Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen

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The Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen is a high-quality screen designed to be used with golf simulators. It is made from durable polyester material that is designed to withstand the impact of golf balls, allowing you to practice your swings with confidence.

The screen measures 10 feet by 10 feet, providing a large surface area for projecting your simulator’s graphics and images. It also features reinforced edges and grommets, making it easy to hang and secure in place.

The Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen is compatible with most golf simulator systems, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their golf game or simply enjoy a fun and immersive golfing experience from the comfort of their own home.



Looking for an affordable golf simulator screen for your personal setup? The 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen from Cimarron Sports is perfect for your in home simulator experience.

The Net Return Compact Golf Simulator Series Studio Package 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen can be used as an impact net and project your golf simulator playing field on it. It is a superb impact net for hitting balls into even from the hardest hitters with an exceptional long life. 

Different than a regular baffle net, it is designed as an impact net for hitting balls into, as well as flat and white for video projection. This is the perfect screen for your golf simulators and home entertainment and practice experience!

Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen Features:

  • Commercial 100% Polyester Netting With a Long Life
  • Can Be Used As An Impact Screen, Projection Screen And As A Baffle Net
  • Thicker And Tougher Than A Normal Baffle

Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • SKU #: CM-100IS


Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your golf net into a virtual driving range that could be utilized at any time and during any weather conditions? While it’s not always feasible to head to the golf course on a rainy day, utilizing an impact projection screen can provide endless golf practice from the comfort of your own home. With the assistance of a projector and the footage to run through it, you can virtually visit the driving range anytime you want!

The unique materials used during the construction of our 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen make it excellent for absorbing the impact of golf balls that come into contact with it. In fact, the protection offered by this high-quality screen often rival even the most expensive baffles available on the market without the expensive price tag. As a dual purpose screen, the 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen can also be used as a projector screen both indoors and outdoors to provide hours of endless entertainment for your family or friends.

Our 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen is a 100% commercial polyester golf impact baffle and projection screen is the best dual-use golf net on the market. The materials used during the construction of this netting are thicker and tougher than a normal baffle to provide superior impact protection. Unlike a regular baffle net, this projection screen is designed to be flat and white for video projection while providing phenomenal support from hit golf balls.

  • 10′ x 10′ Impact Projection Screen
  • Thicker and Tougher than a normal baffle
  • Commercial 100% Polyester Netting with a Long Life
  • Can be used as an Impact Screen, Projection Screen and as a Baffle Net
  • 5 grommets across the top and 1 grommet in each of the bottom corners

The 10’x10′ Impact Projection Screen is the perfect baffle for impact protection and focused, virtual practice with the use of a projector to create a virtual driving range at your home or practice facility. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron Sports is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our golf nets are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior development of needed skills for athletes.

Product No tes:

  • The topstitching of this impact screen can be woven through with a rope or bungee system to any type of framing. We recommend using either a 1″ steel or aluminum framing
  • Holds up to real golf balls with full driver swings
  • Maintains flat display and white color for ideal video projection – make sure to use clean golf balls to keep the screen clean

Demo Video-Cimarron-10-10-diy-golf-simulator-screen

14 reviews for Cimarron 10′ x 10′ Impact Golf Simulator Screen

  1. Oliver

    good stuff

    its great. I do wish they had eyelets at the top for easy hanging but I wouls still order again.

  2. Noah

    Nice golf screen

    Really good screen handles full shots from a driver with regular golf balls

  3. Emma

    Terrible purchase

    No structure or instructions provided what so ever on how to setup this product. Absolutely useless. They recommend buying bungee straps but there is nothing to strap on top. It’s just a white tarp on a box

  4. Liam

    Good buy

    I have this setup in my garage. The material seems durable. I have placed a small white screen in front of my main hitting area to reduce any damage taken. Make sure you iron the screen before you hang up. I think this will last me for a couple years. Worth a buy for the $$$

  5. Olivia

    So far so good

    I have hit at least a hundred balls into it and it seems to be holding up well. When I take it down to clean it I will iron out the fold creases. Should have done it before I hung it. I like it so far

  6. Alexander

    Exactly what I needed

    Works amazingly in my garage with an Optishot 2, laptop, and micro projector, using foam balls. I don’t intend to use real balls for fear of shanking one and busting something in my man cave. Was wrinkly out of the packaging. Going to try ironing it out with a cool, super steamy iron. Some sort of frame for it would likely be a super high purchase item, but I just strung it between my garage door rails using a cord I got at the local hardware store.

  7. Evelyn

    Nice screen

    Great screen. Clear and good to hit into.

  8. Henry


    Kills ball with no problem

  9. Isabella

    Very nice screen

    I received and put up for my golf simulator. It measures exactly what it says. I used all the grommet holes to fasten it to my frame with bungee cords. Works great.

  10. Benjamin

    Great but

    I put this on a frame, with a hitting net behind it. I drive about 270yds, and beat the hell out of this thing. It’s holding up GREAT!!!

  11. Maurice

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  12. Herman

    Whether you are using the Pro Series V2 or Home Series net indoors or in an area where errant balls could pose a safety concern, the Side Barriers are a necessary addition. They are particularly popular among golfers who anticipate having friends and family hitting into the net, as they provide an extra layer of protection.

  13. Corey

    It is important to note that the Side Barriers can be easily added at any time and are not required for use with the golf net. However, for those looking to maximize safety and minimize the risk of stray balls, the Universal Side Barriers are a wise investment.

  14. Zachary

    Overall, The Net Return Universal Side Barriers Pro Series V2 and Home Series are a must-have accessory for anyone using The Net Return Pro Series V2 or Home Series Nets. With their durable construction and easy installation, these side barriers provide added security and peace of mind during practice sessions.

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