Carl’s Trackman iO Golf Simulator Bundle

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Bring Pro-Level Precision Home with Trackman Technology

Tailored for luxury homes and serious golfers, this premium package offers Trackman iO technology alongside Carl’s professional-grade Pro Golf Enclosure Kit.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the enclosure features top-tier construction, including sturdy 2″ EMT pipes and sleek black knit panels, ensuring durability and stability for professional setups. The Premium Golf Impact Screen provides excellent resistance to powerful shots while maintaining smooth, vivid imagery.

Bring the thrill of the course right to your doorstep. Choose which enclosure size fits your space to get started.

Carl's Pro Enclosure with Trackman iO

The Ultimate in Quality and Performance

Just as you’d pair a fine wine with a gourmet meal, the Trackman iO finds its perfect home in Carl’s Pro Enclosure.

Expertly crafted, our Pro Enclosure provides you with the best golfing experience. The 2″ EMT pipes form a sturdy professional-grade frame, ensuring durability and stability. Plus, the Premium Impact Screen is designed to withstand the rigors of your intense practice sessions.

With our quick and easy assembly, you’ll be golfing indoors like a pro in no time.


Trackman black background

Trackman Performance:
Indoor Optimized

When it comes to professional PGA-level performance, the Trackman brand has set the standard. And now, with the Trackman iO, that legacy reaches new heights. The Trackman iO is an indoor-optimized, overhead launch monitor that delivers precision in some of the most realistic software out there. Let’s set the new benchmark for excellence.


Fiberbuilt grass series

Fiberbuilt Mat Selected for Trackman iO’s Ball Tracking Needs

Thoughtfully selected to meet Trackman’s ball-tracking requirements (green turf that extends 6’D by 5’W), the Fiberbuilt 6’x9′ Grass Series mat ensures optimal performance.

It absorbs the shock of your swing to let you focus on perfecting your game without any distractions. Built to last over 300,000 shots, this mat is the perfect complement to your Trackman iO setup.

Pro Enclosure with LK936ST golf simulator projector
Bring Every Detail of the Course to Life

Powered by laser light technology, BenQ’s LK936ST delivers an impressive 5,100 lumens brightness and 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Vibrant colors. Crisp 4K UHD imagery. You may never want to golf outside again it’s so real. Plus, with convenient setup options like keystone adjustment and lens shift, you can install this golf simulator projector into nearly any indoor golf simulator space with ease.


Experience pro-level precision with the Trackman iO at the heart of your indoor golf setup. Perfect for luxury homes and serious golf enthusiasts, Carl’s Trackman iO Golf Simulator Bundle brings the excitement of the course directly to you.

Carl’s Trackman iO Golf Simulator Bundle Features

  • High-end fabric golf enclosure
  • 2″ EMT pipes and fittings to construct your frame
  • Premium golf screen
  • Foam inserts
  • Two shot-dropping ceiling baffles
  • Trackman iO with your choice of the Home or Home Complete package
  • 1 year of Trackman software subscription
  • BenQ LK936ST 4K projector with ceiling mount
  • Fiberbuilt Grass Series 6×9 Studio Golf Mat

Carl’s Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Surround your hitting area in the sleek black knit ceiling and wall panels of our high-end Pro Golf Enclosure with Premium Golf Impact Screen. The durable screen provides excellent resistance to fast-flying golf balls.

Includes foam to protect shots from striking the frame.

We’ll include all the fittings and pipes you need to build the frame.

Choose Between Trackman iO Home and Home Complete Packages

Trackman iO Home: This package includes the essential features of the Trackman iO, delivering precise tracking technology to your indoor golf setup. Requires $700 annual software subscription. Perfect for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their game with pro-level technology. Includes:

  • Ball Data
  • Driving Range
  • On Course Practice
  • Target Practice
  • Performance Center
  • 50 courses and 3 games, plus Online Entertainment

Trackman iO Home Complete: Requires $1,100 annual software subscription. Includes everything from the Home package, PLUS:

  • Shot Analysis, which is where users can get the impact replay and other features
  • Expanded Data Parameters
  • All golf courses and games

Center Hitting Golf Mat for Left and Right Handed Golfers

This Fiberbuilt Studio mat features one central hitting strip with stance areas on either side for both right- and left-handed golfers. It provides a versatile and comfortable hitting experience with plenty of room to work on your shots.

Compatible with the Trackman iO requirement for the grass turf hitting area to be 6′ deep by 5′ wide.

Get Started

Ideal Space Requirements

Position: Overhead, directly to the ceiling (or via a VESA mount from Trackman), 3’3” to 3’5” in front of the tee (measured from tee to center of mount).

Height Requirement: Allow a buffer space of at least 6″ taller than the outer dimensions of your enclosure. Trackman iO must be mounted 9’4” to 10’ (9’8” is ideal) above the hitting surface (from hitting surface to mount). With a taller ceiling, you may need to drop mount the iO.

Screen to Tee: Minimum 8’2” for Trackman iO, however, for safety, Carl’s Place recommends at least 10’ between impact screen and tee.

Technology Requirements

Desktop PC

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)’
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Intel i7 or i9 3.4 GHz
  • Nvidia RTX 4070Ti
  • 1TB SSD
  • 2x 1GBit/s Ethernet ports
  • Laptop = N/A

Note: You need a pretty beefy computer to run this. Check your specs. PC requirements are higher end due to the Trackman iO using the graphics card processor instead of having an on-board processor.

>>> Trackman iO Installation instructions


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