Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat


Are your looking to buy Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code (if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat.


Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat is a type of golf mat that is designed to mimic the feel and performance of hitting a golf ball from a real fairway or tee box. It is made of high-quality synthetic grass and has a durable rubber base that provides stability and prevents the mat from slipping.

The Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat is designed to be used with a real golf tee, which can be inserted into the mat to simulate hitting from a tee box. The mat also has a designated hitting area, which is marked with a white target line to help golfers with their alignment.

The Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat is a great tool for golfers who want to practice their swing and improve their accuracy without having to go to the golf course. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and it is suitable for golfers of all skill levels.


SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat

Tee It Up Anytime, Rain or Shine with the SwingTurf Golf Mat

Featuring an expertly crafted fiber system, SwingTurf allows you to hit down and through the mat offering a true fairway golf shot experience. Not only that, SwingTurf allows you to insert a real wooden tee. Complete your golf simulator experience today with SwingTurf.

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SwingTurf Review

“The SwingTurf is my first mat of this caliber, and I am not disappointed in the slightest. It has a great feel, feels soft with some give like stepping onto a fairway, and feels extremely natural to hit off of. Like some of the other premium mats, it’s nice to be able to tee up directly in the turf like real grass as opposed to using those driving range plastic ‘cylinder’ tees. Would highly recommend to anyone who is dipping their toes into home simulators (like I am).” Rob L. | United States

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Swingturf Key Features

  • Forgiving Hitting Surface
  • We engineered the SwingTurf to offer a softer, more forgiving hitting surface. Providing a similar feel to grass and is easier on the body after continuous use.


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Less Tension on Joints

  • One of the most common complaints of synthetic turf is it’s tendency to be harder on your body than grass. The forgiving surface on the
  • SwingTurf allows you to hit down and through with less recoil and vibration.


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Realistic Turf

  • Just like real grass, the SwingTurf reacts authentically, giving you realistic feedback on miss hits and even fat shots.


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Tee It Up Anytime

  • SwingTurf was designed to offer a remarkable golf simulating experience, tee it up anywhere on the mat with a real wooden tee.


Available in Two Sizes

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The 5×5 is ideal for frequent use and the best value for your money. Avoid wear on your mat over time by rotating it so you’re not hitting off one spot.

Black Friday Deals Discount4×9

Our most popular option. The 4×9 is the perfect fit for all simulator setups if you have the space. Works great for right and left-handed golfers and doesn’t need to be moved to accommodate for lefties.