Golf Impact Screens


Golf Impact Screens that Bring The Fairway to You

Are your looking to buy Golf Impact Screens for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Golf Impact Screens.


Golf impact screens are an essential component of golf simulators, allowing golfers to practice their swing and play virtual rounds of golf indoors. These screens are designed to withstand the impact of golf balls and provide a realistic and immersive golfing experience. Here’s a closer look at what golf impact screens are and their key features:

What are Golf Impact Screens?

Golf impact screens are durable screens that are used in golf simulators to display the virtual golf course and to catch golf balls hit by the player. They are designed to absorb the impact of the golf ball, preventing damage to the screen and surrounding area, and providing a safe environment for indoor golf practice.

Key Features of Golf Impact Screens

  1. Durability:
    • Made from high-quality materials to withstand the impact of golf balls.
    • Designed to last for thousands of shots without showing signs of wear and tear.
  2. Image Quality:
    • Capable of displaying high-resolution images and videos for a realistic golfing experience.
    • Provides clear and bright images, enhancing the overall golf simulator experience.
  3. Size:
    • Available in various sizes to accommodate different spaces and simulator setups.
    • Larger screens provide a more immersive experience.
  4. Noise Reduction:
    • Some screens have noise-reducing properties to minimize the sound of the golf ball hitting the screen.
    • Helps in creating a quieter practice environment.
  5. Ease of Installation:
    • Many screens are designed to be easy to install and set up.
    • Some come with mounting hardware or can be custom-fitted to specific simulator setups.
  6. Portability:
    • Some models are portable and can be easily moved or stored when not in use.

Considerations When Choosing a Golf Impact Screen

  • Material:
    • The material should be durable and capable of withstanding repeated impacts.
    • Common materials include polyester, nylon, and vinyl.
  • Texture:
    • The texture of the screen affects the quality of the displayed images.
    • Smooth textures generally provide clearer and sharper images.
  • Size:
    • The size of the screen should be suitable for the available space.
    • Larger screens are preferable for a more immersive experience.
  • Price:
    • Prices vary depending on the size, material, and brand.
    • It’s important to balance quality with budget.
  • Brand & Reviews:
    • Consider reputable brands and read user reviews to ensure the screen meets your expectations.



A golf impact screen is a large, durable screen used to protect indoor or outdoor surroundings from damage caused by golf balls. These screens are typically made from high-quality materials such as polyester, vinyl, or polyethylene and are designed to absorb the impact of golf balls without tearing or breaking.

Golf impact screens can be used in a variety of settings, including indoor golf simulators, outdoor driving ranges, or backyard practice areas. They are also commonly used in commercial settings, such as golf courses and country clubs, to protect adjacent property from errant shots.

When selecting a golf impact screen, it’s important to consider factors such as screen size, durability, and visibility. A high-quality impact screen should be able to withstand repeated impacts from golf balls without tearing or fraying, while also providing clear visibility for golfers.

Overall, a golf impact screen is a valuable investment for any golfer or facility looking to protect property and create a safe, enjoyable golfing experience.

Golf Impact Screens that Bring The Fairway to You

Indoor golf simulators don’t get much more realistic than these durable, high-quality golf hitting screens, designed and tested to withstand direct impact from the fastest moving golf balls (up to 250 MPH!). Available in aspect ratios that fit your projected image.

Can’t Find the Time to Work on Your Golf Game?

You could go another year waiting for the weather to improve so you can get back on the course. Or…you can bring the fairway to you with indoor golf simulator screens. Designed to withstand thousands of hits, Carl’s golf screens will get you shaving off strokes in no time.

Customize Your Impact Screen

Before you tee up indoors, you need to select the best golf hitting screen material. Fortunately, if one of Carl’s Place screen sizes, finishes, edges, or material options don’t fit exactly what you need. We’ll custom make it, just for you. Because we sew our golf impact screens in-house, by the experts who designed the original Standard, Preferred, and Premium golf simulator screens.

Flexible, Versatile, and Functional

These impact screens can be attached to your own frame, used with one of our popular golf enclosures, or part of your own DIY golf simulator creation. Whichever way you go, you’ll have a vivid, clear picture while practicing your golf game.



