Big Moss The Natural Putting Green V2

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Big Moss The Natural Putting Green V2 Description

Shave Strokes Off Your Score

At a size of 6′ x 10′, the Big Moss The Natural Putting and Chipping Green utilizes offset putting positions and grain to produce natural breaking putts.

This green allows you to putt from many different angles and practice subtle “natural” breaking putts. This green also includes a reduced cup workstation that allows you to putt at a smaller target to build confidence.

Make more putts in no time and have that handicap plummeting with some quality putting practice.


What’s Included

  • Big Moss putting green
  • Backstop with velcro attachment
  • Chipping mat
  • Brake snake – to create slope
  • Flagstick


Product Specifications

  • Size: Variable (see product dropdown options)
  • Green Speed: 10 (stimpmeter)
  • Backing Material: High density foam

11 reviews for Big Moss The Natural Putting Green V2

  1. James

    Im using it everyday, multiple times a day.

    Great service, great follow up, all around a
    Good buy. Looking at the other models as well,
    Thank you.

  2. Steven

    indoor like outdoor

    Great product. True practice surface.

  3. Kimberly

    8’ straight putts are tap-ins now

    It has a great spot in my garage. EXCELLENT quality! Got the Big Moss in less than a week with great
    packaging! Love the sound of the ball hitting the back of the cup. I got this so I could get confident addressing 4-5’ straight putts. I’ve become much more confident now even with a little break by popping them in thru the break at just the right speed. 8’ straight putts are nearly tap-ins now. Very happy with my purchase.

  4. Andrew

    Great Product

    Overall wonderful ordering experience!

  5. Donna

    Big Moss Country Club practice putting green

    Great product, rolls nicely down the green- lays flat out of the box. Very satisfied

  6. Emily

    The size of this putting green is perfect at 6′ x 10′. It provides enough space to practice a variety of shots and angles. The offset putting positions and grain on the green create natural breaking putts, allowing me to practice and improve my ability to read greens.

  7. Joshua

    The chipping mat that comes with the Big Moss putting green is also a great addition. It allows me to practice my chipping skills alongside my putting, making this product versatile and perfect for all aspects of my short game practice.

  8. Paul

    The brake snake included in the package is a fantastic tool for creating slopes on the green. This feature adds an extra challenge to my putting practice and helps me develop a better feel for different green conditions.

  9. Enrique

    I recently purchased the Big Moss The Natural Putting Green V2 and I am extremely impressed with its quality and performance. At a size of 6′ x 10′, this putting and chipping green provides a realistic putting experience with offset positions and grain to simulate natural breaking putts.

  10. Terrence

    I appreciate the versatility of this green, as it allows me to practice putting from various angles and work on subtle breaking putts. The reduced cup workstation is a great feature for building confidence by practicing on a smaller target.

  11. Eduardo

    Since using this putting green, I have noticed a significant improvement in my putting skills. I am making more putts and my handicap is steadily decreasing. Overall, I highly recommend the Big Moss The Natural Putting Green V2 to any golfer looking to improve their putting game. It is a worthwhile investment that will help you see results in no time.

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