FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor


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The FlightScope Mevo is a 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor that can be used indoors and outdoors to help golfers improve their performance. FlightScope’s free Mevo mobile app allows users to receive real-time performance data during your practice sessions and automatically saves results for a later review. 

Its wealth of features, pinpoint accuracy, and affordability make it one of the best values on the launch monitor market. GC2 Launch Monitor Certified Pre-Owneda Practice with a purpose with this lightweight and portable 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor.

Golf MonitorsPriceLatest Price
FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor$499Click to See Offer
SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package$3,299Click to See Offer
SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Simulator Software$1,995Click to See Offer

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