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Are your looking to buy Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor.


The GCQuad is the world’s most accurate, versatile, and complete launch monitor on the market.

As the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis.

With repeatable and reliable data indoors and out, the Quad is a three-time TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator for a reason.

For complete golf simulator packages built around the GCQuad, be sure to check out our GCQuad SIG10 and SIG12 packages.

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What’s Included With Purchase

  • GCQuad launch monitor
  • FSX 2020 Software
  • USB-C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Club marker dispenser

Foresight GCQuad Features

  • State of the art optics, accuracy, and reliability
  • Ball and club data
  • Quadrascopic & Infrared Technology
  • Four high speed cameras operating at SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use


What Makes The GC Quad Right For You

Better, Faster, Easier Than Ever

  • Unmatched ball and club performance data in a single compact unit
  • Compact, ergonomic, and easy to carry
  • Even greater indoor / outdoor readiness in a ruggedized, weather resistant form factor
  • An integrated sold state HD Golf Simulator Ultimate lighting array eliminates the need for flash replacement

Massive Amounts of Data

  • The GCQuad delivers a full spectrum of real-time ball and club data, and always with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

GCQuad Measurements:

  • Ball Data: ball speed, horizontal launch angles, vertical launch angles, spin, spin axis, carry distance (calculated)
  • Club Data: club head velocity, swing path, attack angle, club face angle, smash factor, dynamic loft at impact, dynamic lie at impact, impact position on club face (*requires club head analysis add-on)


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FSX 2020 Simulation Software

Experience the most realistic golf simulation ever with FSX 2020. Play the best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the range, or even compete in skill-building competitions with players around the world – all in beautiful 4K resolution.

Packed with Features, Including:

  • 5 Courses (Teton Pines, Broken Tree, Linfield National, Willow Crest and Bayou Golf & Fishing Club)
  • Skills Challenge and Long Drive & Closest to the Pin Competitions
  • Driving Range
  • Club Fitting Software
  • Foresight Sports’ Online Network

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GCQuad Optional Add-Ons

Club Head Analysis Add-On (optional)

With no extra hardware necessary, players, fitters, and coaches will now be able to measure critical club data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, and impact location all on the Foresight Sports GC2 Launch.

What the Additional Club Add-on Measures:

  • Club head speed and Smash Factor
  • Angle of attack
  • Loft at impact
  • Lie & face angle at impact
  • Impact location on the club face

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Essential Putting Analysis Add-On (optional)

With essential putting analysis you’ve now got never before seen putting sight at your fingertips. From post impact ball launch and skid measurements to precisely calculated roll distance, fitters, coaches, and players can now experience an entirely new level of putting performance insight on their GCQuad.

What the Putting Add-on Measures:

Ball velocity, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch direction, total spin, spin tilt axis, back spin, side spin, club speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attack, impact lie, impact location

GCQuad Specifications
Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system.
Dimensions: 7″(w) x 4″(d) x 12.5″(h)
Weight: 7.5 lbs/3.8 kg
Battery: Removable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
Data Interface: USB Type C / WiFi / Ethernet
Compatibility: Apple & Android
Warranty: Two-Year Warranty
FSX Compatibility: PC operating Windows 7 or greater
FSX Compatibility: Recommended processor speed i7 (Gen6)
FSX Compatibility: Must have NVidia GeForce 1050 Ti video card or greater

How to Play Video – Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor


Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator is the world’s most accurate, versatile, and complete launch monitor on the market. As the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis. With repeatable and reliable data indoors and out, the GCQuad is a three time Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner for a reason.

GCQuad features 4 high-resolution wide-angle cameras looking at the ball and the clubhead from 4 different perspectives which allows GCQuad to capture even the most subtle changes in angle, rotation, and speed of the ball and the club. Each camera is operating at 6,000 frames per second providing users with unbeatable data accuracy.

All shots you take with GCQuad are saved in the cloud and can be accessed at a later time. This way you can hit shots at the driving range and then analyze them at home. GCQuad is super easy to use – turn on the device, put it on the ground 22″ away from the ball, and
start practicing. No calibration required. GCQuad will give you a complete picture of what the ball and the club do at the moment of the impact.

