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Are your looking to TrueStrike Gel Section for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own TrueStrike Gel Section.


The Gel Section of the True Strike Golf Mat is what sets this product apart from all other golf mats on the market.

Engineered with a silicone gel insert beneath the hitting turf, this portion of any system can be changed out after a few years of use and the rest of the system can still be used. Rated for up to 150,000 shots taken with a wedge or iron.

Remember that True Strike parts are completely modular for convenient additions to your hitting mat system.

All standard True Strike models come with one Gel Section included. Multisport Interactive Sports Camera comes with two.

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Weight30 lbs
Includes1 X Gel Mat Section, Gel Bag, Molded Frame, Strike Surface
Size52″ L x 14″ W x 2 3/8″ H



TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section is what makes the TrueStrike Hitting Mats so unique. Gel Insert hiding beneath the surface of the Gel Section allows your club head to play through the mat surface just as it would on real turf. Forget about the pain and shock in your wrists and shoulders associated with hitting from an ordinary golf mat. Thanks to the modular built of the TrueStrike Mat this Gel Section could be changed out after a few years of use. Rated for up to 150,000 shots taken with a wedge or iron.

The divot-simulating subsurface contains a nylon armored polyurethane pillow with a closed-cell foam insert and a silicone gel which recreates the effect of taking a divot.

TrueStrike’s fairway forgiveness effect helps improve practice experience in the commercial golf practice range and at home by realistically and accurately replicating shots from the fairway.

TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section Features:

  • Flexible and Stretchable Surface
  • Divot-Simulating Silicone Subsurface
  • Shock and Impact Reducing Material

TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section Size:

  • 14″ W, 2.25″ H, 52″ L

TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section Includes:

  • 1 Gel Section

TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section Weight:

  • 30 lbs.


The TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section is a specialized golf mat designed to provide a realistic, on-course feel for golfers practicing their swings. The Gel Section is an optional accessory that can be added to the TrueStrike Golf Mat, and it consists of a layer of gel sandwiched between two layers of foam.

The purpose of the gel section is to simulate the feel of taking a divot when hitting a golf shot. The gel compresses slightly when a club strikes it, giving the golfer the sensation of hitting down on the ball and taking a divot. This helps golfers to develop a more consistent swing and improve their ball striking.

The TrueStrike Golf Mat Gel Section is suitable for use with all types of clubs, including irons, woods, and wedges. It is easy to install and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The gel section can also be replaced if it becomes worn or damaged, ensuring that the TrueStrike Golf Mat remains a durable and long-lasting practice tool for golfers of all skill levels.

10 reviews for TrueStrike Gel Section

  1. Olivia

    Exactly want I needed
    I like the product and I’ll order again.

  2. Oliver

    Great product
    A great purchase . Easy to put together and very durable

  3. Noah

    Great size, awesome price, easy to assemble. Solid product!

  4. Liam

    Great product, and price!
    Great for what I needed it for!!👍🏼👍🏼😊

  5. Rajeswari

    Love it
    Love working out on this puzzle mat…was never easier to clean my mess than it is now

  6. Emma

    Easy to install
    I will order again

  7. Evelyn

    Great mat especially for hitting down on the ball with wedges, etc; no wrist issues or anything like that. Only thing is I wish it were a tad wider. I’m pretty tall 6’2 and I barely fit on the mat. I’d also recommend buying the ball holder accessory.

  8. Henry

    The truestrike mat is the best mat I have used. You get the give of the fairway, you hit fat shots, it’s like you are hitting on the fairway! Only mat I will use at my house.

  9. Isabella

    The Mat is very close to hitting off of natural turf. When a fat shot is hit, the club head does not bounce into the ball as it does on all other mats I have used. There is also a minimal amount of vibration in the club when striking the ball.

  10. Benjamin

    Great mat – functions exactly as described. Love that you don’t get the “bounce effect” on heavy shots, and you know you hit it fat. I have been pleased on lack of joint implications as well. Please with the purchase all the way around – and Top Shelf Golf customer service and assistance has been FANTASTIC.

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Plays and reacts like a natural fairway

The overall practice experience is far more realistic enabling the golfer to see a true representation of the shot played.

Encouraging the player who has given up practicing on anything but the best turf on dry days, to come back to your facility as the practice is now far more realistic without the pain, thus basically increasing your footfall and subsequent revenue.

  • Flexible and Stretchable Surface
  • Divot-Simulating Silicone Subsurface
  • Shock and Impact Reducing Material

14″ W, 2.25″ H, 52″ L 

1 Gel Section

30 lbs.

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