The Net Return Simulator Kit

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The Net Return Simulator Kit easily transforms your Net Return Golf Net into the ultimate simulator bay. The Simulator Kit includes a Net Return Flex Simulator Screen and Darkening Valence, providing you with the necessary components to transform your Net Return Golf Net into a simulator environment.


High-Performance Simulation

This high-impact training simulation screen is designed for peak performance. It features strategically placed grommets at the four corners, ensuring easy mounting and compatibility with any golf simulator software or Projector. Transform your Net Return Golf Net into a simulator screen within minutes.

Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly work with your Home Series, Pro Series, Large, or XL Net Return Golf Net, the Simulator Kit enables you to transform your Net Return Golf Net into the ultimate simulator practice environment.

Easy Installation

Included bungee cords make installation a breeze and allow you to effortlessly switch between simulator and ball return mode, providing versatility for your practice sessions.

Enhanced Features

The Simulator Kit is not only smooth and lightweight, but also delivers clear and vibrant golf course images, enhancing your simulation experience. These screens are extremely durable, minimizing bounce-back, and are designed for quieter operation compared to standard simulator screens.

Care Instructions

To prolong the longevity of your Net Return Flex Simulator Screen, avoid using older or damaged golf balls that could cause wear and tear. Additionally, do not leave your net outside during high winds or inclement weather conditions, as it is simple to assemble and disassemble, and it includes a convenient storage duffle bag. Always inspect your net before use, especially if practicing indoors.


Compatible with The Net Return Home Series, Pro Series, Large, or XL Series Golf Net.

What’s Included


  • Flex Simulator Screen
  • Darkening Valence

Not Included

  • Net Return Golf Net
  • Golf simulator software
  • Projector or Projector Mount

The Net Return – Flex Screen Assembly

The Net Return – Valence Installation


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