Uneekor Performance Optix Pack

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Save $500 when you bundle the Swing Optix Cameras and Balance Optix Pressure Mat!

Are your looking to buy Uneekor Performance Optix Pack for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Uneekor Performance Optix Pack.


Product Summary

2 Swing Cameras x All-New Pressure Mat

Uneekor’s first biomechanical golf training system combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution swing cameras with the All-New Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution. When paired with your Uneekor launch monitor ball/club tracking data, you’ll understand your performance and mechanics like never before!

Integrated directly into the Uneekor View Software, your Balance Optix data will be synced perfectly with Swing Optix video sequences and launch monitor club / ball data.

Swing Optix Cameras

All Uneekor Launch Monitors have a built in camera that show a slow motion replay of the impact between the golf ball and your golf club. With the addition of the two Swing Optix Cameras, you can also view your golf swing from a face-on angle and a down-the-target-line views in crystal clear video that incorporates directly into the Uneekor software! With 180 frames per second you can breakdown your swing frame by frame and observe all the various positions of your golf swing: address, backswing, downswing, follow-through, etc.

Balance Optix Pressure Mat

The all-new Balance Optix Pressure Mat Technology uses over 1,100 sensors to measure your weight distribution and how weight shifts laterally and vertically throughout your swing. Balance and weight transfer are essential aspects of the golf swing, playing a crucial role in helping maintain control, generating power, and achieving consistent results! Your weight distribution and weight shift are displayed via Weight Distribution Bars, a foot heat map and Center of Mass Tracer. In the Uneekor View software, you are able to compare two different shots with the bars, heat map, and tracer for the individual swings, and see why your two swing produced different results.

Swing Optix and Balance Optix are synced so that you can observe how your weight transfers at every single point in your swing. Compare 2 of your swings in our View software and see why your selected swings produced different results.



What’s Included

  • Two (2) Cameras – 2.5mm with 1.2 aperture lens high-speed motion capture cameras
  • Two (2) Interchangeable Camera Lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • Swing-Motion software license
  • 6.5ft USB 3.0 Cable
  • (2) 16.4ft USB 3.0 Cables
  • Swing Optix Software: included in VIEW software
  • Uneekor Balance Optix Pressure Mat
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • USB to Ethernet Cable
  • CAT6 Cable
  • Roll-up tube
  • Storage Duffle
  • Balance Optix Software: included in VIEW Software


Product Specifications

Technical Specs – Swing Optix Cameras

  • Two (2) 2.5mm with 1.2 aperture lens high-speed motion capture cameras
  • Two (2) interchangeable camera lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • USB 3.0 Connection

Technical Specs – Balance Optix

  • Sensor count: 1104 (46 x 24)
  • Sensor refresh rate: 100 fps
  • Connectivity: Ethernet

-Speed: 100Mbps

-Support dynamic (router network) and static (direct connection) modes

  • Power supply: 5V 1A (USB Type-C power only connector) → USB adapter, Portable USB battery pack or PC USB ports available
  • Included accessories: Wall power adapter (USB Type-A 5V 1A), Power cable (USB A to C power only), USB to Ethernet adapter, Ethernet cable



Swing Optix / Balance Optix PC Requirements

Recommended PC Specs:

  • CPU: Intel i7 or higher, 10th generation or later
  • RAM: 16GB or more
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 30 series or later
  • GPU Memory: 16GB or more
  • Harddrive: 200GB or more of available space
  • OS: Windows 11 (64-bit only)

5 reviews for Uneekor Performance Optix Pack

  1. Alivia

    Uneekor Performance Optix Pack is an excellent golf package that includes a golf simulator, practice net, and more. The package is designed to help golfers improve their game by providing them with the tools to practice and analyze their performance. The simulator is easy to install and use, and it allows you to play on real courses or on the range. The practice net is sturdy and provides an excellent place to practice your swing. The package also includes a launch monitor, which is great for analyzing your swing. Overall, the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack is an excellent package for anyone looking to improve their golf game. It provides all the necessary tools to practice and analyze performance, allowing you to work on specific areas of your game and get better results. Highly recommended!

  2. Emersyn

    I recently purchased the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack and I absolutely love it. The pack comes with a 3-pack of lenses that are designed to improve your golf game. The lenses are designed to reduce glare, improve contrast, and provide a better view of the golf ball in all conditions. The pack also comes with a protective carrying case and cleaning cloth. I have used the lenses on a few occasions and they have definitely improved my game. I can see the ball much better and the lenses also help me to focus on the ball more, resulting in a more consistent shot. The lenses are also very comfortable to wear and I don’t experience any eye fatigue during my round. The Uneekor Performance Optix Pack is a great product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their golf game.

  3. Raelynn

    I recently purchased the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack for my golf game and I am really impressed with the product. The product comes with a rangefinder, a GPS and an app for tracking your performance. The rangefinder is really accurate and easy to use. The GPS is also very helpful for plotting my shots and tracking my stats. The app is great for tracking my performance over time and for setting goals. I also love that the pack comes with a carrying case and a charger. Overall, I am very happy with the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their game.

  4. Nevaeh

    the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! This optix pack is great for golfers who want to get the most out of their game. The included Uneekor Performance Optix glasses provide crystal clear vision and improved accuracy on the course, while the Uneekor Launch Monitor will give you detailed analysis of your swing and provide feedback on how to improve your performance. I also love the included Uneekor Putting Mat which provides a realistic feel and helps me work on my alignment and stroke. All of these tools combined have helped me to become a better golfer and I highly recommend the Uneekor Performance Optix Pack to any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

  5. Maverick

    Uneekor Performance Optix Pack and it has been a game changer. The pack includes two sets of lenses, one for outdoor play and one for indoor play. I love that I can switch between the two depending on where I’m playing. The outdoor lenses are great for bright days and the indoor lenses help reduce glare. They are both lightweight and comfortable to wear, so I can play for hours without feeling any strain. The lenses also offer UV protection, which is great for my eyes. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this product to any golfer looking for comfortable and reliable performance lenses.

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