3Bays Zone Golf Swing Analyzer


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3Bays Zone Golf Swing Analyzer

Tired of losing to your friends and coworkers? Be one of the first to get the all new 3Bays GSA Zone, the world’s lightest, smartest and most powerful golf swing analyzer. Just plug the 3Bays Zone into the top of your club and swing away. 3Bays’ state-of-the-art technology breaks down your stroke into 10,000 data points then instantly shows you accurate, valuable stats that matter.

Eliminate doubt and start improving your game. With over 10,000 data points analyzing your swing, Zone let’s you pinpoint areas of your swing that can be corrected for optimal performance. The affordable golf swing analyzer lets you set your “best swing” so you can compare your movements and share them with an instructor who can help you to make adjustments to improve your game.

What’s Included:
  • Easily Slips Into Any Pocket
  • Unobstructive to Your Swinging Motion
  • “Best Swing” Comparison
  • Pro Comparison
  • Auto-Video Recording
  • Track Your Results
  • 1 Year Warranty
What It Tracks:
  • 3D Swing Path
  • Club Head Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • See How Close Each Backswing is to Parallel
  • See How Your Hands and Club Head Drive Forward Through Impact
  • Face Angle
  • Tempo
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