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Mounting a Uneekor EYE XO, EYE XO2, or Uneekor QED Launch Monitor to your Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure has never been easier! Crafted specifically by Carl’s Place, this nifty gadget lets you effortlessly secure your Uneekor Launch Monitor onto the pipe framework of your Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure.

  • Easy install
  • Works with QED, EYE XO, or EYE XO2
  • Use on any Pro enclosure over 111.5”. Make sure to account for your hitting surface (ie. if you have a 2” mat, your Pro enclosure must be at least 113.5” tall).

Uneekor Frame Mount Features

Easy Install

All you need is a set of hex keys to install the frame mount and connect the Uneekor and its mount to the frame mount.

Works with Uneekor launch monitors

Compatible with the EYE XO2, the EYE XO and the QED.

Drops the Uneekor Launch Monitor 3.5″

This frame mount drops the technical mounting point of the launch monitor down 3.5″. To follow Uneekor’s mounting recommendations (between 108-120 inches), you will want to use this mount on Pro Enclosures over 111.5″ tall. Make sure to account for your hitting mat though. If your hitting area is not inset into the floor you lose that height. For example, with a 2″ hitting mat, your enclosure needs to be at least 113.5″ tall.

Example math: Our 9×12 Pro Enclosure is 114″ tall. Subtract the 3.5″ for the mount, subtract 2″ for your hitting mat = 108.5″ between Uneekor sensors and ball placement, which is just above the minimum 108″ recommendation.

Get Started

What’s Included

  • One (1) mounting plate: 19.2” wide x 6.7” deep
  • Two (2) top clamps
  • Two (2) bottom clamps
  • Four (4) large screws with hex key heads
  • Four (4) medium screws with hex key heads
  • Six (6) small screws with hex key heads


Steel sheet with a powder coat matte black finish.


See us frame mount a Uneekor Launch Monitor

4 reviews for Uneekor Frame Mount

  1. Vernon

    I recently purchased the Uneekor Frame Mount for my Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This handy gadget made mounting my Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor a breeze.

  2. Maurice

    The installation process was incredibly easy, and I was able to securely attach my launch monitor to the pipe framework of my enclosure in no time. The Frame Mount is specifically designed to work with Uneekor QED, EYE XO, and EYE XO2 launch monitors, so you can rest assured that it will fit your device perfectly.

  3. Herman

    I also appreciate that the Frame Mount is compatible with any Pro enclosure over 111.5 inches tall. Just be sure to account for your hitting surface height when determining if your enclosure is the right size for this mount.

  4. Corey

    Overall, I highly recommend the Uneekor Frame Mount to anyone looking to securely and effortlessly mount their Uneekor launch monitor to their Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure. It’s a game-changer!

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