TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

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The Portable Golf Mat is the smallest, most portable and least expensive way to enjoy the TrueStrike™ experience. Ideal for golfers who like to practice on the go.

Not only will you love the realism that the Portable Golf Mat’s “fairway forgiveness” effect produces. You will see real benefits, in playing shots with confidence rather than with lack of commitment found with old style mats.


What’s Included with TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

  • 2 X Edge Trim
  • 1 X Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
  • 1 X Tee Receiver
  • 25 X Long Tees
  • 25 X Short Tees

A Revolution In Golf Mat Performance

The core fundamental design of TrueStrike is to react like grass when hit, allowing golfers to have a realistic practice so they play like fairway pros out on the grass.

The TrueStrike golf mats have a “ruckable” top surface and a gel-filled divot simulating subsurface which accurately recreates the effects of playing off a natural fairway by allowing the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on turf.

9 reviews for TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

  1. Emma

    Very good product

    It is a product that is convenient to use and suitable for practice, and it is used very satisfactorily.

  2. Liam


    Multi purpose and mutiuse

  3. Noah

    Hitting balls in January makes it feel a little like summer very

    Very portable, I like hitting golf balls in the yard ????

  4. Oliver

    Exactly as advertised…very durable.

    Arrived quickly

  5. Olivia

    Great value

    Easy to use

  6. Jeffery

    I recently purchased the TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. This compact and lightweight mat is the perfect solution for golfers who are always on the go. The convenience of being able to practice anywhere, anytime is truly invaluable.

  7. Glenn

    One of the standout features of the Portable Golf Mat is its “fairway forgiveness” effect, which provides a realistic and true-to-life feel that is often lacking in traditional mats. This not only enhances the overall practice experience but also helps in building confidence and commitment in every shot.

  8. Vincent

    I have noticed a significant improvement in my game since using the Portable Golf Mat. The quality of the materials used is top-notch and the durability is impressive. The compact size makes it easy to transport and store, making it a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their game on the go.

  9. Marvin

    Overall, I highly recommend the TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat to any golfer who is serious about improving their game. It is a game-changer in terms of practice convenience and realism. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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