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Designed for a high-end home or commercial setup, the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package gives you professional surroundings and top technology to build a realistic indoor golfing experience.

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Uneekor QED


Precise Details on Every Aspect of Your Swing

Designed to meet the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts, the QED Launch Monitor uses its advanced sensor technology to capture essential metrics such as clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, and shot dispersion. Analyze and improve your game with precision. The QED’s cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface make it a versatile tool for practice, training, and entertainment.




Enjoy the Thrill of Indoor Golf with TGC19 Golf Simulator Software

With access to an extensive library of over 150,000 golf courses, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of golf as you tee off on iconic courses from around the globe. Advanced graphics and ball physics create a lifelike environment, capturing every detail of the game. Whether you’re playing solo, competing in multiplayer tournaments, or joining online leagues, TGC19 delivers endless opportunities for golf enthusiasts.


Carl's HotShot Golf Mat


Carl’s HotShot™ Golf Mat

Indulge in the sensation of stepping onto a fairway with Carl’s 4×9 HotShot™ Golf Hitting Mat. With every swing, you’ll feel the perfect balance of support and comfort under your golf shoes. Plus, it offers exceptional value, ensuring a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality.


Pro Enclosure with Frame Mounted QED and Projector


Integrate Your Electronics with Custom-Machined Mounts

Set yourself up for a successful golf simulator experience with a seamless integration of your QED launch monitor and 4K BenQ LK936ST projector. With lens shift capabilities and various upgrades, you can conveniently frame-mount the LK936ST projector off-center next to the QED. Our custom-machined mounts securely attach both devices to the enclosure frame. Easily adjust the image for an immersive, lifelike golfing experience.



Whether you’re looking to start a golf business, entertain guests, improve your skills, or simply have fun, this package offers top-of-the-line equipment and a seamless integration of technology and realism.

QED Golf Simulator Package Features

Carl’s Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

The ceiling panels and wall panels of this package are crafted with black knit material, providing a luxurious and sleek appearance. With their high-end, ultra-smooth finish, these panels enhance the overall aesthetics of your golf simulator.

The Premium Golf Impact Screen is constructed with three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester. This screen offers exceptional durability and protection. It effectively absorbs the force of your shots. Plus the foam inserts help prevent any damage to the frame.

QED Golf Simulator Package includes

  • C-Series golf enclosure
  • Pipes and fittings to construct your frame
  • Premium golf screen
  • Foam inserts
  • 1 shot-slowing ceiling baffle
  • Uneekor QED launch monitor
  • 24 Bridgestone marked golf balls
  • TGC19 software
  • BenQ LK936ST projector
  • 4’x9′ Carl’s HotShot™ golf mat with tees
  • Mounts to attach the QED and the projector to your enclosure frame

A World of Virtual Golf Game Play

The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor uses Uneekor’s Ball and Club OPTIX technology to give every virtual golfer pinpoint accuracy. With Ignite software you’ll get details on your swing and ball flight. From clubhead speed and launch angle to ball spin and shot dispersion, you’ll have access to comprehensive data that helps you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

Also includes TGC19 software with an extensive library of over 150,000 golf courses. Play on iconic courses from around the world.

Anti-Fatigue Hitting Area

Carl’s HotShot™ Golf Mat features a cushy, fairway-like surface that ensures a pleasant experience with every swing. It’s designed to absorb impact and reduce strain on your body, so you can focus on your game and enjoy extended play sessions without fatigue.

Get Started

Ideal Space Requirements

The enclosures in this package are both 15′ deep, which will let you frame mount both the Uneekor QED and the BenQ projector on the front pipe. The projector will be mounted off-center, but the BenQ LK936ST has the features needed to optimize the image. Your tee will sit 3.5′ in front of the QED, or approximately 11.5′ from the screen.

Technology Requirements

You’ll need a computer to run your launch monitor and software.

To run QED and TGC19 you’ll need a computer with the following specifications: Intel i5 8400 or higher (AMD NOT compatible), 8GB RAM, GeforceGTX 1060 Graphics card, DirectX: Version 11, Windows 10 (64 bit) Version 1803 and higher, Ethernet Port, Broadband Internet connection, 30 GB hard drive available space, DirectX 11 compatible sound card.

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Shipping Limitation

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15 reviews for Uneekor QED Golf Package

  1. Paul

    The Uneekor QED Golf Package is an absolute game-changer for golf enthusiasts. This all-in-one package provides everything you need to take your golf game to the next level. From the moment I started using it, I was blown away by its performance and accuracy.

  2. Joshua

    The QED Golf Package comes with the state-of-the-art Uneekor QED Launch Monitor, which is the heart and soul of this incredible system. The launch monitor uses advanced technology to track every aspect of your swing, providing you with accurate data on club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and so much more. This information is invaluable for improving your game and making adjustments to your swing.

