SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure

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SIGPRO Commercial Golf Simulator Enclosure

The SIGPRO Commercial Golf Simulator enclosure are the newest designed golf simulator enclosures from The Indoor Golf Shop. The Commercial enclosures were designed to be a heavy duty, high-end upgrade to the SIG Golf Simulator Enclosures.

Offering multiple sizes, the SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures are perfect for any indoor golf facility or residential install. Featuring a new design that removes the need for a bottom front pipe, ensuring a safe and truly immersive experience for all skill levels.

Need to customize your enclosure?


What’s included

  • SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen
  • Premium Surround Material
  • 2″ Pipe Frame Kit & Canopy Fittings
  • Pipe Padding (Internal & External)

SIGPRO Difference

  • Full Pipe Frame Kit Included
  • Industry’s Leading Premium Golf Impact Screen
  • Multiple Size & Depth Options

Commercial Golf Simulator Features

Designed for Commercial Golf Simulators

The new SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures feature a new design that completely changes your golf simulation experience. Each size allows for the entire screen to be filled by your projector. Create a truly immersive experience with a 10′ or even 15′ deep enclosure.

The SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure includes heavy duty 2″ pipe to create a high quality frame, pipe padding for added safety, and a brand new design for the impact screen.


New Depths & Sizes

Comfortably swing your golf club in your choice of commercial enclosure size and depth. Not only are you able to protect areas around your golf simulator, you also add a premium look that makes your simulator software pop on the impact screen.

The SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure was designed for commercial uses, with large amounts of space available. When determining how much space you need, measure your room width, length, and your ceiling height. We offer multiple heights, widths, and depths to ensure a perfect fit for your space. We also offer the option to customize your enclosure if there are changes that need to be made.

Important Note: Enclosures with less than 10′ of depth will not receive a crossbar. Enclosures between 10′ and 13′ will have a crossbar mounted at 6.5′ from the screen. Enclosures 15′ of depth and deeper will have a crossbar mounted at 7.5′ from the screen. This ensures structural stability and also allows for your launch monitor/projector to be mounted directly to your enclosure frame.


Commercial Golf Simulator Accessories

Easily mount your golf simulator projector and golf simulator unit to your commercial enclosure. Using one of our enclosure mount kits, you can easily attach your projector and/or launch monitor to your frame. The SIGPRO Commercial Golf Simulator Enclosure has a durable and safe design, perfect for a golf simulator facility looking to add a premium enclosure option.

The SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures can be transformed into the perfect setup for a golf simulator studio. Add on a Launch monitor, projector, hitting area, and PC and you are one step closer to improving the indoor golf experience.

Our Premium golf simulator impact screens all include a 1 year warranty to help you save money on a replacement screen.

We offer multiple accessories to help improve your golf game: Landing Pad turf, Golf Mats, Launch Monitors, and Projectors


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