The SIGPRO Softy Hitting Mat has received praise and rave reviews from our customers and YouTube reviewers, alike.

Garage Golf claimed it as the “absolute best golf mat I’ve ever tested in our 5+ years here at Garage Golf!”

The Hackers Paradise said the SIGPRO Softy is the “best hitting mat we have tested!”

And now, the Friendly Golfer has produced a thorough video review of the SIGPRO Softy Mat and says “It’s like a soft fairway. It feels like butter.”

In his video, the Friendly Golfer walks you through his experience testing the SIGPRO Softy and discusses the different aspects of the mat like; the construction, how it works with chipping, how it fits in a simulator, and different sizes & pricing.

“I absolutely loved the feeling of this. To me, it’s the perfect blend of having a solid surface with actual longer turf that your club can interact with, and the foam cushioning allows you to hit down and through.” – Friendly Golfer
Launch Monitors Can Help You Optimize Spin For Better Ball Flight & More Distance

Launch Monitors Can Help You Optimize Spin For Better Ball Flight & More Distance

The spin rate of a golf shot is what determines how high or low a golf ball will fly. Too much spin and the ball goes too high (and often not as far), whereas not enough spin will cause the ball’s trajectory to be too low, resulting in minimal carry and overall distance.

Optimizing the spin rate on your golf shots is the key to maximizing the distance you get off the tee with your driver and from the fairway with your irons. Measuring the spin rate of a golf ball is an integral aspect of a custom club fitting, as well as the overall game improvement process. After all, longer drives often result in shorter approach shots, which often produce more makable birdie putts – the game of golf is a process, and though we never perfect it, we also never stop trying.

Launch monitors and indoor golf simulators provide valuable data on many aspects of the golf swing. In fact, millions of dollars of golf equipment are sold each year based on the information provided by launch monitors. Spin rate specifically is a key factor in this analysis.

Continue reading how spin impacts ball flight and what can be learned and improved upon by adding a launch monitor to your practice routine.

Get To Know Kailey – Our Custom Golf Simulator Design Specialist

Kailey Loftice joined The Indoor Golf Shop team in the spring and says that she “has loved every minute of it so far.” As a Golf Simulator Design Specialist, Kailey designs spaces with custom golf simulators in a 3D software so customers can visualize it in their space and understand how it will look.

The new custom design builds continue to add to Kailey’s project list and she knows that the people who see her beautiful 3D renderings are excited about their golf dreams that will soon come true. “I enjoy coming to work every day and getting new projects to draw and send to clients,” Kailey said.

She does know a thing or two about making dreams come true, being a former Disney employee. Kailey spent time as a construction manager at the Disney resorts, and worked on renovating Animal Kingdom Lodge. She credits Disney as the reason she holds her work to the highest expectations possible.