  3. Kevin

    Setting up the QED Launch Monitor is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. It seamlessly connects to your computer or tablet, allowing you to easily view your swing data in real-time. The software is intuitive and provides comprehensive analysis, helping you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

  4. Michelle

    One of the standout features of the QED Golf Package is its ability to simulate real golf courses. With the included software, you can play on some of the world’s most famous courses from the comfort of your own home. The graphics are stunningly realistic, and the attention to detail is impressive. It truly feels like you’re on the course, providing an immersive and enjoyable experience.

  5. Amanda

    The QED Golf Package also comes with a high-quality hitting mat and a retractable screen, allowing you to create your own indoor golf setup. The hitting mat is durable and provides a realistic feel, while the retractable screen ensures that you have a clear view of the virtual course. The package also includes a set of premium golf balls, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started right away.

  6. Carol

    The Uneekor QED Golf Package is a game-changer for golfers of all skill levels. Its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and realistic simulation make it a must-have for anyone serious about improving their game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned golfer wanting to fine-tune your skills, this package has it all. Invest in the QED Golf Package, and you’ll never look back.

  7. Donna

    The Ultimate Golf Simulator for Serious Golfers

    The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package is a game-changer for serious golfers who want to improve their game without leaving the comfort of their home. With its high-end design and top technology, this simulator provides a truly realistic indoor golfing experience. The QED Golf Package includes everything you need to set up a professional-grade golf simulator, from the state-of-the-art launch monitor to the premium hitting mat. The accuracy and precision of the QED system are unmatched, allowing you to analyze every aspect of your swing and track your progress over time. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package will take your game to the next level.

  8. Andrew

    Turn Your Space into a Golfing Haven

    If you’re looking to transform your basement, garage, or any other space into a golfing haven, the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package is the perfect solution. With its sleek and modern design, this simulator not only adds a touch of luxury to your home but also provides a top-of-the-line golfing experience. The QED Golf Package comes with all the necessary equipment, including the projector, screen, and hitting mat, ensuring that you have everything you need to create a professional setup. The accuracy and realism of the QED system make it feel like you’re playing on a real golf course, right in the comfort of your own space. Say goodbye to expensive tee times and crowded golf courses – with the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package, you can enjoy a round of golf anytime, anywhere.

  9. Kimberly

    Experience the Future of Golfing Technology

    The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled accuracy to provide golfers with an immersive and realistic experience. The QED launch monitor uses dual-camera technology to capture every detail of your swing, from clubhead speed to ball spin. The data is then processed in real-time, allowing you to analyze your performance and make adjustments on the fly. The simulator also features advanced software that simulates various golf courses around the world, giving you the opportunity to play on iconic fairways without leaving your home. With its high-resolution graphics and realistic physics, the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package truly represents the future of golfing technology.

  10. Steven

    Perfect for Commercial Use

    The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package is not only ideal for home use but also perfect for commercial establishments such as golf clubs, resorts, and entertainment centers. Its high-end design and professional-grade technology make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to attract golf enthusiasts. The QED Golf Package can be customized to fit any space, and its easy setup and user-friendly interface make it accessible to golfers of all skill levels. The accuracy and realism of the simulator create an immersive experience that will keep customers coming back for more. Whether you’re looking to enhance your golf club’s offerings or create an unforgettable entertainment experience, the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package is the ultimate choice.

  11. James

    Unleash Your Golfing Potential

    The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package is not just a fun and entertaining addition to your home or business – it’s a tool that can help you unleash your golfing potential. By providing precise and detailed data about every aspect of your swing, the QED system allows you to identify and correct any flaws in your technique. The simulator’s advanced software offers a range of training exercises and challenges, helping you improve your skills and become a better golfer. With the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package, you can practice in any weather condition, day or night, and take your game to new heights. Don’t settle for average – invest in the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package and unlock your true golfing potential.

  12. Rajeswari

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. This package is truly designed for a high-end home or commercial setup, providing a professional and realistic indoor golfing experience.

  13. Rajeswari

    The technology included in this package is top-notch, offering accurate and detailed feedback on your swing and shot performance. The graphics are incredibly lifelike, making you feel like you are actually out on the course.

  14. Rajeswari

    One of the standout features of this package is the ability to choose your enclosure size. This allows you to customize your setup to fit your space and preferences, ensuring that you have the perfect environment for your indoor golfing experience.

  15. Rajeswari

    Overall, I highly recommend the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Package to anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level. It is a truly impressive and immersive system that will provide hours of entertainment and improvement for golfers of all skill levels.

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