Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder


Are your looking to SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder.


SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder – Official Rangefinder of the LPGA

The SL2 captures the highest essence of technology in one, state-of-the-art laser rangefinder. An active hybrid Cimarron Masters Golf Net Enclosure, the SL2 integrates into its high-resolution touch screen, dynamic green undulation and course layout graphics, and distance readings.

In its scope is a bright multi-color OLED display with best-in-class optical clarity. The SL2 integrates slope compensation, advanced stabilization, ultra-high-speed processor, and noise filtration to present the most advanced laser rangefinder ever developed. 



SL2 Features and Data Parameters

The SL2 Laser Rangefinder comes equipped with the latest technology from Orange Whip Mid-Size. The new Smart Course View™ displays driver landing area and distance to traps and hazards.   

  • Truly Hybrid GPS/ Laser Rangefinder
  • GPS Pin Assist
  • Slope Integration with Tournament Mode
  • GPS Yardage View
  • Course Layout View
  • Green Undulation View
  • Speed-Detecting Booster
  • 2 Color OLED for Low Light Play
  • Continuous Scan Mode (Normal Mode)
  • Vibration on Target Capture (Pin Mode)



  • Dimensions: 1.7″ x 3.05″ x 4.28″
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Color: White
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  • Measuring Range: 5 – 1,000 yards 
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer 3.7V 
  • Battery Life: GPS Pin Assist Mode – 20 Hours   
  • Laser Mode – 45 Hours 

10 reviews for Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder

  1. Oliver


    Lot in a little package

  2. Noah

    Easy to use

    Easy to use, great optic quality for the price, overall happy with the purchase. I like the carrying pouch that it comes with as well.

  3. Emma

    Great rangefinder

    A great rangefinder at a great price.

  4. Liam

    Excellent Transaction

    Very Accurate and MADE IN AMERICA

  5. Olivia

    Top quality

    The brand says it. Depend on it.

  6. Alexander

    Good device with some bugs.

    When it works it works great. Optics are awesome. After only a few months of use the unit was having issues picking up the flagstick. However it still worked on big objects. I called customer service with good response. Still in the process of getting the unit corrected. Hopefully it comes back working properly.

  7. Evelyn

    Awesome Laser

    The course layout and green undulation are awesome when playing a course I’ve never played before. The optics are crystal clear – I have bad eyes but see everything perfectly on this. I also like the stabilization feature which makes it easier to hit your target if you have shaky hands. Great laser rangefinder!

  8. Henry

    Laser is way too sensitive. Can’t get a decent reading. The gps locks up constantly and won’t let you reset. I would have rather bought a cheaper unit with better stability. Emailed voice caddie with no response

  9. Isabella

    Everything you need on 1 screen

    I love that I can see the entire picture of my golf shot on one device. Having the yardage, elevation and undulations in the green displayed all at once is extremely helpful. This device has taken 2 strokes at least off my game!

  10. Benjamin

    Excellent rangefinder

    Very accurate rangefinder easy to use.. gps technology to locate flag and blocste out background objects is great when you don’t have a steady hand.. only downfall is that the is no green undulation function on any course I’ve played which was a pivotal part of why I chose this rangefinder over others.. must only be available for some courses but disappointing to be advertised and not to be able to use it..

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GPS rangefinders are great for getting general distances on the fly and for tracking the yardage on your shots while laser rangefinders give you precise measurements with enhanced features, durability, reliability, and usability.
Laser Rangefinders are definitely worth the money if you are looking to improve you game. There are budget options for under $100 that will give you a reliable and accurate reading of distance and if you play regularly, you will get value for money from the rangefinder.
The Bushnell Prime 1800 is a good example of a laser rangefinder configured for hunters. It has a range of about 1,800 yards, which is plenty of reach for hunters. And its near-target ranging is as close as 5 yards, perfect for bowhunters.
A new category has emerged in the last couples years: hybrid GPS rangefinders. These devices look like laser rangefinders, but they include GPS features either on a side screen or right in the viewfinder as with the Garmin Z80 shown above. These units have everything you could want.
Under the Rules of Golf, players are able to use laser rangefinders and GPS units in competition, provided they only provide pure distance to the hole. The PGA of America decided, then, to allow the 156 professional golfers in their championship to use laser rangefinders during the championship itself.

Measuring through glass will not produce repeatable or accurate results.

Golf GPS units will accurately tell you the distances to hazards, keep track of your score, and shot distance with each swing. Rangefinders are more accurate and easier to use, providing relevant data like yardage, speed measuring, and continuous range reading.
The Darrell Survey, one of the most respected research firms in golf, has confirmed once again that Bushnell is the rangefinder of choice for more professional tour pros and caddies than any other.
What to Look for When Buying a Golf Rangefinder? For Beginners and Professional
  • 1.1) Accuracy.
  • 1.2) Slope Reading.
  • 1.3) The Display Screen.
  • 1.4) Level of Magnification.
  • 1.5) Battery Life.
  • 1.6) Stabilization / Scan mode.
  • 1.7) Size and weight.
  • 1.8) Maximum and Minimum Range.
Our Top Picks For Golf Rangefinders
  • Bushnell Tour V5 Laser Rangefinder.
  • Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder.
  • TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder.
  • Precision Pro NX9 Slope Rangefinder.
  • Blue Tees Series 3 Max Slope Rangefinder.
  • Callaway EZ Laser Rangefinder.
  • Perfect Caddy Slope Laser Rangefinder.
  • Wosports H-100AG Laser Rangefinder.