Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting

Are your looking to buy Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting.


The Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting is an excellent choice for driving ranges, golf courses, parks, homes and roadways.

Our heavy duty 7/8″ mesh is constructed of polyethylene to provide maximum sunlight life, as well as being water resistant. Have confidence that your Cimarron netting will not shrink over time, and hold the same form and quality you experience out of the box.

The barrier netting has several meshes sewn together along the top and bottom in lieu of a rope border. Expect only the highest quality, and protect your property with a trusted net from Cimarron!

Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting Features
  • Meshes Sown Together Along Top and Bottom to Create a Finished Border
  • UV Treated Polyethylene Netting
  • Water Resistant
  • Heavy Duty
  • Netting Does Not Shrink
Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting Specs
  • Dimension: 30″ L x 19″ W x 18″ H
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • SKU #: CM-BAR25x100
  • 7/8″ Mesh
  • Available in Black

Cimarron 25×150 Golf Barrier Netting
Material Polyethylene
Brand Cimarron Sports
Item Weight 3 Pounds
Grip Type Training
About this item
  • Meshes sown together along top and bottom to create a finished border.
  • UV treated polyethylene netting. Available in black.
  • 7/8″ mesh. Water resistant.
  • Dimension:31″Lx25″Wx20″H.
  • Weight: 75 lbs.

Demo Video-Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Barrier Netting


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1” mesh netting is recommended for golf barrier netting, and we supply that mesh in a couple of twine thicknesses. Both are constructed from 100% Made in USA DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.

Golf hitting nets are worth it for any golfer looking for a convenient way to improve their swing. Good hitting nets start at $150 and provide more opportunities to practice. They also force golfers to focus on swing technique and ball striking without the distraction of seeing where the ball goes.

Netting can protect your building from golf balls, stones, construction debris, racquetballs… cannon balls, or any other flying object that could harm your property.

4 Great Practice Net Options
Net Price Dimensions
The Net Return Pro Series $695 7’6″ x 8′
Callaway Tri-Ball $72–$199 6′ x 7’–9′ x10′
Elite Caddy 2-in-1 $70 7′ x 10′
RukkNet Pup-Up $169 7′ x 10′

A wound ball which is approximately 10 years old, stored at room temperatures and low humidity, will have lost about 0.5 to 1.0 % of its IV (Initial Velocity) which will affect its distance by a couple of yards.

Golf is a safe sport, right? … No, it’s not likely that helmets or goggles will come into style on the golf course any time soon, but a basic golf cage or netting at a driving range (or even a back yard) can prevent disastrous injury.

The farther away you can set your net, the taller you’ll want it to be. In most cases, a seven foot net should suffice. Do you want a portable golf net?

Golf Backstop netting is made out of our strongest 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Netting, Dupont 66-728 and with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity.

Chipping nets, as the name suggests, are typically used to practice your short game. They are smaller and consequently usually a little easier on the wallet, so if you don’t have a lot of space, have a small budget, or both, they could be the answer for you.

By hanging a sheet away from a solid surface where it has the ability to wave, flex, and yield, the shot pad can billow when hit, dissipating the energy of the golf ball and dropping it safely to the ground.