Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green


Are your looking to buy Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green.


The Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green is a high-quality practice surface designed for golfers who want to improve their short game skills in the comfort of their own home or office. The green is made with Fiberbuilt’s patented grass-like fibers that mimic the look and feel of real grass, providing a true-to-life putting and chipping experience.

The green measures 10 feet by 10 feet, making it large enough to practice a variety of shots, including long putts, short putts, and chip shots. The surface is also reversible, so you can switch between a smooth surface for putting and a rougher surface for chipping and pitching.

The green comes with two regulation-size cups and flags, allowing you to practice your aim and accuracy. It also includes a rubber ball tray and two break pads, which you can use to create a variety of challenging putting scenarios.

Overall, the Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green is a great investment for golfers who want to improve their skills and lower their scores. It provides a realistic putting and chipping experience that can help golfers develop their touch, feel, and confidence on the greens.

Fiberbuilt’s 10′ x 10′ indoor putting green brings you a premium putting surface with true roll and a soft feel underfoot. The soft feel underfoot allows for accurate feel and true green conditions for accurate practice.

The premium indoor putting green runs a 9 on the stimp-meter, and can also be used to practice your chipping. You’ll be surprised to see that the turf delivers realistic check and roll while chipping mimicking typical response one can experience on the golf course.

The Fiberbuilt putting green installs evenly and quickly, with no tools required. Just unbox and let the putting fun begin.

The Fiberbuilt putting green comes complete with putting holes that have metal cups for an authentic sound and feel.


Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting Green Features

  • Realistic Feel Underfoot
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Durable
  • Putting Turf Runs at Approximately 9 on the Stimpmeter
  • Receives Chips & Short Pitches with a Realistic Check & Roll

Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting Green Includes

  • Putting Turf with Three Hole Cutouts
  • Modular Rubber Foundation with Easy-Lock Fasteners
  • 3 Metal Cups for Authentic Sound and Feel

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Combo Mat – Center Hitting – 10’x10′

Legendary studio mat meets world-class putting green. Practice every stroke, from driving to irons, wedges, chips and putts and take your game to the next level. The Fiberbuilt 10’ x 10’ Center-Hitting Combo Mat features Fiberbuilt’s high performance, realistic fairway turf and a putting green surface that provides true roll for putts and check for chips. The combination of putting green and center-hitting studio mat creates 100 square feet of flexibility to make your game great. It’s the ideal solution for outdoor practice or indoor simulators.

  • Combines a 10’ x 4’ hitting mat (two 4.5’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mats and one 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass) with a 10’ x 6’ putting green
  • Practice every stroke, from driving to irons, wedges, chips and putts
  • Hitting surfaces use authentic Fiberbuilt Grass for realistic launch conditions and injury-free practice
  • Fiberbuilt Grass comes with 300,000 swing guarantee
  • Accommodates both right- and left-handed golfers
  • Center hitting section includes 4 tee holes
  • Ideal configuration for radar launch monitors like TrackMan and FlightScope
  • On-Course Green color
  • Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps
  • Includes: 1 Fiberbuilt grass (nylon) section, 2 Performance Turf stance mats, Putting Turf with 2 hole cutouts, 2 metal cups, and our exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners

Demo Video-Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green



Fiberbuilt 10’x10′ Putting Green is the finest largest putting practice area on the market today. The 10’x10′ Putting Green will help you with your short game thanks to the trueroll of the putting surface, as well as its three cups for variety in your practice. Not only does this system offer the best feel underfoot, but it also allows the putting green to be set up in minutes with no tools or landscaping skills required.

Improve your game, improve your home.

  • 10′ wide by 10′ long Putting Green
  • Realistic feel underfoot and true green conditions for accurate practice
  • Comes with 3 metal putting cups for visual targets and authentic sound
  • Turf delivers realistic check and roll on chips
  • Runs at a stimpmeter speed of 9
  • Installs evenly and quickly with no landscaping skills or tools required

Package Includes:

  • Putting turf with 3 hole cutouts
  • 3 metal cups
  • An exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fastener

10 reviews for Fiberbuilt Golf 10′ x 10′ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green

  1. Olivia

    Great product but it was missing a P-760CUPS part.

  2. Oliver

    Nice to practice on!
    It’s a nice little green. My son figured out the angles of it, so now we put items under it here and there to help vary the surface.

  3. Noah

    Works great for practicing short putts
    Good for practicing those 8 foot and closer putts that are often missed.

  4. Liam

    Like it but ……
    It doesn’t stay unfolded very good

  5. Emma

    100% like

  6. Alexander

    What a great experience with Top Shelf golf. I had been considering a golf bay for some time, and finally pulled the trigger. Everything came on time and in perfect condition. Setup was very easy and all instructions were provided.

    I highly recommend this company for your golf bay/hitting station needs. Love it!!!!!

  7. Evelyn

    Folks this is a must have for your golf simulator experience! Keeps the ball right next to me and easy to retrieve.

  8. Henry

    This hitting mat is awesome! So soft to stand on and provides lots of protection through the hitting area. You can just tell that it is true quality when you first stand on it. Very sturdy and easy to put together. You get what you pay for…

  9. Isabella

    Excellent tee. These are great tees as they give you the ability to adjust upnor doen, depending on how you wish to shape the shot. I purchased the two pack and so far have had zero issues. These are very durable too.

  10. Benjamin

    Love these practice tees I keep leaving them at the range and happy to find them at top shelf golf. Shipping was fast, I highly recommend, thanks Top Shelf Golf!!

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