Foresight Sports GCQuad stats:

  • Ball speed
  • Horizontal & vertical launch angles
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Carry distance

GCQuad Golf Simulation Software: FSX2020 Included

Featuring advanced imaging technology and lightning-fast processor power, GCQuad is ideal for the
world’s best virtual golf experience. GCQuad comes with FSX 2020 golf simulation software. True-to
life golf simulation at its finest. FSX 2020 features stunning graphics and exciting game modes for
golfers of all skill levels. Play the world’s best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the
range, or even compete in skill-building competitions with players around the world.

  • Foot Golf
  • Foresight Fairgrounds
  • Glass Break (Skill Building Module)
  • Inside 6 Feet (Skill Building Module)
  • Tournaments mode in Compete
  • Range mode support
  • Updates to club images and club analysis screen
  • Refinement of impact location reporting on club face
  • Device indicator light now mirrors the functionality of the device
  • New Default Manager lets users save custom settings in-game set-up
  • New Stimp feature makes assessing and changing green speed even easier
  • New green contour feature makes viewing and reading the green even easier

FSX PLAY + La Jolla Pines Golf Course included

Experience the game like never before with FSX PLAY – hyper-realistic gameplay powered by an all
new Unity Graphics Engine. Rich textures, 3D grass and foliage, enhanced lighting, updated UI, and
more provide for our best simulation experience yet. FSX PLAY’s ultra-modern interface displays
game-critical information in an intuitive, minimalistic format that enhances every aspect of gameplay
without distraction.

Experience Southern California beauty with La Jolla Pines—one of the most iconic golf courses in the
world. Along with the breathtaking coastal scenery, the course features long flowing fairways, tall
native Torrey pine trees, and deep rough that’s now accentuated by a high-definition graphics
engine second to none.

  • Industry-leading Unity Graphics Engine using new High Definition Render Pipeline technology
  • (HDRP) provides unmatched high-definition realism.
  • Supports resolution up to 5K
  • 3D grass and foliage, rich textures, enhanced lighting, atmospheric gliding, and more
  • Improved UI and HUD, animations and transitions between holes and shots for a seamless experience
  • Available game modes include full course play, practice, long drive, and closest-to-pin
  • Additional modes and features are under development and will become available through
  • periodic updates

Foresight Sports GCQuad Courses included:

  • Teton Pines Golf Course
  • Beaver Hills Country Club
  • Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club
  • Broken Tree Golf Course
  • Butterfield Country Club (Blue/Red)
  • Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club
  • Linfield National Golf Club
  • Willow Crest Golf Club
  • Tall Pines Golf Course
  • The Farms Golf Course
  • Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club

Club Add-On [+$4,000]

The most comprehensive analysis of a players club head performance is now available at your
fingertips. With no extra hardware necessary, players, fitters, and coaches will now be able to
measure critical club data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, and impact
location all on the GCQuad. Never before has a technology provided this level of accuracy, reliability,
and performance in a single device.

Club Data:

  • Club head speed
  • Smash factor
  • Angle of attack
  • Club path
  • Loft at impact
  • Lie & face angle at impact
  • Impact location on the club face

Essential Putting Analysis Add-on [+$2,500]

The world’s most advanced launch monitor just got even better. With Essential Putting Analysis,
you’ve now got never-before-seen putting sight at your fingertips. From post-impact ball launch and
skid measurements to precisely calculated roll distance, fitters, coaches, and players can now
experience an entirely new level of putting performance insight on their GCQuad.

  • Ball velocity
  • Vertical launch angle
  • Horizontal launch direction
  • Total spin
  • Spin-tilt axis
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Club speed
  • Smash factor
  • Club path
  • Angle of attack
  • Impact face angle
  • Impact lie
  • Impact location

Foresight Sports GCQuad Specifications:

  • Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system.
  • Dimensions: 7″W X 12.5″H X 4″D, 7.5lbs
  • Battery: Removable 6-8 hour lithium-ion
  • Data Interface: USB / WiFi / Ethernet
  • Compatibility: Android, Apple

Foresight Sports GCQuad comes with:

  • FSX 2020 Software
  • 2-year warranty
  • Power adapter & cable
  • USB-C cable
  • Alignment stick
  • Club markers

