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Are your looking to buy ProTee Halogen Light System for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own ProTee Halogen Light System.


The ProTee Halogen Light System is a type of lighting system that is used primarily in golf simulators. It is designed to provide bright, clear, and consistent lighting that can simulate the conditions of an outdoor golf course. The ProTee Halogen Light System typically consists of several halogen light fixtures mounted on a framework or ceiling grid, which can be adjusted to provide optimal lighting for the golf simulator.

Halogen lights are a type of incandescent lighting that use a tungsten filament, enclosed in a small quartz capsule filled with halogen gas. These lights provide a bright, white light that is ideal for illuminating small spaces, such as a golf simulator. Halogen lights are also known for their longevity and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for indoor lighting.

The ProTee Halogen Light System is often used in combination with other golf simulator equipment, such as a high-quality projector and screen, to create a realistic and immersive golfing experience. It is a popular choice among golf enthusiasts and professionals, who want to practice their swings and improve their game without leaving the comfort of their home or office.


Kit contains 2 halogen lights each PAR36, 50watt, 12volt 24 degrees.

Transformer (110v -> 12v or 220v -> 12v) is required and is NOT included.

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8 reviews for ProTee Halogen Light System

  1. Oliver

    DIY Halogen Lights System

    I’d like to begin a thread specific to making your own halogen light system because comprehensive answers don’t already exist and it looks like the hardware link is dead over on the “How to Install a ProTee Golf Simulator” topic. Please provide links to widely available products at local hardware stores if possible.

    Subtopics to address are:

    1) What style of lighting hardware lend themselves to the optimal setup for Protee Base Sensors and Putting Sensors (e.g. Track Lighting, Can Lights, DJ Lights, etc…)?

    2) What type/size/wattage of halogen bulb would be most appropriate for item (1)?

    Based on my current research, I’ve come up with the suggestions links while keeping functionality, price, and availability at the forefront of decision making.

  2. Noah

    Protee lighting

    I have a few questions about lighting.

    1) Do you have to use the lighting that comes with the Protee? Or is there another bulb that you can use that is a standard screw in bulb? If you have to use their light fixture, what power source can I get here in the US to run it.

    2) Does the light have to be directly above the sim. Can it be 2 feet in front?

    3) Can the putting sensor be directly in front of the standard sensor or must it be as Protee suggest 3 feet in front of the standard sensor pad?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  3. Liam

    Protee Lighting Simplified

    As a newbie on here there is a lot of overwhelming information on which lighting to use with the Protee sensor mat. After trying around 10 different combinations of halogens, that were available at my local hardware store (as recommended by other forum users) with many different configurations nothing seemed to work properly.

    So, what ended up working the best? Simple answer, follow Protee’s recommendations. I got everything from Amazon in 2 days. See the links below. You will need to take the bulbs and transformers out of the cans where you will put the Protee Bulbs into. If you need any help with that let me know, it’s quite simple.

    A huge shout out to Jamie PROTEE UK for his excellent customer service, and patience with me even though I didn’t take their advice the first time.

    I got to play around on it last night for the first time successfully and this Protee sensor mat is spot-on and accurately humbling.

  4. Emma

    Overhead Lights – AR111

    Has anyone found a comparable bulb to the AR111 in the overhead lights for the Pro Tee system? I have the cans that come with the ProTee but I much rather put a recessed can light in instead of these hanging down. ProTee support told me that there are recessed lights that use the AR111 but I can not find any in the US. They also said the sensors will only work with the PAR35 AR111 bulbs that come with the system, definitely no LEDS. Has anyone figured out a more seamless setup?

  5. Glenn

    The ProTee Black Interior is an exceptional addition to any golf simulator setup. This product offers the ProTee Halogen Light System, which is specifically designed to provide bright, clear, and consistent lighting that accurately simulates the conditions of an outdoor golf course.

  6. Vincent

    The ProTee Halogen Light System consists of several halogen light fixtures that are mounted on a framework or ceiling grid. This setup allows for easy adjustment, ensuring that you can achieve the optimal lighting conditions for your golf simulator. Whether you prefer a brighter or softer lighting, the ProTee Black Interior can accommodate your preferences.

  7. Marvin

    Furthermore, halogen lights are renowned for their longevity and energy efficiency. This means that the ProTee Halogen Light System not only provides exceptional lighting quality but also saves you money in the long run. You can enjoy countless hours of golf simulation without worrying about frequent bulb replacements or excessive energy consumption.

  8. Allen

    In terms of performance, the ProTee Black Interior truly shines. The bright and clear lighting it offers enhances the overall experience of playing golf in a simulated environment. You can easily see the trajectory of your shots, read the greens accurately, and immerse yourself in a lifelike golfing experience.

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