Money Putt Golf Turf

Original price was: $640.00.Current price is: $512.00.

Are your looking to Money Putt Golf Turf for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Money Putt Golf Turf.


Turf your indoor or outdoor space with artificial turf shipped directly from GrassTex. Select the type of turf you would like to use and then select the amount of turf you need! We offer Forest Green turf as well as a Bermuda Silverback Black Turf.

Perfect for golf applications such as putting greens, practice mats, or to use a landing pad and protect your indoor simulator flooring. Design your own putting green with easy to cut Forest Green MoneyPutt Golf Turf, or add more color contrast with the Bermuda Silverback Black Turf.

Forest Green moneyPutt Turf

Money Putt Specifications

  • Primary Yarn Polymer: Nylon
  • Primary Backing: Dual Layered Woven Polypropylene
  • Pile Height: 3/8″
  • Width: 15′
  • Color: Forest Green
  • Model: PL308

Moneyputt features

Bring the fairway to your backyard with the forest green turf from GrassTex. The Money Putt Golf Turf was designed with golfers in mind, perfect for putting & chip shot practice.

Select the correct sizing for your space to ensure you have the perfect fit! One of the best features of the Money Putt turf is how easy it is to cut, you can easily cut and fit the turf to create your own putting green with putting holes.


Our price per square foot is $4.55 (which is better than most companies selling turf in the market). We also add in the price for freight shipping with the overall cost which is a flat $300.

The turf will ship directly from GrassTex via freight. If you are looking for different types of golf turf please reach out to our sales team!


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