The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers – (4 Sandbags Included)

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Are your looking to buy The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers – (4 Sandbags Included) for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers – (4 Sandbags Included).


The Mini Pro Series Side Barriers are specifically designed for use with The Net Return Mini Pro Series Net. The Side Barriers insure that miss-hit balls never leave the hitting area. 

If using the Mini Pro Series net indoors or in an area where errant balls are a safety concern, the Side Barriers are required. Many golfers also choose to add the Side Barriers when considering “Friends and Family” hitting into the net.

Understand also that the Mini Pro Series Side Barriers can be added at anytime and are not required for use with the Mini Pro Series net.

The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers – Shop Indoor Golf

Important Notes

  • Each set of Side Barriers are extended out by using sandbags, two are provided (one for each Side Barrier) and two on the rear of the frame.
  • When extending out the Side Barriers to their max distance (approximately 9 feet or so) you may also want to weight (sandbag) or stake the back of the frame. Extending the Side Barriers to their maximum distance can often lift the back of the frame off the ground by several inches. The weighting of the rear of the frame will eliminate this.
  • The Side Barriers can be walked into the front of the frame when not in use, to recover any lost floor space. Simply pick up each sandbag, walk in and place on the side of the frame. It’s that simple.

Mini Side Barrier Features

  • Setup in under 5 minutes (using velcro color coordinated tabs)
  • Can be easily stored or transported
  • Each Side Barrier is individually cut and sewn by hand
  • Manufactured in the USA

Side Barrier Specifications

  • Made of polyester netting
  • Each pair of Side Barriers weight approximately 6 lbs.
  • Side Barriers are 5’10” high and extend out to 8′ – 9′
  • Sold in pairs (right and left)

15 reviews for The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers – (4 Sandbags Included)

  1. Olivia

    Lose less balls!
    Super easy to set up, good quality.

  2. Oliver

    Great net to stop balls
    this is a great purchase! friends have asked us for the info so they can also get this for their kids. Def helped with stopping balls from going over the fence.

  3. Noah

    Great Buy
    Great value, use as a back stop, does a great job

  4. Liam

    Great Item
    Ordered this for my daughter to help keep the soccer ball in our backyard. It has work great and it was very easy to setup. I would recommend other to buy this item.

  5. Emma

    Great net!
    I use this with my kids for multiple sports. I use it behind our soccer goal, behind the basketball hoop, as a backstop when we play baseball. Great size, easy to set up.

  6. Benjamin

    The nets have been in my house for less than a week and have already prevented a couple of shank-related mishaps. They work, the sandbags hold sand. There’s nothing more you could ask for from these.

  7. Alexander

    This company was so easy to work with! They answered all my questions so quickly and were so helpful! I will order directly with them again. I love the net return and the side barriers! I didn’t think I needed the side barriers at first until my son shanked it and almost hit his brother. Long story I am so glad I bought them!!

  8. Evelyn

    Finally a great practice net!

    This is a little pricy but the color coding makes this very easy to set up and with it being lite weight you can it move very easily. The net is strong and returns the ball back to you after you hit. The net it is wide enough that I left it assembled in my garage and the front of my car fits in between the frame. I bought a very good practice mat and a swing analyzer and paired that to a 40″ tv on stand with wheels that I have in my garage. Now I can get instant feedback on every shot. I can easily take everything out to the drive way or just leave in the garage if the weather is bad.

  9. Henry

    Great build quality

    Very good product. I’ve hit hundreds of golf balls so far and love the performance and quality of this net. I highly recommend it.

  10. Isabella

    High quality product. You get what you pay for

    Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble just as advertised. I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a quality piece of equipment.

  11. Benjamin

    Good Net

    Works great. Easier to set up than I would have thought possible. We shall see how it last.

  12. Tyler

    I recently purchased The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers to use with my Mini Pro Series Net, and I am extremely impressed with the quality and functionality of this product. The Side Barriers are specifically designed to ensure that miss-hit balls stay within the hitting area, providing added safety and peace of mind during practice sessions.

  13. Charlie

    I particularly appreciate the added safety measure that the Side Barriers provide, especially when using the net indoors or in a space where errant balls could cause damage. The inclusion of four sandbags for stability is also a great feature, ensuring that the barriers stay securely in place during use.

  14. Ramon

    Additionally, the ease of installation and the ability to add the Side Barriers at any time make them a convenient and versatile accessory for the Mini Pro Series Net. Whether practicing alone or with friends and family, these Side Barriers are a must-have addition to enhance the overall experience.

  15. Brent

    Overall, I highly recommend The Net Return Mini Pro Series Side Barriers to anyone using the Mini Pro Series Net. They provide added safety, convenience, and peace of mind, making them a worthwhile investment for any golfer looking to improve their game.

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