FSX 2020 v8.2.0.3 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or greater (64 Bit Required) Works well with Win 8.1, & 10.
  • Processor: Min Spec: Intel i5 or i7 processors (AMD processors not recommended)
  • Memory: Min Spec: 8GB system memory
  • Recommended: 16GB for best performance
  • Video Card: Min Spec: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti or greater (AMD GPUs not supported)
  • Recommended: GTX 1060, 1660 or 1070, RTX 2060 Premium: RTX 2070 or 2080

FSX PLAY System Requirements:

  • Graphics Cards: Must have Nvidia GeForce 30 Series (3060 or greater), Nvidia GeForce 20 Series (2060 or greater), Nvidia GeForce 16 Series (1660 TI or greater), or Nvidia GeForce 10 Series (1070 or greater).
  • Recommend processor speed: i7 (Gen6)

Foresight Sports GCQuad User Manual >>



Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor

The GCQuad is the most accurate, dependable, and comprehensive launch monitor in the world. 

The only launch monitor on the market to use Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate and detailed image of ball and club head performance in the industry.

Whether you are using it indoors or out, the GCQuad delivers reliable and repeatable data during your entire session. It’s no wonder the GCQuad is the two-time Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner.


GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports Features:

Easier, Faster and Better Than Ever

  • Unmatched ball and club performance data in a single compact unit
  • Easy to Carry – Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Even greater indoor / outdoor readiness with a ruggedized, weather-resistant build
  • No more flash replacement – Uses an integrated solid-state NIR LED

Impressive Upgrades

  • Easy to read outdoor-viewable display
  • Larger ball capture area – 6x larger than the GC2
  • Connect to more devices – including WiFi and Ethernet
  • The most precise down-range values possible with built-in barometric altitude sensor
  • Play longer with a swappable, long-life Lithium-Ion battery

Unmatched Accuracy and Control

  • World Class accuracy with four high-resolution, high-speed optical sensors working together to deliver unrivaled quadroscopic image clarity
  • Even more precise than GC2 with patented Spherical CorrelationTM analytics
  • More golf and less adjusting with quick and accurate target alignment technology

Industrial-Strength Precision

  • Greater image stability and long-term durability from the shock-mounted, die-cast aluminum frame
  • Get all-weather confidence with heavy-duty seam gaskets and sealants protect your monitor indoor or out


GCQuad Optional Add-On Features

QClub Analysis 

See a full analysis of your golf swing and club head performance with QClub Analysis. Get critical data like club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, lie and impact location with the same unrivaled accuracy you get with the GCQuad.

QClub Analysis uses a proven, camera-based approach to performance club analysis. Easily applied position indicators are placed on the club head and ensure all club head data is captured accurately. Track every club in your bag, and practice with confidence.

Essential Putting Analysis

Get unparalleled data on your short game. No other launch monitor on the market gets even close to giving you as much critical putting data as what you get with the GCQuad’s Essential Putting Analysis.

See post-impact ball launch and skid measurements. Get precisely calculated roll distances and finally, experience the new standard of putting performance — the way putting on a simulator should be.

Information About Your Purchase:

  • The GCQuad Launch Monitor comes with a 2 Year Warranty
  • This is the Lowest Price Guaranteed on the GCQuad Launch Monitor
  • Free Shipping in the U.S.


Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor

The GCQuad Launch Monitor is a three-time Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner and one of Foresight Sports’ most advanced and powerful launch monitor offerings.

In terms of price, it’s in the ballpark of the X3 and TrackMan, depending on which add-ons you get with it. We’d argue that at the moment, it provides the most accurate and reliable indoor performance on the market.

The GCQuad builds on the GC2 and outclasses the GC3 to deliver unique quadrascopic imaging, direct measurements of club head data, and an extremely fast processor.

It has a compact, ergonomic design at 7 x 12.5 x 4 inches, weighs just 7.5 lbs, runs on a 6-8 hour lithium ion battery, and works equally well indoors and outdoors.


The GCQuad uses a quadrascopic high-speed camera system, which is a first in the launch monitor industry and a step up from the triscopic system of the GC3.

A combination of high-resolution, high-speed camera-based technology and infrared object tracking build a virtual 3D model of your swing and precisely measure club head and ball performance. Results are delivered nearly in real time.

The technology is different from radar-based technologies that measure performance from behind the clubhead and derive various parameters. The GCQuad gets a clear, direct view of impact and takes exact photometric measurements.

