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*+Featuring an expertly crafted fiber system, SwingTurf allows you to hit down and through the mat offering a true fairway golf shot experience.

We engineered the SwingTurf to offer a softer, more forgiving hitting surface. Providing a similar feel to grass and is easier on the body after continuous use.

SwingTurf was engineered to be extremely durable with a 3-Year Warranty, and can be used both indoors or outdoors!

MyGolfSpy Best Golf Hitting Mat of 2023!

Easy on the Joints

One of the most common complaints of synthetic turf is its tendency to be harder on your body than grass. The forgiving surface on the SwingTurf allows you to hit down and through with less recoil and vibration.

Lifelike Conditions

Just like real grass, the SwingTurf reacts authentically, giving you realistic feedback on miss hits and even fat shots.

SwingTurf was designed to offer a remarkable golf simulating experience, tee it up anywhere on the mat with a real wooden tee.

Real Feedback

Not only that, SwingTurf allows you to insert a real wooden tee. Complete your golf simulator experience today with SwingTurf.

What’s Included

  • SwingTurf Golf Mat
  • Bonus FREE Rain or Shine Alignment Sticks

Product Specifications

  • 1.7″ Overall product height
  • 5/8 High density foam backing
  • Size: 5×5 – 28lbs / 4×9 – 35lbs

13 reviews for SwingTurf Golf Mat

  1. Jazlyn

    Great investment

    It’s HEAVY AF…didn’t expect that. For some reason…NO GREEN RESIDUE on the clubs. You can feel if you clipped it, hit it fat or thinned it. I thought it was overpriced until I used it. I’d buy this again.

  2. Kamden

    Swing Turf Mat

    I recently switched out my old hitting mat with a new Swing Turf (prior mat was a Country Club Elite). I made the change due to experiencing elbow pain from the more rigid mat I utilized before. So far I am very satisfied with the softer feel and less punishing Swing Turf product. Thank you for steering me to this necessary change.

  3. Meadow

    Met expectations

    I found your service and your service people first rate

  4. Jalen

    No more golfers elbow

    I didn’t know how hard our hitting mat was until we received the SwingTurf mat. I suffer from golfers elbow and now have realized the cause of the issue from the beginning was from hitting so much from a driving range mat we bought used that has no forgiveness. Great feel with great feedback of fat shots and clean shots feel incredible and has built my confidence in my swing. I can actually hit over 100 balls with nearly no pain using this mat and I am finally starting to heal after 13 months. My son is a 2 handicap and he loves the feel of the mat Thanks for a great product!

  5. Kolton

    Backyard practice

    Very pleased with my mat. One item I am pleased with is that there’s no residue on my clubs. The thickness of the mat is critical. It saves my arms and elbows from a pounding. And the list goes on. Great product.

  6. Kylo

    Swing Turf Golf Mat

    Great hitting mat. Easy on your wrists and elbows. Very fast shipping. Great to do business with. I highly recommend this mat and Rain & Shine Golf.

  7. Jayleen

    SwingTurf mat

    I did a ton of research leading up to this purchase and I could not be happier. I’ve hit 100 + balls/ day in my simulator for about a month now and I’ve experienced zero pain.

  8. Jaliyah

    Tee box for indoor golf simulator

    Hitting off this mat provides very good feel. The mat is also firm on the foot whereas I heave used some mats that were spongey. This mat is not. As for impact, the mat provides a surface with the forgiveness not to put strain on your wrists.

    Overall this mat is everything I can have expected. So glad I made the purchase.

  9. Emily


    The product is made of quality material and great customer service.

  10. Melvin

    I recently purchased the SwingTurf Golf Mat and I am extremely impressed with its performance. The expertly crafted fiber system allows for a true fairway golf shot experience, as it allows you to hit down and through the mat with ease.

  11. Lee

    The hitting surface of the SwingTurf is softer and more forgiving compared to other mats I have used in the past. This not only provides a similar feel to grass but also reduces the strain on my body after continuous use.

  12. Jacob

    One of the standout features of the SwingTurf is its durability. With a 3-Year Warranty, I have peace of mind knowing that this mat will last for years to come. Additionally, its versatility allows for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a convenient option for any golfer.

  13. Chad

    It comes as no surprise that the SwingTurf was awarded the title of MyGolfSpy Best Golf Hitting Mat of 2023. Its exceptional quality and performance truly set it apart from the competition. I highly recommend the SwingTurf Golf Mat to any golfer looking to improve their game.

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