SC300 Travel Pouch


Are your looking to SC300 Travel Pouch for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SC300 Travel Pouch.


This travel pouch is the perfect way to transport your 2″ Adjustable Tee System Launch Monitor to and from the course or range.

Featuring two compartments that tightly secure your SC Launch Monitor, remote, and cables. The pouch’s zippered closure ensures your swing caddie won’t slip out during transportation. 


5 reviews for SC300 Travel Pouch

  1. Olivia

    Nice case way too expensive!

    Nice case design specifically for the SC300. Ridiculous price for this. It should be in the 20 to $30 range at the most. Count on stupid people like me to buy it for fifty bucks!

  2. Oliver

    Perfect protection

    Fits it just perfect with all the correct slots

  3. Noah

    Perfect for Voice Caddie SC300

    Perfect for Voice Caddie SC300

  4. Liam

    Hard case that works but pricey

    A bit overpriced but it obviously protects the Swing Caddie 300. It is a hard case so it can take some dropping.

  5. Emma

    It’s perfect!

    It fits my husband’s new toy perfectly and he’s happy with it.

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I asked my son…as it was a gift..he says he’s not sure if you can mute it but you can turn volume down to a point where you cannot hear it

No it doesn’t measure the angle of attack. It measures ball speed, carry/total distance, smash factor and swing speed. It does a very great job at giving these readings accurately.

Yes. My husband couldn’t figure out how it could be used with the Swing Caddie. My daughter and husband finally thought it just was a nice freebie to be used with other devices while golfing. It cannot be used with the Sswing Caddie.

No this product won’t give you distance to the green or a hazard. It will measure your swing speed and the carry distance you hit each club.

No it does not do that. It measures apex, which is the ceiling or highest point of the flight path, carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and the smash factor(ball speed/swing speed).

It does not record video. It is however a great product and teach tool. Knowing your club distances carry or total will improve your game on the course.

I have used several different types of golf balls to see what’s best for my swing with varied results. That being said I would assume range balls not being premium or a player ball would affect distance measurements.