The end result is apparently much more precise results. Our tests and the experiences of other GCQuad users seem to confirm the extreme accuracy, but whether or not it’s the most accurate launch monitor on the market is up for debate.

Key parameters measured include ball speed, launch angle, azimuth, spin-tilt axis, and total spin. With the Clubhead Measurement add-on, you get a large amount of additional club head data as well.

Other available add-ons are:

Essential Putting Analysis: gives you detailed insight into every aspect of your putting.
FSX 2020 and FSX Play software, which allow you to set up a top-tier golf simulator experience.
E6 CONNECT and Creative Golf 3D software integrations.

The GCQuad is a serious launch monitor for serious golfers. For more information on software, add-ons, and simulation options that come with the unit, as well as price, check out our review.


The Foresight Sports GCQuad is a high-end launch monitor designed for golfers and golf professionals. It uses advanced technology to measure ball flight and club data, providing detailed feedback on every shot.

The GCQuad uses four high-speed cameras to track the ball from the moment it leaves the clubface until it lands, providing accurate data on ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. It also uses Doppler radar to measure clubhead speed, path, and angle of attack.

One of the key features of the GCQuad is its portability. It’s small and lightweight enough to be used indoors or outdoors, and it can be set up quickly and easily. It’s also compatible with a variety of software programs, including Foresight Sports’ own FSX 2020, which offers a range of simulation and game modes.

Overall, the Foresight Sports GCQuad is an excellent choice for golfers and golf professionals who want to take their game to the next level. Its advanced technology and portability make it a versatile tool for improving performance, analyzing swings, and providing accurate feedback.

10 reviews for Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor

  1. Noah

    Hunter and Adam
    I spoke with both Hunter and Adam regarding multiple parts of my garage sum build. Ultimately they led me in the right direction and I couldn’t be happier. They gladly answered all of my many questions without ever seeming inconvenienced. I will buy from you again in the future as well as refer anyone I know who’s in the market.

  2. Emma

    Best budget launch monitor
    This thing is great. I love it and it’s just as good as other launch monitors three to four times as much. Easy to set up and have had no misreads

  3. Liam

    Good value
    Program is buggy but usable. Could be more polished…

  4. Noah

    Super expensive for such poor customer support
    Never got this thing to operate No support Had to pay return charges Had to wait for return authorization From SkyTrak. Waste of time and energy

  5. Oliver

    Great value.
    For the 7 handicap like me it gives me all the feedback I need to improve. I could spend 25M for a Trakman and get essentially the same result. I’m not too happy with the software I’m forced to buy, the website is 3rd rate, difficult to navigate and understand. I’ve read other reviews that suggested that the SkyTrak misses shots, I can recall only two times in a thousand shots has it not recorded. I’ve matched it with my Skycaddie and they are very close.

  6. Olivia

    Great product
    Great product!

  7. Evelyn

    Nice Personal Launch monitor

    Just received my Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor (great prime day purchase) it was easy to set up and use. It’s pretty accurate when I compare it with my GPS numbers on the course.

  8. Henry

    Great golf Tool

    Works, helping me gain yards with all my clubs but the putter. 🤣 App helps with spin rate and show extra information then the Device display. Glad I added this tool to my golfing practice..

  9. Isabella

    Awesome product. Met all expectations

    I really like the video feature. Also, the ability to draw lines superimposed on the video.

  10. Benjamin

    good 👍

    very accurate and price is acceptable level

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If you are looking for how much the GCQuad costs, the MSRP starts at $11,000 for the unit and you can visit the detailed website provided by Golf Simulator Videos for more custom quotes and more Foresight Sports GCQuad information.

If you’re looking to spend right around $20,000, then you’re going to love the GCQuad. This launch monitor provides all of the must-have data you need to learn all of the fine-grain details of how you golf. Foresight Sports also offers a Sim-in-a-Box indoor simulator that starts at just $10,500.

All things considered, the GC2 is almost as reliable as TrackMan when it comes to outdoor performance, while there is no obvious performance difference indoors. The GC2 never missed a shot during my tests, but one thing I will say is this: it tends to overestimate carry distance on low-spin driver shots.

Swappable Lithium-Ion Battery – GCQuad’s battery should last about 10 hours, but there may be times when you need to swap or replace a battery. The GCQuad allows for simple, tool-less, battery replacement by the end-user.

