Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

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Are your looking to buy (Certified Pre-Owned) Universal Projector Ceiling Mount for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own (Certified Pre-Owned) Universal Projector Ceiling Mount.


A universal projector ceiling mount is a device designed to securely attach a projector to the ceiling of a room. It is typically used in settings such as classrooms, conference rooms, and home theaters where a projector is used for presentations or entertainment.

A universal projector ceiling mount is called “universal” because it is compatible with a wide range of projector models, regardless of their size or weight. These mounts usually come with adjustable arms or brackets that can be adjusted to fit the specific dimensions of a projector.

The installation process of a universal projector ceiling mount usually involves attaching a mounting plate to the ceiling and attaching the arms or brackets to the projector. The mount should be securely fastened to the ceiling to ensure that the projector remains stable and safe while in use.

Benefits of using a universal projector ceiling mount include freeing up floor space in the room and creating a more professional and streamlined look for the setup. Additionally, mounting the projector on the ceiling can improve the viewing experience by providing a clear and unobstructed image, and it can also help to reduce the risk of accidental damage to the projector.

Ceiling Projector Mount

  • Universal ceiling mount for projectors with mounting holes on back of projector between 2″ to 12.5″ diagonally
  • High grad steel to support projectors weighing up to the bag buddy

10 reviews for Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

  1. Olivia

    Strong and secure
    As advertised. Holds the projector securely.

  2. Oliver

    Great Item
    I love this projector holder. I have Epson projector, it is exact fit. Easy to install. Very recommend this if you want to install your projector on the ceiling.

  3. Noah

    Great Projector Mount
    This projector mount is great! Very sturdy, well made and solid. Easy to install, I love that I’m able to adjust it not just up and down, but side to side also.

  4. Liam

    East To Install and Sturdy
    This was easy to install and adjust for centering the picture. Very satisfied.

  5. Emma

    It works
    It’s a good universal rack, the fit is problematic but you can make it work.

  6. Alexander

    Very sturdy

    Great sturdy mount that will fit varying devices

  7. Evelyn

    Great mount.

    Perfect addition to my golf simulator.

  8. Henry

    Easy to install and adjust

    This is a good device, allowed me to get the projector aligned exactly like I wanted. Was super easy install

  9. Isabella

    Quality product

    Great product and quality material. I’m a small business owner myself, so always happy to support another one!!! Thank you!

  10. Benjamin

    Easy to install and versatile

    Good value for money. Used it in my home theater it was up in minutes.

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