Bring the driving range to you and improve your game from the comfort of your home, garage, barn, backyard or any space large enough to swing a golf club. Pair one of our golf impact projection screens with a launch monitor and you’re ready to train indoors with screen golf, regardless of the weather!

Golf Impact Screen Features

Durability Built In

  • Proven strength from the impact of golf balls. Lasting quality after being pummeled by golf balls traveling up to 250 miles per hour for thousands of tests.

Clear, High-Quality Images

  • Our tightly woven, multilayer golf projector screens result in a smoother, crisper image for your golf simulator. And a smooth, non-grainy, HD image makes for more realistic indoor golfing. So real, you’ll be looking for a beverage cart!

Custom and Standard Sizes

  • Our standard-size golf impact screen specifications are listed in the Resources section below. We can also customize your impact screen size to fit your specific space.

Made to Order

  • Golf simulator screens are made to order, so production lead time may fluctuate based on volume. Please add the item to your cart and enter your shipping information to view the most up-to-date product lead time.

Foam Cushions

  • Use these foam inserts in the gap between the screen and your frame to minimize bounceback, reduce noise and protect your space. Safety AND Fun!? Your indoor golf impact screen will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Golf Screen Materials

The original Standard, Preferred, and Premium Golf Impact Screens. Carl’s Place golf simulator impact screens were designed by Carl, sewed in-house, with care taken to test and perfect the materials and process used.

Standard Golf Hitting Screen

  • Perfect for beginners or first-timers – an inexpensive home golf simulator screen.
  • Budget-friendly golf hitting net for golf simulators.
  • Use with real golf balls up to 250 MPH.

Preferred Golf Impact Screen

  • Best value for both home and light commercial users looking for the best durability.
  • Much smoother texture than Standard with tightly woven fibers for a better HD picture.
  • Use with real golf balls up to 250 MPH with an indoor golf simulator.

Premium Indoor Golf Screen

  • The smoothest surface available on a full impact material.
  • Made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact resistant polyester.
  • Quiets noise from the golf ball hitting the screen with a cushioned center layer.
  • An HD golf impact screen – recommended where image quality is the top concern.

Which Screen To Choose


Versatile Finishing Styles

Each of our golf impact screens has your choice of edge finishing in order to suit your install needs. Hanging a golf impact screen has never been easier.

Classic Finishing

Finished with 2.5″ black vinyl edges and grommets all the way around the screen. Our grommets have an outer dimension of 3/4″ and an inner dimension of 3/8″. The front of the grommet has a smooth, rounded appearance.

Classic with Flaps

In this style, we enhance our standard finishing with 7″ flaps edged with 1″ loop fastener strips all the way around the screen.

Classic with Loop Fastener

Here we enhance our classic finishing with 1″ loop fastener strips all the way around the screen.

See Finishing Options Up Close

See Finishing Options Up Close




Frame Mounted Screens

It’s easy to mount your Carl’s Place Impact Screens to any truss system, freestanding or hanging kit with our 6-Inch Black Ball Bungees or 9-Inch Black Ball Bungees. Easy. Effective. And available in any quantity you can think of. (Except halves. Or exponents. Please don’t make us do math.)

Use With Carl’s Place Enclosure

These golf simulator impact screens are ideal when used with one of our golf enclosures. You’ll get a true indoor golf experience while keeping the golf balls safely where they belong.

Care and Use

Dirt, dust, grass, ball marks, and more. Everything you need to know to clean your impact screen.

How to prevent your impact screen from getting dirty.

  1. Use white balls without dirt, grass or marker on them.
  2. Clean your clubs often – it will also benefit parts of your game like ball spin.
  3. Store your screen in a safe, clean and dry environment – if you ever need to pack it away.
  4. If possible, stay away from keeping it folded in a box for a long time to avoid longer-term creases and wrinkles.

Read more:How To Clean Your Golf Impact Screen, and Make It Last‘.

Make sure you are using the correct side.

Your new impact screen has a front and a back, and only the front is rated to withstand the impact of real golf balls. The impact side will always be folded or rolled facing in to protect the front. The back will be facing out.

Safety Tips

Please make sure to take proper safety precautions to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars, and neighboring homes. Keep children, pets, and spectators out of swing range.