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Are your looking to buy SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring.


SIGPRO is a company that specializes in various types of sports flooring, including golf simulator flooring. While I couldn’t find specific information on SIGPRO’s golf simulator flooring as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I can provide you with some general information about the flooring requirements for golf simulators.

When it comes to golf simulator flooring, a few key factors are important:

Impact Absorption: The flooring should have good impact absorption properties to minimize the strain on your body while swinging the golf club. This is especially crucial if you plan on using real golf balls instead of foam or plastic ones.

Durability: Golf simulator flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand the repetitive motion of swinging a golf club and the constant foot traffic it will receive. It should be able to withstand the wear and tear associated with golf, including the movement of golf carts and high-velocity shots.

Ball Response: The flooring should provide accurate ball response, allowing the ball to react similarly to how it would on a real golf course. This aspect is especially important if you’re serious about improving your game and want accurate shot feedback.

Noise Reduction: Golf simulators can produce noise from the impact of the club on the ball. Choosing a flooring material that minimizes noise can help create a more enjoyable and quieter environment.

Easy Maintenance: Opting for a flooring material that is easy to clean and maintain is beneficial. Golf simulators often involve spills, scuffs, and dirt from shoes, so a flooring surface that is resistant to stains and easy to keep clean will save you time and effort.

When selecting flooring for your golf simulator, you may come across options such as synthetic turf, foam tiles, rubber flooring, or even specialized golf mats. It’s essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and the intended use of your golf simulator to make the best choice for your setup.

To get specific information on SIGPRO’s golf simulator flooring or to explore other available options, I recommend reaching out to SIGPRO directly or checking their website for the most up-to-date information on their product offerings.



SIGPRO is a brand of synthetic turf that can be used as flooring for golf simulators. The material is designed to mimic the feel of real grass, providing a natural surface for golfers to hit from.

Using a synthetic turf flooring like SIGPRO has several advantages over traditional flooring options, such as carpet or hardwood. For one, it is more durable and can withstand the wear and tear of repeated swings without showing signs of damage. Additionally, synthetic turf is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it an ideal choice for use in golf simulators.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your golf simulator, there are a few factors to consider. The first is the size of your simulator space. SIGPRO is available in rolls of various sizes, so you will want to measure your space to ensure you purchase the right amount of material.

Another factor to consider is the type of golf simulation software you will be using. Some software programs require a specific type of flooring to ensure accurate ball flight and trajectory, so you will want to check with the manufacturer to see if SIGPRO is compatible.

Overall, SIGPRO is a high-quality option for those looking to outfit their golf simulator with a durable, realistic flooring material.

The SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is a specialized flooring system designed for indoor golf simulators. It is engineered to provide a realistic and comfortable golfing experience, with features that help reduce noise and vibration, and provide shock absorption for golf swings and club impacts.

The flooring is made of high-density foam with a durable, textured surface that simulates the feel of a real grass fairway. It is easy to install and can be customized to fit any indoor golf simulator space. The foam material provides cushioning for golfers and helps to reduce joint impact and fatigue, allowing for longer practice sessions and a more comfortable experience.

In addition to its performance benefits, the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a natural green color and realistic texture that enhances the overall look and feel of the simulator room. The flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for both residential and commercial use.

Overall, the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is a high-quality flooring system that provides a realistic and comfortable indoor golfing experience. Its durable, cushioned surface and noise-reducing properties make it an excellent choice for avid golfers who want to practice their swing year-round, regardless of the weather outside.



Introducing SIGPRO™ Golf Simulator Flooring

Shop Indoor Golf’s simulator flooring is a great option for those seeking the clean, professional look of a custom install – with the convenience of a done for you, easy to assemble kit.

It combines the best of two worlds: an integrated hitting strip embedded into the floor for full swing shots, surrounded by a putting green with four cups for dialing in your short game. 

Not only does this look great, but it also conserves space by reducing the footprint of the hitting surface and maximizing the putting and chipping surface. That’s the beauty of SIGPRO’s golf simulator flooring.

Currently available in three sizes designed to pair with our SIG8, SIG10 and Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor golf simulator enclosures. Feel free to reach out for custom flooring requests.


