PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green

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Are your looking to PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green.


PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green Description

Hone in the art of perfect putting with PuttView’s interactive putting green. Designed with all golfers in mind, the P7 and P7 Plus are fun, challenging and very accurate.

Whether you’re looking for guided practice or hours worth of fun with friends and family, the P7 Home Series has it all.

Incredible Putting Tracking Technology

Equipped with a built in camera, projector, and calibration software, Puttview’s technology tracks and traces your putts progress towards the target alongside the guided laser track, just like you see on Tour. This technology is ground-breaking and sure to have you making more putts than ever before.

Immersive Game Modes

Play Pong with your buddies or tic-tac-toe with your kids, all while working on your putting stroke. You can also complete putting courses that will track your progress over 18 holes and compete with your friends.

P7 Plus Upgrade

Upgrade to the P7 Plus to receive a wireless tablet control as well as additional software features and game modes. Unlock the maximum capability of Puttview with customizable settings, increased analytics tools, additional game modes, and more.

This technology is truly an experience and something you have to see to believe. Add the Puttview P7 Putting Simulator today.


What’s Included

  • Puttview Ball Tracking Technology
  • Dozens of Practice and Game Modes
  • Base System (Includes Contours)
  • Turf with Pre-Cut Regulation Holes
  • CNC Milled Wood Trim
  • Tower Stand
  • 1080 HD Projector (for laser contours)
  • Camera
  • All Tools and Hardware


Product Specifications

  • Green size: 60ft² (10′ x 6′)
  • Tower Height: 6′ 10′
  • Weight: 330lbs
  • Minimum Ceiling Height:  7′
  • Stimp (green speed): 11-12

4 reviews for PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green

  1. Bobby

    The PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green offers an unparalleled putting experience for golfers of all skill levels. Designed with meticulous accuracy and interactive features, this cutting-edge green transforms home practice into a highly effective and engaging activity.

  2. Victor

    The P7’s innovative technology provides real-time feedback on every putt, allowing golfers to pinpoint areas for improvement. The interactive putting line function guides practice, enabling precise feedback on green speed and break. Whether you aspire to hone your skills or enjoy a friendly putting competition with loved ones, the P7 delivers countless hours of enjoyment and seamless performance.

  3. Martin

    For the ultimate putting experience, the P7 Plus features additional advanced capabilities, including stroke analysis, in-depth putting data, and customized practice programs. With its intuitive design and comprehensive functionality, the P7 Plus empowers golfers to elevate their putting game to new heights.

  4. Ernest

    Whether you seek guided practice or hours of recreational putting pleasure, the PuttView P7 Home Series provides an immersive and transformative golf experience. Its accuracy, challenge, and accessibility make it an invaluable asset for golfers seeking to perfect the art of putting.

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