Accuracy is comparable to the industry leading Trackman in the first three categories (swing, impact, ball flight). And while not quite matching Trackman (which tracks the ball through full flight) on distance, the GCQuad runs it incredibly close. … It’s as close to Trackman as you’ll get without doubling your budget.

The minimum space required to use GC Quad in an indoor golf simulator is equal to the space you need to swing the club comfortably, whilst minimizing bounceback and indoor swing syndrome. This minumum space is likely to be 12 feet long by 10 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

The Trackman is better outdoors where space is unlimited and the GCQuad is better indoors where space is limited. But both can be used indoors or outdoors, given the right conditions. If we had to choose one launch monitor, we’d choose the GCQuad.

The likes of Rickie Fowler, Gary Woodland and Russell Knox have all been using the GC Quad to help their game and, of course, Bryson Dechambeau is a serial user of the device. For the handicap player, the GC Quad is probably even more useful than it is to these Tour players.

SkyTrak vs GC2 – Wrapping It Up

The Foresight GC2 and SkyTrak are both excellent products. If you are in the market for a home golf simulator and want the most accurate ball data possible, these are both great picks. While the GC2 has a little more power and accuracy, you will pay for it.

FSX (latest 2020) is Foresight Sports’ exclusive software solution for their line of commercial launch monitors: the GC2, GCQuad and GCHawk. It is only usable on PC.

The GCQuad also comes with powerful software simulation.

How does Foresight GC2 Work? The Foresight GC2 uses two stereoscopic cameras to record 13 high-speed images of the movement of the ball in the first 12 inches after impact. The launch monitor is made of diecast aluminum and uses a replaceable flash as a light source. The data is displayed on the unit screen itself.

GCQuad Total Distance

After assessing the data and the accuracy of the GCQuad it is clear that it is one of the best performing products on the market. This is why it warrants a high price and is trusted by golf equipment manufacturers, coaches, and tour professionals.

While there are other notable names in the luxury range golf simulators, such as Trackman, Foresight Sports’ products are definitely some of the best around. Unlike Trackman, our products offer reliable, accurate data no matter the size of your space.

As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the cost of a GCQuad launch monitor from Foresight Sports was around $14,000 USD. However, prices can vary depending on the retailer and any promotions or discounts that may be available. It is recommended to check with a reputable dealer or directly with Foresight Sports for the most up-to-date pricing information.

The GCQuad is a high-end launch monitor used in golf for measuring club and ball data, such as ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and more. Whether or not the GCQuad is worth it depends on your specific needs and goals as a golfer.

If you’re a serious golfer who is looking to improve your game, the GCQuad can be an excellent investment. It can provide you with valuable data on your swing and ball flight, allowing you to identify areas of weakness and track your progress over time. The GCQuad is also highly accurate and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile tool for practicing and playing.

However, if you’re a casual golfer who only plays occasionally, the GCQuad may not be worth the investment. It’s a significant financial commitment, and if you’re not using it frequently or taking advantage of its capabilities, you may not see a significant return on your investment.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not the GCQuad is worth it comes down to your individual needs and goals as a golfer. If you’re serious about improving your game and have the budget for it, the GCQuad can be an excellent tool for achieving your objectives.

TrackMan and GCQuad are both advanced launch monitor systems used for tracking and analyzing the performance of golf shots. However, there are some key differences between the two systems.

  1. Technology: TrackMan uses Doppler radar technology to track the ball and club data, while GCQuad uses high-speed cameras to capture the ball and club data.

  2. Data measurements: TrackMan provides a wide range of data measurements, including ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and club path, as well as advanced metrics such as smash factor and dynamic loft. GCQuad also provides similar data measurements, but it also offers additional data on clubface angle and impact location.

  3. Portability: GCQuad is more portable than TrackMan, as it is a smaller, more compact unit that can be easily transported and set up. TrackMan, on the other hand, is a larger, more complex system that requires more space and setup time.

  4. Price: TrackMan is generally considered the more expensive of the two systems, while GCQuad is a more affordable option for golfers and coaches.

Ultimately, the choice between TrackMan and GCQuad will depend on individual preferences and needs. TrackMan is considered by many to be the industry standard for launch monitor systems, while GCQuad offers a more affordable and portable option with a strong emphasis on accuracy and detailed data analysis.