All The Benefits of Our SIGPRO™ Hitting Surface – Surrounded by Your Personal Chipping & Putting Complex

“It’s too grabby, It’s too firm, It’s too forgiving”

Black Friday Deals DiscountThe SIGPRO™ hitting strip solves all these problems, we’ve found a sweet spot between durable and realistic that is unlike anything we’ve hit off of before.

“Golf mats hurt my joints”

Turf Density made to be hit on everyday by everyday golfers.

“I want to practice hitting off of a real tee”

Our SIG™ proprietary blend tee line turf takes a tee and also feels great. Practice how you play, put your ball on a real tee.

See and hear the ball fall into the cup

Boost your confidence. Our simulator flooring is built on 2″ thick interlocking panels, and is paired with our 3/8″ putting turf – allowing for just under 2.5″ of drop into the cup.

Realistic check and run

The panels and turf work together to absorb and disperse energy from a golf ball being chipped onto the surface. This allows golfers to practice effectively with golf course like conditions.

Left to right, right to left, uphill, or downhill putts

Quickly and easily create any putting scenario with our simple and effective undulations kit add-on.


Golf Simulator Flooring: Dimensions & Panel Configuration

Black Friday Deals Discount




It’s like hitting off the fairway.

Injury Prevention

Turf Density made to be hit on everyday by everyday golfers.

Replaceable Hitting Strip

The Hitting Strip is Easily Swappable, don’t ever worry about replacing your whole setup.

Putting Green Speed

Rolls between a 9 and 10 on the stimpmeter.


Four cups provided. Flags not included.


SIGPRO™ Simulator Flooring Specifications

  • SIG10 Dimensions: 11’7″W x 15’6″D x 2.375″H
  • SIG12 Dimensions: 13’6″W x 15’6″D x 2.375″H


Having trouble setting up your Golf Simulator Flooring? Click Here for assembly help and instructions!


Indoor Golf Store

SIGPRO™ Sim Flooring is as American as apple pie. 

No corners were cut and no expenses were spared in creating this flooring solution. While other hitting surfaces are also well made and of a high quality, common feedback is that they are either too forgiving, too grabby, or don’t take a tee. Our mat was created as a response to our wants and needs as golfers.

Black Friday Deals Discount

The SIGPRO™ Golf Mats are everything those mats aren’t; strong, soft, durable, realistic, and most of all, American.

Golf has introduced its 3Bays Complete golf simulator flooring, which combines an embedded hitting strip for full swing shots surrounded by a putting green with four cups for dialing in short-game shots. It is designed as a two-in-one flooring option for golf simulators installed in tight spaces, conserving space by reducing the footprint of the embedded hitting strip and maximizing the putting and chipping surface.

SIGPRO is currently available in two sizes designed to pair with Shop Indoor Golf’s SIG10 and SIG12 golf simulator enclosures, or it can be customized to fit.

“Golfers want to have the ability to work on their swing and short game when at home, but due to space constraints, they’re often limited to practicing one or the other, not both,” said Rene Delgado, founder and president at Shop Indoor Golf. “Most home golf setups consist of a hitting mat paired with either a golf net or a golf screen and, if space allows, a separate putting green.

SIGPRO golf simulator flooring eliminates the need for a separate area by combining the hitting surface with the putting green, allowing for a two-in-one solution that maximizes existing space. No corners were cut, and no expenses were spared in creating this flooring solution – and best of all, it’s completely American-made. It truly takes your golf sim game to the next level.”


Enjoy a Comfortable, Accurate Game

Designed with Shop Indoor Golf’s SIG proprietary blend of tee line turf, SIGPRO flooring is the perfect hitting and putting surface for those seeking the clean, professional look of a custom install in an easy-to-assemble kit. It is available in two sizes: the SIG10, measuring 11 feet, 7 inches wide by 15 feet, 6 inches deep by 2.375 inches high, and the SIG12, measuring 13 feet, 6 inches wide by 15 fee, 6 inches deep by 2.375 inches high.

The turf is specially engineered to take a tee, so golfers can practice how they play, and it is comfortable enough to hit on every day without causing injury or turf shock.

The durable turf density can withstand repetitive, everyday use and impact. Also, the hitting strip can easily be swapped out, allowing golfers to upgrade without replacing the whole setup.


Putt With Confidence

SIGPRO simulator flooring is built on 2-inch-thick interlocking panels that are paired with Shop Indoor Golf’s 3/8-inch putting turf. Combined, this creates an allowance that’s just under 2.5 inches of drop into the cup.

