Golf impact screens are essential components of indoor golf simulators, providing a realistic and safe environment for practicing and playing golf indoors. Here’s a summary of the key information from the search results:

Carl’s Place Golf Impact Screens

Carl’s Place offers durable, high-quality golf hitting screens designed to withstand direct impact from fast-moving golf balls, with the capability to customize the impact screen to fit specific needs

The impact screens are designed to withstand thousands of hits, making them suitable for indoor golf simulators

SIPGRO Simulator Screen Options

SIPGRO offers a range of golf simulator impact screens, enclosures, and hitting inserts, catering to indoor golf enthusiasts

Rain or Shine Golf Simulator Screens

The quality of the golf simulator screen is crucial for creating a realistic and long-lasting setup. Factors to consider include the material of the impact screen, reducing bounce back, durability, projection quality, budget, and space requirements

Amazon and One Stop Sim Shop

Both Amazon and One Stop Sim Shop offer a variety of golf simulator impact screens for purchase, with different pricing and customization options available.

Golf Simulator Enclosures and Screens

Carl’s Place also provides golf simulator enclosures and screens, offering different levels of impact screens for a realistic golfing experience

Reddit Discussion

There is an ongoing discussion on Reddit’s r/Golfsimulator community about impact screens, indicating a strong interest and engagement in this topic among golf enthusiasts.


Golf impact screens play a crucial role in creating a realistic and safe indoor golfing experience. With options for customization, durability, and projection quality, these screens are designed to withstand the impact of golf balls and provide an immersive golfing environment for enthusiasts. Whether purchased from specialized retailers or online platforms, golf impact screens are an essential component of indoor golf simulators.

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