Performance Optix Package (Swing Optix Cameras + Balance Optix Mat)

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Are your looking to buy Performance Optix Package (Swing Optix Cameras + Balance Optix Mat) for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Performance Optix Package (Swing Optix Cameras + Balance Optix Mat).


Perfect Your Swing with Weight Transfer Insights from Uneekor Optix Technology

The Uneekor Balance Optix Mat brings a fresh perspective on analyzing your swing. This biomechanical golf training system spotlights how your weight shifts throughout your swing. Boasting unrivaled precision and accuracy, the Uneekor Balance Optix Mat delivers real-time data that provides invaluable insights into understanding and improving your swing.

The Swing Optix Cameras seamlessly sync with the Balance Optix Mat and View Software, creating a golf analysis powerhouse.

Includes Balance Optix mat and set of Swing Optix cameras which are required for use.

Imagine having your very own swing coach, analyzing your every move, and providing insights for improvement. That’s precisely what Uneekor’s Performance Optix package does. The package includes high-speed motion capture cameras work hand in glove with the Balance Optix Mat, providing you with a comprehensive view of your swing. As you swing, the cameras capture your every movement in stunning detail, recording your swing’s intricacies frame by frame. Simultaneously, the Balance Optix Mat tracks your weight transfer throughout your swing, giving you real-time insights into your balance and weight distribution.

Uneekor Balance Optix Features

Compatible with View Software

By combining the Balance Optix Mat with Swing Optix Cameras in Uneekor’s View Software, players can delve into a fresh perspective of their game for thorough analysis.

Live visuals

The Balance Mat provides golfers with a dynamic heat map that visually displays their weight transfer in real-time. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to set up – simply plug it in and start playing.

Experience new data

Uneekor’s portfolio not only encompasses ball data, club data, and the utilization of our Swing Optix, but the Balance Optix Mat introduces a fresh array of data related to your center of pressure and the application of vertical force, providing precise insights into your body’s movement during the swing.

What’s Included

  • Uneekor Balance Optix
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • USB to Ethernet Cable
  • CAT6 Cable
  • Roll-up tube
  • Storage Duffel
  • Balance Optix Software: included in VIEW software

Uneekor Swing Optix Features

Premium Quality Videos

These cameras are no slouch when it comes to speed. With a blazing 160 frames per second at 1080p, they capture your every move in exceptional detail. Say goodbye to missing those crucial swing nuances.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis

Slow-motion playback allows you to break down your swings in meticulous detail. It’s like having your own golf analysis lab.

Annotate Your Swing

Precision meets creativity with our colored drawing tools. Highlight specific aspects of your swing, annotate your videos, and pinpoint areas for improvement with ease. Your analysis just got a lot more colorful!

What’s Included

  • (2) 2.5mm with 1.2 aperture lens high-speed motion capture Swing Optix cameras
  • (2) interchangeable camera lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • 6.5ft USB 3.0 Cable and (2) 16.4ft USB 3.0 Cables
  • Swing-motion software license
Performance Optix Manual.pdf

6 reviews for Performance Optix Package (Swing Optix Cameras + Balance Optix Mat)

  1. Ruben

    Answer: Absolutely! The Uneekor Balance Optix Mat is designed to benefit golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or a seasoned player seeking to refine your swing, the mat’s insightful data and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable training tool.

  2. Reginald

    The centerpiece of the Performance Optix Package is the Balance Optix Mat, a revolutionary training tool that brings a fresh perspective to swing analysis. This biomechanical masterpiece shines a light on how your weight shifts throughout your swing, providing invaluable insights into your technique. The mat’s highly sensitive sensors capture weight distribution data with unrivaled precision, allowing you to identify imbalances and inefficiencies that may be hindering your swing.

  3. Marc

    Accurate Weight Transfer Analysis: The mat’s cutting-edge technology provides accurate and detailed measurements of your weight distribution throughout your swing.

    Real-Time Feedback: Experience the immediate benefits of real-time data, allowing you to make adjustments to your swing on the spot.

    Visual Representation: The system’s user-friendly interface presents your weight transfer data in an easy-to-understand visual format.

    Personalized Training: The Balance Optix Mat adapts to your unique swing characteristics, providing personalized training recommendations to help you improve.

  4. Gene

    Complementing the Balance Optix Mat are the Swing Optix Cameras, a pair of high-speed cameras that capture every intricate detail of your swing. These cameras provide a comprehensive view of your swing mechanics, enabling you to identify areas for improvement. The cameras’ synchronized operation ensures that no movement goes unnoticed, giving you a thorough understanding of your swing from start to finish.

  5. Gilbert

    High-Speed Capture: With their blazing-fast frame rates, the cameras capture even the most subtle movements of your swing.

    Multiple Camera Angles: The dual-camera setup provides multiple perspectives of your swing, allowing you to analyze it from different angles.

    Synchronized Recording: The cameras work in perfect harmony, ensuring that each frame is meticulously captured and synchronized.

    Video Analysis Tools: The accompanying software comes equipped with a suite of video analysis tools to help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

  6. Tyler

    The Performance Optix Package, comprising the Swing Optix Cameras and Balance Optix Mat, stands as a formidable tool for golfers seeking to refine their swing and achieve peak performance. The system’s innovative technology delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision, empowering you with a comprehensive understanding of your swing dynamics and weight transfer patterns. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Performance Optix Package is your ultimate companion on the path to swing excellence.

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