The panels and turf also work together to absorb and disperse energy from a golf ball being chipped onto the surface. As a result, golfers can practice effectively with golf course-like conditions. In addition, players can quickly and easily create any putting scenario – left to right, right to left, uphill, or downhill putts – with Shop Indoor Golf’s simple and effective undulations kit add-ons.

The putting surface rolls between a nine and 10 pace on the Stimpmeter for consistent putting performance.

Shop Indoor Golf offers free shipping on all orders and instant financing.

10 reviews for SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

  1. Oliver

    Great putting floor
    We got the SIG pro 12 floor and love it. Our daughter spends a lot of time just putting and working on her distance control.
    I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Emma

    Great Floor
    Worth the money if you want to work on all your game. Goes together very easy

  3. Liam

    Works great! Have it in front of a golf net that also works great! Great way to work on your swing from home! Love it.

  4. Noah

    Extremely Good Product
    I hit off it almost every day, hasn’t budged, Best one out there for the price

  5. Olivia

    Best mat ever
    Probably one of the best mats I ever hit off of

  6. Alexander

    Best gift ever!!

    Perfect gift for golf lovers! The net is huge and the small turf square is great for practicing on.

  7. Evelyn

    Worth the money

    Very nice

  8. Henry

    Golfing good time

    Bought this for my husband. He’s enjoyed it so far. Keeps it in the backyard and works just great! The mat is what it is, but we haven’t had an issue with anything so far

  9. Isabella



  10. Benjamin

    Great practice net.

    Great product, would buy again.

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Hello Rory,

The hitting strip on the SIG12 is actually at 11 feet!

Hello Randall,

The hitting strip is 10 feet from the screen on the flooring. So you should be able to be in the same place!

The height you actually need depends on your height, the highest point of your swing, and your wariness of hitting the ceiling. The absolute lowest ceiling allowable for a golf simulator is 8.5 – 9ft, though most will need higher. A 10ft ceiling height allows a much more comfortable experience.

To build a golf simulator you need a space that measures 12 feet long, 10 feet wide and 9 feet high, larger rooms are always better. You need 15 feet of width to enjoy a centred aim. You may require more length, width or height depending on you, your launch monitor and your impact screen setup.

1. Choose Your Golf Simulator Space
  1. Minimum Width. The width of your room should be at least the width of your golf net or screen plus a foot or two to be safe.
  2. Minimum Height. The height of your room needs to be taller than your net or screen and taller than the highest point of your swing with a driver. …
  3. Minimum Depth.

If a golf simulator has a curtain or netting to stop the golf ball, we recommend padding the wall behind to protect your wall and the safety of others. When padding an indoor golf simulator area, it is best to pad the whole wall, from the floor to ceiling and the entire ceiling.

A golf simulator needs at least 8.5 feet of height in order to allow you to fully swing without having to worry about hitting the ceiling of your room. This also depends on the height of your golfers and the length of your clubs. Ten feet is an ideal height for any golf simulator.

Length and Width

Just like the minimum ceiling height, you’ll need adequate width and length in your garage to house a golf simulator setup. … I recommend a minimum of 10ft room width in a golf simulator, this will allow you to make swings in your hitting bay.

Ideal throw ratios for golf simulator setups are in the range of 0.3:1 to 1:1. Whether you’re using the SkyTrak or another golf simulator, if you don’t use a short throw projector that can product a large image from a short distance away, you’ll normally have to deal with your shadow appearing on the screen.

In a nutshell, at least 10 feet is the ideal ceiling height in a garage golf simulator. Although, you might get by with 9 feet. Several factors make a 10-foot ceiling height for your home golf simulator the best choice. First, most launch monitors with simulation require a minimum of 8.5-9 feet.
Your impact screen should be 12-16” away from the wall behind it. Then, it’s a best practice to place your tee 10-15′ away from the impact screen. Lastly, make sure you have enough room behind the tee to swing easily. In total, that’s at least 15′ deep is ideal for a golf simulator room.
How much do golf simulators cost? TruGolf’s complete golf simulator packages begin at $9,000. Prices vary depending on Frame, Size, Trim + Finishes, Installation, and more. TruGolf offers custom pricing where users can purchase the Launch Monitor technology by itself.

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