Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat

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The 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat from Cimarron Sports is a combination mat that allows you to practice every type of shot imaginable. The Ultimate Mat is revolutionary because it combines three different types of turf allowing you to practice different lies with different clubs.

There aren’t many affordable golf mats out on the market that allow you to hit from three different types of lies. This golf mat is perfect for practicing indoors, outdoors, or using with your simulator! Take your golf game to the next level with the Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat!

What’s Included from Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat

  • Ultimate Golf Mat
  • One Rubber Tee
  • 1′ of High-Density Tee Turf to Practice Your Drives with a Real Wooden Tee
  • 1′ of Knitted Nylon Fairway Turf to Practice with Your Wood and Irons
  • 1′ of Semi-Rough Turf to Practice with Your Irons and Wedges

Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat Features:

  • Pre-Cut Rubber Tee Holes
  • Rolls Up Easily for Quick Storage
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Excellent Turf with a Long Life

8 reviews for Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat

  1. Emma

    Solid mat
    So far, so good. Appears to be a solid mat for the price.

  2. Olivia

    Very good mat, with different types of “grass” simulating both fairways and rough.

    Mat is heavy and well padded. I use it on a stone patio, and the padding cushions club strikes well. Different “grass” conditions including fairway and rough make for a better practice product. I especially like that you can use regular tees in the longer “grass” section at the end. While the price is a bit high, the size of the mat and the varied surfaces make it worth the investment. Good product.

  3. Oliver

    Rough, Rough, Rough…

    Sturdy heavy mat that is great for simulating hitting out of different roughs without tearing up your yard. I’m a big fan of the different grasses. It has a good amount of padding. Being able to drive with rubber driving range tees or regular wooden golf tees is a plus. The mat seems like it is built to last. If things change I will post an update, but I’m not anticipating any problems…

  4. Noah

    Five Stars


  5. Liam

    Five Stars

    My husband loves this mat; works well over any surface.

  6. Jose

    I recently purchased the Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat and I am extremely impressed with its quality and versatility. This mat truly lives up to its name as it allows me to practice every type of shot imaginable. The combination of three different types of turf is revolutionary and has greatly improved my practice sessions.

  7. Timothy

    I have been searching for a golf mat that would allow me to hit from different lies with different clubs, and the Ultimate Golf Mat from Cimarron Sports has exceeded my expectations. It is rare to find an affordable golf mat that offers this level of versatility.

  8. Gary

    Whether I am practicing indoors, outdoors, or using my simulator, this mat has been a game-changer for my golf game. I highly recommend the Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat to any golfer looking to take their skills to the next level. It is a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly improve your game.

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