SIGPRO Super Softy 4′ x 9′ Golf Mat

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Are your looking to SIGPRO Super Softy 4′ x 9′ Golf Mat for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SIGPRO Super Softy 4′ x 9′ Golf Mat.


The new SIGPRO Super Softy 4′ x 9′ Golf Mat sports a new design for our SIGPRO Super Softy line of golf mats.

The 4′ x 9′ Super Softy Golf Mat has a stance mat on both sides of the center replaceable hitting strip so both right handed and left handed golfers can swing comfortably. 

This mat has two key differences compared to our original SIGPRO Golf Mats. The first difference is the new SIGPRO XL Softy hitting strip insert. Measuring 12in in width and a whopping 48″ in length. The second difference is the base of the mat is made up of a rubber tile design for extra stability. 

SIGPRO Super Softy 4′ x 9′ Features

Durable Base

This golf mat features a heavy duty rubber tile base that ensures swing stability. The 4′ x 9′ includes multiple tiles and connector pieces for a easy to assemble base.

The rubber tile base was designed for commercial and residential spaces where the golf mat would not be moved after installation. The rubber tiles are quite heavy and can be difficult to move once setup.

Stance Areas

The 4′ x 9′ golf mat features two stance areas to account for right and left handed golfers. Perfect for a commercial facility with multiple golfers playing on the same mat or for a residential install where both right and left handed golfers will be teeing off.

SIGPRO XL Softy Hitting Strip Insert

Featuring the new SIGPRO XL softy hitting strip, the 4′ x 9′ golf mat allows for a deeper hitting surface for launch monitors with larger hitting hitting zone.

The SIGPRO XL Softy utilizes the same design used for the Softy Hitting Strip but adds an extra 20″ of length.


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