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If you want to mount your HomeCourse screen onto a wall, you’ll need this kit. It works in combination with the SIG12 Golf Simulator Studio which is included with HomeCourse.

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10 reviews for HomeCourse Wall Mount Kit

  1. Emma

    the items were exactly what
    the items were exactly what I wanted …. EXCEPT …the batteries that came with the product had NO life and needed to be replaced within the first few days of use .

  2. Olivia

    Works good

    Works really good keeps the gate in place. Does what it needs to do! Just wish that the gates would come with this. But other than that it works great must need if you have little ones.

  3. Oliver

    Simple to install

    So easy to set up. Plenty sturdy, easy to latch and unlatch. I wish they would include it in the gate package.

  4. Noah

    I works


  5. Liam


    The wall mount works good! Installed same day it came in.The overall gate us amazing!

  6. Alexander


    It works just as expected

  7. Evelyn

    Homecourse pronet and wall mount kit

    I purchased the wall mount kit after realized late that I could not mount the homecourse prober to my ceiling because they are too tall. Mount works as advertised, the only issue I have is when I extend the arms out, the entire unit rolls forward due to the weight. Seems like a lot of weight on the attachment to wall mount. No issues yet. Won’t to wall is extremely sturdy. Mount to unit needs a touch more support.

  8. Henry

    Wall mount kit is excellent

    This hitting surface worked very well in my installation and I hope to not have to do it much but the fact that it rolls up will be great.

  9. Isabella

    HomeCourse wall mount kit

    The wall mount kit itself was easy to use and fairly self explanatory. Went up easy and didn’t take much time. The only problem that I’ve had is with the black line at the bottom of the homecourse itself. The black strip holds the bar at the bottom of the screen ripped and the bar keeps sliding out. I have a clamp holding it in place now as a temporary fix til I can get it sewed. Other than that everything has gone great. Thanks for everything.

  10. Benjamin

    Indoor Golf Simulator review

    Hi Shawn, I have my SkyTrak system and Home Pro Net set up and love it. I did not use the wall mounts and decided to use the ceiling mounts instead. The mat is great as well! Thanks! Troy

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HomeCourse® is a retractable golf screen and enclosure. HomeCourse®’s ballistic grade screen can handle the impact of a live golf ball, and provides netting over head and to the sides to contain errant shots, so you feel confident about the safety of your surroundings. The screen is projectable, so it can be used with or without a simulator and projector.

You need a minimum width of 10ft. 6in. to fit HomeCourse® with its Pro-Arms fully extended. It is recommended to mount the screen 18 inches from a wall to provide space for impact absorption. Beyond that, you just need room to swing a club freely–front, back and above. Typically, an area with 10ft. 6in. (W) x 12 ft (D) x 8ft. (H). is sufficient, but everybody is different, and so are their swings, so you must test your space before installing HomeCourse®. The unit must be installed no more than 8 feet from the ground, so the bottom of the screen touches the ground. It can be mounted lower, as well, which provides some extra slack at the bottom and is okay.

Anywhere you have the space for it. Recommended examples include: Game rooms or media rooms where you want to create a golf simulator environment without dedicating a room permanently; Garages allow for a great simulator environment, and after the HomeCourse® rolls up, a car fits perfectly under it; Offices make a great practice environment so you can work on your game without having to leave and break up your work day.

If you have experience drilling walls, locating studs and mounting hardware, HomeCourse® can be installed yourself. It is recommended to have somebody help with two ladders, as it makes it easier to hoist the unit without special equipment.

HomeCourse includes the ProScreen, remote control, charger, easy reach arm for Pro-Arms, and a Ceiling Mount Kit.

No, HomeCourse is a projectable screen and enclosure that can work with a launch monitor and simulator software. It makes the possibility of having a golf simulator in your home easy and affordable.

Any projected image works on HomeCourse, so any simulator that can be connected to a projector will work well.

Various options are available depending on your space. Short-Throw projectors work easily as they only need a few feet to produce a large image. If you have a larger room, or don’t mind a smaller picture, standard or hd projectors work.

I hope that this email finds you well. With the HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen, you leave 18″ inches of space between the screen and the wall.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know. Thank you for choosing Rain or Shine Golf, have a great day!

I hope that this email finds you well, thank you for reaching out to Rain or Shine Golf.

The HomeCourse Retractable Screen features a rechargeable battery so you do not need a power source for this retractable screen!

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know. Thank you for choosing Rain or Shine Golf, have a great day!