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Are your looking to buy Orange Whip Wedge for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Orange Whip Wedge.


Every golfer knows they could lower their scores by playing better and being more consistent around the greens. The Orange Whip Wedge combines all of the same aspects that you love about the Orange Whip Trainer and has brought them to the short game. We’ve combined the Orange Whip flexible shaft and counterweight system with a Stan Utley inspired 56 degree wedge head. The Wedge was designed to hit shots from 25 yards and in to help you maximize your short game shots and enhance your creativity around the greens. Stan and Jim have developed the Orange Whip Wedge to help you improve your short game and improve your scores around the green.

1. Rhythm Training: Find your short game rhythm and sequence by allowing the Wedge club head to swing freely from your wrists, elbows, shoulders and body. It will help you find your sequence.

2. Impact Training: Good rhythm and sequence leads to solid contact. Allowing the Wedge shaft to load and unload at the correct time will help you make solid contact more consistently.

3. Distance Training: Solid contact and rhythm gives you the ability to control your distance Orange Whip Peel. The Wedge will train you to chip and pitch your ball on your intended landing spot and predict the runout to have your ball end up close to the hole.

4. Trajectory Training: Flighting your shots and controlling the runout allows you to be more creative around the green. You will learn to develop and better feel for chips, pitches, bunker shots, and flop shots around the green.

“I believe every golfer should possess the skills to play each unique short game shot with confidence and success. I am certain by training properly with the ORANGE WHIP WEDGE and the ORANGE WHIP PUTTER, golfers will improve their short game skills and lower their scores.” –Stan Utley, Short Game Expert

Orange Whip Wedge Features

  • Orange Whip counterweighted flexible shaft system
  • Stan Utley inspired 56 degree wedge
  • Promotes short game rhythm and feel
  • Trains Solid contact for improved distance and accuracy
  • Develops sequencing of body, arms, and club head release
  • Enhances creativity and feel for shots around the green

Orange Whip Wedge Blade Specs

  • Length: 35.5 in.
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.

Developed as a collaboration between legendary short-game expert Stan Utley and Orange Whip puter blade, the Stan Utley Wedge will help you conquer the yips so you can maximize the short game and lower your scores.

How to Play Video – Orange Whip Wedge

6 reviews for Orange Whip Wedge

  1. Emma

    After swinging no more than 10 times, the club head snapped off. Horrible product. Waste of $100!

  2. Olivia

    how to swing ur wedges
    Excellent for establishing the correct tempo and appropriate swing sequence

  3. Oliver

    Perfect to improve your wedge game
    It’s a great tool to help with your tempo.

  4. Noah

    Big fan of the Orange Whip training devices
    Arrived on time, very good quality, I can see it definitely helping slow down my swing giving me better control

  5. Liam

    Excellent practice tool

  6. Emma

    Great product for developing/sustaining lag in your swing
    Great product for developing lag or warming up to reinforce your lag and a nice cadence in your swing.

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The Orange Whip provides a core muscle workout when used during repetitive motion drills. The wrists and forearms receive a workout doing various drills and during the hinging action while swinging. The Orange Whip synchronizes the arms and body while swinging it repetitively.
Is there an Orange Whip that can be used to hit golf balls? No, the Orange Whip is designed to teach the user to swing athletically without the anticipation of hitting the golf ball. This anticipation of hitting the golf ball typically creates tension.

Get set up into your athletic golf stance hover the orange ball slightly above the ground and start by very slowly swinging it back and forth create a nice pendulum.

Gearan on Golf: Jim Hackenberg was a golf teacher when he invented The Orange Whip. It changed the course of his life. It’s called “The Orange Whip.” And if you’re into golf, you’re familiar with the immensely popular training device. I’m one of 600,000 golfers who have bought one.

The original Orange Whip Trainer was designed to synchronize your golf swing and the new Orange Whip LightSpeed was designed specifically to increase your clubhead speed while maintaining control. It’s the perfect combination of power and accuracy.

The result was the development of the Orange Whip, a training and fitness aid Hackenberg says is currently being used by some 200 golf professionals on various tours, as well as recreational golfers all over the world.

It’s designed to help you feel the natural lag and develop your core muscles as well. It’s also highly rated but seems to be more used for warming up than mastering your tempo. If you like the idea of the Orange Whip but don’t want to spend this much on a training aid, this is a good option.
The Orange Whip Compact is perfect for indoor use and travel. Its convenient length and versatile design are perfect for men, women, seniors, and teens.
Orange Whip Golf TV Spot, ‘Question’ Featuring Holly Sonder.

It’s a surprisingly simple way to iron out a lot of little glitches in your swing without having to think much about it. Even if you don’t struggle with those problems, the Orange Whip certainly won’t hurt, and it’s a handy tool to help you loosen up before your round.