Optoma ZH406 Golf Simulator Projector

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Optoma ZH406 1080P Projector For Golf Simulators

The Optoma ZH406 standard throw (1.4-2.24 throw ratio) projector brings your FlightScope X3 SIG 12 Golf Simulator setup to life with a maintenance free DuraCore laser light source projection. It is equipped with vertical lens shift, four corner correction, and is capable of delivering large, bright, crystal-clear 1080p graphics, and also supports 4K UHD.

The Optoma EH406 will captivate you while you play or practice, with its 4500 lumens bright image, vibrant, true-to-life colors and 300,000:1 contrast ratio.

Equipped with the level of connectivity you need for today’s digital world, the Flightscope Mevo Plus  offers HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro USB, LAN, and RS-232, and RJ45 inputs. Stereo speakers with 15W per channel provide rich audio for all in one applications.

Optoma ZH406 Highlights

  • Bright vivid colors – 4500 ANSI lumens
  • High contrast – 300,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Native HD 1080p resolution
  • Flightscope x3 vs trackman – 2X HDMI, Micro USB, USB Power Out, and 15W speakers

Optoma ZH406 Projector Features:

1. DLP Technology – DLP® (Digital Light Processing) is a proprietary technology from Texas Instruments™ that offers digital projection with higher contrast, faster response time, good pixel structure and virtually no color degradation.
2.Vertical Lens Shift – Vertical lens shift simplifies installations by shifting the image up and down without image distortion to provide a wider range of projector placement possibilities, making it easier to position the projector in a room.
3. Direct Power On – Turn on the projector directly from the power source. This feature aids installations that rely on power-on timers. The sleep timer can be used to turn the projector off after a set time.
4. Four Corner Correction – Four corner geometric correction enables quick and easy image adjustments from any of the corner points of the image. This is ideal for uneven or angled projection surfaces.
5. Integrated Speakers – Complete your home entertainment experience with the convenience of powerful 15W built-in speakers. Built-in speakers provide exceptional sound quality and are easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers
6. Signal Power On – The Flightscope Mevo Plus  powers on when it receives a signal through the HDMI input. This ensures the projector is turned on at the same time as the source device.

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10 reviews for Optoma ZH406 Golf Simulator Projector

  1. Oliver

    Great Outdoor Projector
    So far so good. I first bought the $200 projector and that was a bust! Had it for a couple days and it stop working. It was a tough decision between the Epson and Optoma. Picture quality and speed for gaming it’s definitely great for your buck! I’ll do a follow up review after 90 days and let you know how things are.

  2. Noah

    Clear image; Speakers are AWFUL
    Picture quality is extremely clear, but the speakers are HORRENDOUS comparative to any TV. You will absolutely need an external speaker, which will be especially challenging if you’re projecting from the ceiling as you wont be able to connect a WiFi speaker. I think anyone would expect much better speaker quality for a $700 projector.

  3. Liam

    This controller sucks!
    Picture quality: good User Interface: Horrible The menu only last for seven seconds which would be ok if I didn’t have to read everything backwards. I unfortunately mounted to ceiling thinking I could easily invert screen. Thirty minutes later with projector on ladder and words reading left to right did I finally invert picture.

  4. Emma

    Awesome image, restricting sound — needs a wireless component
    This is an awesome projector: We’ve watched movies and I’ve played Destiny 2 and it has adjusted to the different requirements wonderfully. I really haven’t noticed a difference in quality from playing on a large screen tv to the projector — a very smooth gaming experience. My one complaint is the lack Bluetooth technology that would allow us to connect the sound system and not need to have all these additional wires and extensions to be able to get a sound that matches the image.

  5. Olivia

    High quality

    It has a very nice clear, bright picture and easy to use and set up.

  6. Alexander

    Great Projector when Brightness and Size Matters

    I replaced a 15 year old Panasonic LCD projector and wanted something that would fit in the same opening.
    This one fit perfectly, plus it’s laser (no bulb to replace). I wouldn’t call this a short throw projector.
    My screen is about 20 feet away and I can manually get the picture down to about 9 feet wide.

    There’s also a digital zoom feature that allows you to reduce the picture size even further.
    My only issue is the left/right screen shift capability. My screen is off center by about 7 inches. The shift left feature seems to only move the right edge of the picture, i.e. compress the picture.

    It’s bright enough to watch any time of day, even though our family room is fairly light during the day.

    If you need something small and bright and don’t need the latest 4K technology, I recommend this projector.

  7. Evelyn

    Good value

    These are nice projectors. I purchased two of them for our church. They brightness and contrast are very good. We use them with the lights on and the are easy to see. They are also very easy to adjust after install. The only negative is: you can turn them off via web interface but not on. There is an on button but it will not turn them on?

  8. Henry

    Very happy w this projector, use for outdoor movies from a long distance, crisp lines and better color than my prior dlp projector

  9. Isabella

    Beautiful picture

    This was purchased to replace an old projector that had finally after years of use gone out on us. This was a great investment. The clarity of the picture is amazing compared to our older model. We are so thrilled with this purchase. It shipped quickly and the customer service provided from this company has been stellar. Will definitely be buying here again when it’s time to replace our other 2 projectors!

  10. Rajeswari

    Great Laser Projector

    This is the best 4500 lumen projector and a laser

    From a great dealer

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