Preferred Hitting Strip


Are your looking to buy Preferred Hitting Strip for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Preferred Hitting Strip.


Ideal for golfers looking to replace the hitting strips in their SIGPRO Mats or DIYers that need an insert for their subfloor – the Preferred, SIGPRO Softy are all designed with their own unique qualities and differences that result in better performance, durability and feel.

The Preferred is the same hitting strip that comes standard in the Big moss michael focus point training and is the perfect replacement for those strips that may have become worn over time.

It responds like real turf even on mishits, providing realistic feedback even with a fat or chunky shot.

The accuracy of the Preferred Hitting Strip enhances the simulator golf experience as if you were hitting from the fairway.

Our proprietary blend of Teeline turf provides enough give when hitting down and through the ball, yet prevents your club from “grabbing” and causing joint pain.

Features & Benefits

The Original Insert

The Preferred hitting strip is the original hitting strip that comes standard with our SIGPRO Mats and Flooring

Use a Real Tee

Golfer can use a real tee and adjust tee height to his/her preference


Reacts like real grass. Great shots launch with precision, while mishits Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Double-Hitting Combo Mat, fat or chunky shots are accurately penalized, but not as much as some other mats on the market.

Firm Surface

A firmer and more compact surface compared to other mats on the market that exhibit a spongy feel and grab the club.

Preferred Hitting Strip Specifications

Dimensions: 28 in x 12 in x 2 3/8 in
Weight: 3lbs

4 reviews for Preferred Hitting Strip

  1. Oliver

    Great hitting strip
    This strip is extremely easy on the body and realistic if you hit it fat. Very happy with this purchase.

  2. Noah

    Best mat on the market hands down.
    This mat is worth every penny and more. There is no better quality. Feels exactly like a real golf shot.

  3. Liam

    Good quality
    Nice mat to use, it’s very responsive to the club head. I think the quality is great for your average golfer trying to get swings in at home. Would and will buy again.

  4. Emma

    Built to last
    Takes a licking keeps on tickin

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Hello Gareth,

We don’t currently have either, but we are working on adding that in the near future.

Preferred provides six types of hitting strips for different mat system combinations. If you are looking for fairway turf or short grass golf mats, there are Straight Yarn Hitting Mat and Dual Turf Hitting Mat for your selection. If you are planning to add some golf mats for golfers to practice their skills in rough area, Preferred has Rough Area Hitting Mat and Long Grass Hitting Mat. At last, for golfers who like to use normal tees, Tee Up Hitting Mat is definitely your choice. Check out more detail of each hitting strip below.

First, just to give you a reference, it might help to know most driving ranges use mats that are 5′ x 5′. Golf Practice Mats should be purchased based on your height (or the height of the tallest person who will be using it). If you have, or are planning to have a golf simulator, we recommend a 5′ x 6′ or larger.

Look for a hitting mat that keeps your body and the ball on the same level. You probably don’t want the ball above or below your feet for most of your practice time. Depending on what shot you want to play, consider a mat that simulates hitting out of the rough, second cut, and Preferred.

Often, mats have concrete or rubber underneath them. Depending on your swing, your club may come in contact with the underneath surface, and it can increase the speed of a club’s deterioration. It can especially hurt irons. … Obviously, creating a divot is impossible when hitting off of mats without using a tee.

The more you open your body from the top the odds of you hitting fat shots decrease. May you hit one thin. Yeah you might hit one thin. We want to not hit fat shot so here we go okay.