Steel Adjustable Height AV Cart


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Adjustable Height Steel Audio Video Display Cart

  • 3-outlet 15′ UL and CSA listed electric
  • 1/4″ lip around each shelf with safety mat on top shelf
  • Measures 24″W x 18″D x 42″H with adjustable height from 24″ to 42″ in 2″ increments
  • Rolling cart with four 4″ silent roll, Wireless Display Adapter full swivel casters, two with locking brake

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9 reviews for Steel Adjustable Height AV Cart

  1. Olivia

    AV Cart – great edition!
    Shop Indoor Golf was great enough to add this cart to my order after the fact – great customer service and appreciation! Assembly was quick and easy and really gives the simulator a professional look and feel. Thank you SIG!

  2. Oliver

    It works for what it is intended very well.
    I five starred everything, no need to repeat myself.😊

  3. Noah

    The style and size is just what I like

  4. Liam

    Very sturdy, easy to assembly I’m really happy with this table

  5. Emma

    Great price for high quality

  6. Rajeswari

    Good value

    Easy to assemble. Very sturdy.

  7. Henry

    Very nice

    I have two of these, and might even get a third if they go back down in price (currently expensive due to the pandemic i assume). They are very nice. They look great and feel pretty much indestructible.

    I had absolutely no difficulties assembling them. I got my two carts several months apart, so it wasn’t even fresh on my mind the second time. It was definitely time-consuming, but there was no point where i was confused or frustrated by it. Anyone saying they had to drill holes or whatever, i can only assume that either they got one of the parts backwards or there was a manufacturing error where one part got mislabelled as another. I had no issues like that at all. Nor were there any tolerance problems, sizing inconsistencies, crooked welds, or anything like that.

  8. Isabella

    Sturdy and well built

    We were looking for a solid av cart to hold a flat screen tv for a hybrid meeting so attended could see zoom attendees. This stand has solid wheels that can be locked, a useful power bar and a keyboard shelf. This unit is well built and will last a long time. Great purchase!

  9. Benjamin

    It’s SUPER strong and has huge castors which roll smoothly

    I bought this for my boyfriend’s bike shop and he LOVES it. It’s SUPER strong and has huge castors which roll smoothly. Great choice.

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It’s close to 17 inches from the surface of the bottom shelf to the top surface of the middle shelf.

It’s about 20 1/4 inches wide between the gaps of the legs.

I would not recommend this cart for the use you have described. A utility cart with a sturdier construction for moving your kiln would be my recommendation. For example

We do not have on that is wide enough for two Pcs.

This is adjustable in height in 2″ increments. The height of 24″ is the lowest possible height setting and does include the wheels. The unit adjusts from 24″-42″ h in 2″ increments.

This is not possible on the ones I have. The middle shelf is welded to the leg. The only adjustments is how high you want to take the top shelf.

The cart is designed to withstand up to 100lbs per shelf evenly distributed. Should be no issue putting the heat press on the top.

I have two of these carts and have never had a problem with the brakes but in all truths I’ve never had to use the brakes.

The middle shelf is stationary and unmovable.

They can be easily removed by undoing hardware. I only used 1 0f 3 strips got with 3 carts so I have 2 extension cords extra.

The power strip has specific spots on the middle and top shelves for attachment. It can be mounted on any of the edges of those two shelves.

You might try contacting the seller or the manufacture if there is a replacement part. If memory serves me right there should be manufacture info booklet enclosed with the phone numbers, or if you still have the return option use that and when you receive the refund order a new one. These carts are pretty amazing, which in no way means give them a bad review. As with anything we buy occasionally we get a defective item due to mishandling first in shipment or overlooked when manufacturing’s QC.

The bottom and middle shelves are not adjustable. The bars for the top shelf has 3 positions, separated by about 2 in.