In my opinion there is really nothing better than watching these old Ben Hogan golf swing video clips. There is just something quite mesmerizing about watching the beauty of Hogan’s swing.

I really believe that sometimes these simple (in theory anyway) swing mechanics are the secret to a solid, repeatable and fundamentally solid golf swing. But we are so busy looking for these “magic pills” that we instantly put on blinders when it comes to fundamentals.

The fundamental of starting the swing with your lower body (or from the ground up) is essential for a solid, powerful golf swing. Keep trying to practice THAT. Nevermind about the new driver or latest golf shaft. Work diligently on them. They will pay off.

I saw a recent interview with Bruce Springsteen and someone in a newer band was asking him about the secrets of his success. He said, “It’s in the doing” that you find the magic. Not the thinking about it. More doing. More practicing.

“Digging it out of the dirt” really was Hogan’s secret. It’s in the practice, in the swinging, testing, experimenting, being creative. The, at times, on your ride home (from the range) or another quiet time you just might get that quick insight on what might work. Hogan, I’m sure, knew this.

I think that’s one reason he loved practicing in solitude. So he could quiet his mind and just let his feel and intuition guide him.

So below is the video you need to watch 100x a day. Really? no – just kidding, but there IS something to be said about watching and trying to emulate a move that the great Ben Hogan is advising. I’ve watched this so many times it’s not funny.

One other video I recommend and is a bit of a lost treasure is this video of a Ben Hogan golf swing when he was 68 years old and vacationing in the Bahamas. His friends asked him to hit some balls and how he practiced. He proceeded to hit a ball into the ocean and then shows him practicing his swing in slow motion.

Slow motion swings I’m going to get more deeply involved in and I’m convinced is one of the best ways to create new neural motor patterns. Give it a try. It’s actually slow and grueling and takes tremendous concentration with little immediate feedback – probably one reason a lot of folks don’t do this practice.

I just recently purchased the Ben Hogan Golf Swing Collection DVD set band I HIGHLY recommend it. Also the Ben Hogan, “Five Lessons” is a classic. Tim Ferriss calls it one of the best books ever on organized learning. If you want to check them out the links are below.