Leupold GX-6c Digital Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The Leupold GX-6c Digital Golf Laser Rangefinder is a high-end rangefinder designed to offer advanced features and precise distance measurements for golfers. It combines functionality with durability, making it a popular choice among avid golfers.


  1. True Golf Range (TGR): Calculates the compensated distance based on elevation changes, temperature, altitude, and other environmental conditions.
  2. Club Selector: Recommends the appropriate club based on the true golf range and personal hitting strength.
  3. PinHunter 3 Laser Technology: Provides fast and accurate distance measurements with improved target acquisition.
  4. OLED Display: Offers a bright and clear display, ensuring optimal visibility in varying light conditions.
  5. Fog Mode: Helps screen out false readings caused by rain or other atmospheric interference.
  6. Waterproof Design: Ensures durability and reliability in various weather conditions.


  • Range: Measures distances with high accuracy, typically up to several hundred yards.
  • Magnification: Offers high magnification for clear and detailed visuals of the target.
  • Battery: Powered by a lithium battery, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Weight: Lightweight and compact, allowing for easy portability.
  • Legal for Tournament Play: Conforms to the necessary regulations, making it suitable for professional competitions.



About This Item

The GX®-6c eliminates errors and guarantees accurate ranging on the course. Featuring the intelligent Flag Lock Technology, the GX-6c quickly identifies the pin from the hazards around it, like trees and bushes, and uses the information to locate and lock on to the pin the first time, every time. Leupold’s new Image Stabilization Technology drastically reduces movement caused by shaky hands and stabilizes both the image and the laser to deliver accurate ranges. The combination of TGR® and Club SelectorTM provides personalized ranges and club recommendations based on your hitting strength, slope, and environmental conditions.

The GX-6c provides the same incredible durability, ruggedness, and speed of the other GX rangefinders while delivering improved accuracy and efficiency so you can golf with total confidence, shot after shot.


  • Red OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
  • Image Stabilization Technology
  • Flag Lock Technology
  • True Golf Range (TGR) and Club Selector
  • 6x Magnification
  • Fog Mode
  • Waterproof
  • Permitted when Local Rule is in effect (see USGA Decision 14-3/0.5)
  • +/- 1 Yard Accuracy To 800 Yards
  • 1-Touch Scan Mode
  • Dimension (inches) 4.0L x 3.0H x 1.6W
  • Two year warranty


The Leupold GX-6c Digital Golf Laser Rangefinder is a high-end device designed to help golfers accurately measure the distance to the pin or other targets on the course. It uses advanced laser technology to provide accurate distance readings, even over long distances.

The GX-6c features a bright, easy-to-read OLED display that shows distance readings in yards or meters, as well as a variety of other useful information such as the slope and temperature. It also has a built-in inclinometer that measures slope and calculates the adjusted distance, which can be a valuable tool for golfers trying to gauge how much uphill or downhill their shot will be.

One of the standout features of the GX-6c is its True Golf Range (TGR) technology, which takes into account not just the line-of-sight distance to the target, but also factors in altitude, temperature, and other environmental conditions that can affect the flight of the ball. This allows golfers to make more informed club selections and improve their overall accuracy.

The GX-6c is also equipped with a PinHunter 3 laser technology, which helps to eliminate false readings and provides quick and accurate distance measurements to the pin, even when it is partially obscured by trees or other obstacles.

Overall, the Leupold GX-6c Digital Golf Laser Rangefinder is a highly advanced and precise tool that can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game and lower their scores.

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