The Net Return Putting Cup and Flag


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The Net Return Putting Cup and Flag

Turn your golf hitting mat into a putting green for endless practice and fun. The Net Return Frame Pads Putting Cup and Flag inserts into this hole and catches the ball as it is putted into the cup.

**Fun Fact: It can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds.

The Net Return Putting Cup & Flag Features:

Net Return Putting Cup & Flag Installation Video:

4 reviews for The Net Return Putting Cup and Flag

  1. Liam

    If you don’t have the depth for deeper cups this is a great solution. Once the balls are adjusted to the right height they roll in perfectly and if you putt it too hard it will bounce out. Great for getting the proper speed. We have a blast.

  2. Emma

    Works as advertised. Took a little adjusting to set the height of the rubber balls. The trick is to set them so they just hit the top of your golf ball. A great and cheaper alternative to having to build a platform to accommodate a regular cup that is 4” deep.

  3. Oliver

    I have my putting hole at the end of my hitting mat and a topped shot broke the flag top off. Still a great tool for speed but I do need a new flag already but that is my fault for not taking it out while blasting shots Into the best golf net ever made.

  4. Noah

    It’s a great item for putting at home. I use it along with another item.

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Flagstick A tall marker, often a metal pole with a flag at the top, used to indicate the position of the hole on a green. Also called the “pin”.
Golf Flag Specifications
Model Part Number Flag Size W x H
Model Putting Green Flags Part Number AC0341 Flag SizeW x H 8in x 6in
Model Traditional Flags Part Number AC0340 Flag SizeW x H 20in x 14in

Flags, also known as pins, are an important part of golf. Used to denote where a hole is located on a green, a flag extends up several feet above the ground, ensuring that players on the course can locate the position of the hole on the green from several hundred yards out to best aim their approaches.

USGA, PGA Tour react to DeChambeau’s COR analysis

The Rules of Golf stipulate a flagstick must be . 75 inch in diameter and the USGA recommends it be at least 7 feet in length.