6-Inch Ball Bungees: 50 Count


Are your looking to 6-Inch Ball Bungees: 50 Count for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own 6-Inch Ball Bungees: 50 Count.


Golf ball bungees are small elastic cords with hooks on each end that are used to tether golf balls to golf bags or other accessories. They are typically made from rubber or a similar elastic material and are designed to stretch and contract as needed to hold the golf ball securely in place while also allowing for easy access when it is time to use the ball.

Golf ball bungees are a convenient accessory for golfers who want to keep their golf balls close at hand without having to constantly reach into their golf bag or pockets. They can be easily attached to a golf bag or other piece of equipment, and they are also small and lightweight enough to be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt loop.

Some golfers also use golf ball bungees to practice their swings, as they can be used to suspend a golf ball in mid-air for hitting practice shots. This can be particularly useful for working on accuracy and distance control.

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Looking for the best option for attaching your screen to your set up? Included in our 3Bays PRO Golf Swing Analyzer Packages, these bungees are sure to do the trick. 

Best paired with screens with finished grommeted edges. Each bundle includes 50 Bungees.


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4 reviews for 6-Inch Ball Bungees: 50 Count

  1. Oliver

    Easy to use
    These Bungie’s are super easy to use with a sun shade and makes it easy to put up and take down for different weather. Way better than zip ties. Durable and stretch quite a ways you can even hook two together if you have a wider beams you have to put them around.

  2. Noah

    Perfect bungee tie down!
    I bought these to replace the original ones that came with a 10 x 20 canopy that stretched out over time. Even though they were a few inches smaller than the original ones that came with the canopy they worked perfectly. They held the tarp onto the frame tightly and not one popped off or stretched out. So easy to use, just slip the loop over the ball. The ball is made from a hard plastic and the bungee loop is as thick as the originals. I bought a bag of 50 and had quite a few left over. This is a great deal and the quality is great!

  3. Emma

    good replacements
    Used these as replacements on the canopy that’s over our vegetable stand from August through October. Out in sun, heat, rain, wind, and cold. They held up all season, and will be back for more next year!

  4. Liam

    good bungees
    What we need to put up our deck canopy. Yes they will stretch out, that is why I buy a big pack.

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Overall length; tip to bottom of ball. Fully extended it’s 10 1/4 inches, with the inside cord length of around 9 1/2 inches.

Bungee balls are frequently used to secure tarps or covers to items or surfaces. Also known as tarp ball ties or tarp bungee balls, these simple tools are easy to use and provide peace of mind when covering valuable equipment, resources, or objects with a tarp.

And what the ball bungee is obviously a bungee cord with a plastic ball on the end generally what they’ll do is they will slip the bungee cord. Through the plastic ball. And then knot it.
Bungee cords, often referred to as bungees, are elasticated storage cords with a hook on each end and are commonly used to tie down belongings and keep them secure. Whether around the house, garage, or garden, bungee straps will help to keep things together and tidy.
How to tie down a tarpaulin using ball bungees
  1. Step 1 – Thread bungee. Pull the ball bungee through the eyelet so that the ball rests in the eyelet.
  2. Step 2 – Wrap bungee around. Wrap the loop around whatever the tarpaulin is to be tied to.
  3. Step 3 – Hook loop over ball. Hook the loop back over the ball.
The adjustable feature makes tensioning easier, reducing the risk of the bungee popping off. The adjustable bungees have twice the strength compared to a standard bungee. Adjustable bungee eliminates the hassle of needing multiple lengths of bungee cordsAdjusts from 28-in to 48-in with a simple tug.

We offer a variety of lengths: 9″, 15″, 21″, 31″ and 41″ (rubber tarp straps are measured from bottom of hook to bottom of hook).

The shortest bungee cord is 30 cm (11.13 in) long and is used regularly for bungee jumps off a ledge 4 m (13 ft 1.48 in) off the ground at the Gilligan’s Backpackers Resort, Cairns, Australia, from 20 February 2006.