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Are your looking to buy SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip.


Black Friday Deals DiscountA golf 3D hitting strip is a virtual representation of a golf hitting strip that can be used for training and practice purposes. It typically consists of a simulated golf course or driving range environment that allows golfers to practice their swing and improve their skills.

The 3D hitting strip provides golfers with the ability to see their shots and analyze their performance, allowing them to make adjustments and refine their technique. The virtual environment can also simulate different wind and weather conditions, allowing golfers to practice in a variety of scenarios.

Some golf 3D hitting strips use specialized equipment, such as high-speed cameras and sensors, to capture data on the golfer’s swing and provide feedback on factors such as swing speed, ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle. This data can then be analyzed to identify areas where the golfer needs to improve and develop a customized training program.

Overall, the golf 3D hitting strip offers a convenient and effective way for golfers to practice and improve their game in a controlled environment, without having to travel to a physical golf course or driving range.


Ideal for golfers looking to replace the hitting strips in their SIGPRO Mats or DIYers that need an insert for their subfloor – the SIGPRO 3D Foresight Sports GCHawk Flex , and Preferred, are all designed with their own unique qualities and differences that result in better performance, durability and feel.

The SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip is our most durable insert that will withstand repetitive impacts for long term use in a residential or commercial environment. This is a sturdy, yet flexible and forgiving turf insert that produces realistic feel and feedback for the golfer. 

Unlike hard, synthetic artificial hitting mats that you’d find at a driving range, the SIGPRO 3D is designed with a mid-layer of polyurethane fibers to help absorb impact and provide forgiveness, while a 1-inch thick layer of vibrant green tufted turf on top gives the golfer a realistic hitting surface tailored for high volume use. 

The SIGPRO 3D is best used with simulator tees like the Tomahawk NEO plastic tee, the Bir-Tee, or the versatile TeeClaw that allows the use a real golf tee.

SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip Features :

Black Friday Deals DiscountIncredibly Durable

  • Durable woven turf construction making the SIGPRO 3D hitting strip a long-lasting option for the home studio or on the practice range. 

Recommended Tee Types

  • Best used with simulator tees like the Tomahawk NEO, BirTee, and/or the TeeClaw 
  • Easy On The Joints 
  • Designed with an absorption cavity inside its sturdy EVA foam, the SIGPRO 3D has a natural grass feel and forgiveness effect at impact. 

Color Contrast

  • Vibrant green woven turf color gives this insert an attractive, sharp contrast look when installed into a hitting mat.

SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip Specifications

  • Dimensions: 28 in x 12 in x 2 3/8 in 
  • Weight: 5lbs 

10 reviews for SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip

  1. Emma

    Best mat on the market hands down.
    This mat is worth every penny and more. There is no better quality. Feels exactly like a real golf shot.

  2. Liam

    Home Range may
    Good quality. Narrow version of a full range matt

  3. Noah

    Top quality golf mat.
    Very durable and high quality mat that has saved my lawn from golf divots. Much better than the mats at my local driving range. The adjustable golf tee holder is also a really nice feature.

  4. Olivia

    This is fantastic and works perfect for my set up

  5. Oliver

    Great purchase!!?
    This was one of the best golf purchases that I’ve ever made. I use it in the house and garage. It will move if you hit fat or not, but you just need to keep and eye on it and tap it back a little. I use it on carpet and also as an insert in my golf mat. It sits high in the golf mat, but you choke up to adjust. This baby is thick and well made!

  6. Alexander


    This mat is very durable and feels really good when I hit it.

  7. Evelyn

    Great feeling mat!

    Like hitting from fairway! Great durability and easy on arms/hands, unlike mats at driving range! Highly recommend!!!

  8. Henry

    Good quality

    Nice mat to use, it’s very responsive to the club head. I think the quality is great for your average golfer trying to get swings in at home. Would and will buy again.

  9. Isabella

    Got my stuff

    Got my stuff. That matters. And in time.

  10. Benjamin

    Stiff as hell

    It’s too damn stiff. You can’t realistically hit an iron shot with a simulated divot. If you don’t “pick” the ball with every swing then you aren’t going to get your regular distance off this strip. I bet it holds up great outdoors, but the other types of mat inserts are much nicer to hit off.

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I have been struggling on which Mat to use as I need both a stance mat and hitting mat or some combo. The options out there all have pros and cons.

1, Fibrebuilt- easy on joints but ball sits up all the time and makes it to easy
2. CCE- punishes bad shots but can lead to injuries over time due the the grabbiness
3. Quatro- this mat seems really good but coming in at slightly under 5×5 would be nice to have something a little bigger as center hitting is tough on something this small
4. fibrebuilt performance mat- Size looks good but I know nothing about this mat. Looks similar to CCE with the rubber base

This hitting strip sells for $149.99 and features a 1-inch thick layer of vibrant green, tightly tufted turf that doesn’t grab the clubhead like other mats will do. As the standard insert included in the SIGPRO Mats, the Preferred Hitting Strip is the perfect replacement for the strips that have worn down over time.

I am in the very beginning stages of research and have my skytrak unit on order. I am wondering what might be the advantages of a hitting mat vs a hitting strip? I feel that for my simulator build, a hitting strip would be more appealing as it would be centered on my screen. If I get a hitting mat, it would be offset from the screen so that the ball would strike the center. I am not looking to cut corners with the hitting mat but also not looking to spend thousands on it either.

If I were to use a hitting mat, what turf is everyone using to butt up to it? What do you put under the turf to make it all flush?

My total area for this unit will be 17ft wide X ~15 ft deep. The screen itself will be 12′ wide x 8′ tall x 4′ deep.

Pictures and feedback on mats or strips would be fantastic. It is a bit of information overload and I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Thanks in advance.

Hello ,

We don’t currently have either, but we are working on adding that in the near future.

SIGPRO is a company that produces hitting mats for golfers. They have replaceable hitting strips that can be replaced without having to buy an entire new mat. In order to maintain your SIGPRO replaceable hitting strips and maximize its lifespan, it is recommended to follow best practices such as cleaning it regularly and storing it properly

In this video Gerald breaks down the best practices to maintain your SIGPRO replaceable hitting strips and maximize its lifespan.

 for rubber tee usage- doesnt hurt the playability or durability of the mat but allows you to use a rubber standard tub tee or adjustable heigth tee that should have been included in the package.

It’s about a pound or so. I use it indoors on a rug. It’s a very good quality but if you want something that won’t move you need a bigger mat that you can stand on with it.

yes but realize the most stable surface would be concrete or wood floor

Yes it can be used as a stance mat – but everybody is different take your widest stance prob a driver and measure to make sure you would be comfortable left to tight foot the 29″ way