRO 3D, and the Preferred. All designed with unique qualities and materials that deliver better forgiveness, accuracy, and feel for the indoor golfer.

SIGPRO Softy features three compression slots that the golfer can’t see, but will feel the benefits of, as they act like release valves for the air pressure caused at impact. The middle layer of super-soft foam provides flex and forgiveness minus the ball jumping or bouncing off the turf unnaturally like other artificial surfaces will produce. As its name implies, Softy was created to be the hitting mat of choice for golfers wanting a realistic and forgiving practice turf that delivers none of the “turf shock” routinely felt in golfers’ hands, elbows and joints. The SIGPRO Softy is priced at $199.99.

The SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip is the most durable of the new collection and is built for excessive use like those found at driving ranges. But, unlike those hard, synthetic hitting mats, the SIGPRO 3D is designed with a mid-layer of polyurethane fibers that help absorb impact while providing forgiveness and responsive feedback with each swing of the club. This hitting strip sells for $149.99 and features a 1-inch thick layer of vibrant green, tightly tufted turf that doesn’t grab the clubhead like other mats will do.

As the standard insert included in the SIGPRO Mats, the Preferred Hitting Strip is the perfect replacement for the strips that have worn down over time. The Preferred responds like real turf, even on mishits and fat shots, while providing accurate feedback as if playing from a grass fairway. Golfers can feel confident hitting down and through the ball on the Preferred without the club getting stuck or the ball launching unnaturally. Both the Preferred and Softy allow golfers to use real golf tees that can be adjusted to his or her preferred tee height. The affordably priced Preferred can be ordered for only $99.99.

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