Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat

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Are your looking to buy Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat.


The Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat is a versatile and extended golf training aid designed for golfers who wish to refine their putting and chipping skills. It offers a range of features to provide a realistic and comprehensive practice experience.


  1. Extended Length:
    • The Long Putt V2 offers an extended length, allowing golfers to practice longer putts, which is beneficial for improving distance control and alignment.
  2. High-Quality Turf:
    • Features premium synthetic turf that simulates the feel and roll of real golf greens, offering a consistent and smooth putting surface.
  3. Chipping Mat:
    • The included chipping mat enables users to practice a variety of chip shots, adding versatility to their training sessions.
  4. Multiple Holes:
    • Equipped with multiple holes, allowing users to practice different putts and chips, focusing on accuracy and alignment.
  5. Break Snake:
    • Comes with a “break snake” to create custom breaks and slopes, helping golfers adapt to different putting conditions.
  6. Durability and Easy Storage:
    • Constructed with durable materials to withstand regular use.
    • Designed for easy roll-up and storage, accommodating users with limited space.

The mat also features several target holes to help golfers improve their accuracy, and a fringe area that simulates the rough around the green. The chipping mat portion of the product is located at the end of the putting green and features a high-quality turf that mimics the feel of real grass.

The Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat is a great tool for golfers of all skill levels, whether you are looking to improve your putting or sharpen your chipping skills. The mat is easy to set up and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile option for practicing your short game at home or on the go.

Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat by Big Moss

Looking for the perfect putting green for your home or office? With Big Moss indoor putting greens putt or chip back and forth in the comfort of your house or office. These PGA favorite greens utilize Big Moss’ True Tour Roll technology to ensure the most realistic putting and chipping situations for top-notch practice results.

Each green is durable, multi-layered, and triple-stitched, requiring minimal care, if any. Sky Caddie touch GPS Rangefinder are the industry leading long-putt surface and are used all over the world in long-putt contests and trade shows.

Made from premium industrial grade materials, this green can withstand heavy foot traffic and never develops grooves. 

New V2 Models Now Available!

Major Changes Included:

  • No bubbling or bunching with new wrinkle free rubber backed surface, which is now 28% heavier and lays flat even over carpeting.
  • A Higher Density Removable Foundation to practice dead flat putts.
  • Experience 100’s of Terrain Variations with the New Break Pads
  • New Stadium Backstop wraps around and is secured using golf tees
  • New Cup Sleeves and Flag Bases for all Regulation Sized Cups
  • No Configuration Changes

Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat Includes:

  • Big Moss Super G V2 Putting Green
  • Chipping Mat
  • 2 Limited Flight Chipping Balls
  • Stadium Backstop
  • Break Snake
  • Safety Flag Stick
  • Product Manual

Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat Features:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Favorite of PGA Professionals
  • Portable
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Perfect for Practice in Smaller Spaces
  • Virtually Indestructible

Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat Models:

  • 6′ x 30′ Long Putt 30
  • 6′ x 60′ Long Putt 60

Big Moss Long Putt V2 – 60Ft Demo:


  • Space Requirements: Given its extended length, ensure you have adequate space available for setup and practice.
  • Budget: Evaluate your budget as the price can vary based on the size and features of the putting green.
  • Usage Needs: Consider your practice needs and frequency of use to determine if this model aligns with your training goals.

14 reviews for Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat

  1. Olivia

    Great for putting/chipping
    Love it!

  2. Noah

    Pro style mat
    Great product. Very well made, love the added pad that slides under the mat. Good for creating breaking putts.

  3. Liam

    It’s good
    This is a nice little putting green. Would be a 5 star if the holes were deeper. But I understand that my preferences are not necessarily ideal for others.

  4. Emma

    Great size and quality
    I am an instructor who teaches indoors, it is a perfect size to work on lag putting and chipping, it’s awesome!!!

  5. Alexander


    Easy to use and actually works

  6. Evelyn

    Solid scorecard holder

    a little big to carry in the back pocket but it is still a solid holder. pencil holder in the middle and 2 scorecard holder

  7. Henry

    Great gift

    I purchased this item as a Christmas gift. It is being utilized daily to improve his putting. He is really enjoying this gift.

  8. Isabella

    Ok for the price but not that good

    Not as good as the others offered

  9. Benjamin


    Works great. I just cut a piece of 1/4 inch plywood to put under it and its flat and sturdy

  10. Isabella

    Excellent putting mat

    Excellent putting mat and good value for the money.
    The craftsmanship of this product is great. I l love the wood return and back stop. It comes with golf balls.
    It is easy to assemble and use. When not in use, I put it back in the box.
    I also use the mat to practice my golf swing so so I don’t wear out the carpet.

  11. Karl

    The Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat is a top-of-the-line golf training aid that truly delivers on its promise of helping golfers improve their putting and chipping skills. This versatile and extended mat offers a range of features that provide a realistic and comprehensive practice experience.

  12. Adrian

    One of the standout features of this mat is its realistic putting surface, which mimics the feel of a real green. This allows golfers to practice their putting strokes with confidence, knowing that they are getting a true representation of what they would experience on the course. Additionally, the chipping mat provides a variety of targets and distances to help golfers hone their chipping accuracy and control.

  13. Jared

    The quality of the materials used in the construction of this mat is evident from the moment you unroll it. The durable turf is built to withstand heavy use, ensuring that you can practice your putting and chipping for hours on end without worrying about wear and tear. The mat also features a non-skid backing that keeps it securely in place on any surface, so you can focus on your practice without any distractions.

  14. Harvey

    Overall, the Big Moss Long Putt V2 Putting Green & Chipping Mat is a must-have for any golfer looking to take their putting and chipping skills to the next level. Its realistic surface, variety of targets, and durable construction make it a valuable tool for improving your game. I highly recommend this mat to any golfer serious about refining their skills on the green.

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