Garmin Approach R10 + Golf Net Bundle

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Are your looking to Garmin Approach R10 + Golf Net Bundle for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Garmin Approach R10 + Golf Net Bundle.


The Garmin Approach R10 Golf Net Bundle pairs the Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor with the 10′ x 7′ Rounded Golf Net! Both being at a great price point, this package is one of the most budget friendly options for a golf simulator! 

The perfect starter package for a golfer that wants to train at home! This cheap golf simulator allows for indoor or outdoor practice. Add a golf matto the bundle to really finish out your starter simulator! 

Garmin Approach R10 Features

Data Tracking & Stats

The Approach R10 is able to track both club and ball metrics:

  • Club Data: Club Head Speed, Club Face angle, Club Path Angle, Angle of Attack. 
  • Ball Data: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Spin Axis & Rate, Apex Height, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Total Distance, Deviation Distance.

Portable Launch Monitor

Work on improving your game anywhere and any time of year.

Approach R10 is easy to move from inside your home to the backyard and even to the driving range.

Over 42,000 Virtual Courses Courses

With virtual round, you can simulate playing golf on any of our 41,000 preloaded courses.

Compete against a friend on the driving range, play in a tournament against other users around the world or try beating your own personal best.

Golf Net Features


Rounded Knotless Hitting net

Knotless golf netting helps ensure you get a high-quality piece of golf equipment that will last a long time. This allows you to dial in your swing every season for years to come.

Pair with any Golf Mat

Complete your at-home setup with the SIGPRO 3D 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat. Like the Hitting Net 10′ x 7′, this golf mat is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Unmatched Quality

Products we manufacture undergo rigorous testing and pass several quality control inspections before they are released for packaging and shipment.


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