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Are your looking to buy The Net Return Runner Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own The Net Return Runner Package.


The Net Return Runner Package is a training package designed to help runners improve their skills and techniques. The package includes a net that can be used to catch and return balls, allowing runners to practice their throwing and catching skills, as well as their agility and speed.

The package also includes a set of cones that can be used to set up obstacle courses and other training drills. These cones can be used to create a variety of different courses and challenges, helping runners to improve their footwork and coordination.

In addition to the net and cones, the Net Return Runner Package also includes a series of instructional videos and training guides. These resources provide runners with tips and techniques for improving their skills, as well as information on how to use the net and cones effectively.

Overall, the Net Return Runner Package is a comprehensive training tool that can help runners of all levels improve their skills and achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop basic skills or an experienced runner looking to take your training to the next level, the Net Return Runner Package can be a valuable resource.

The Net Return Runner & Pro Series Package

The Net Return Pro Series is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer and provides a 250,000 shot guarantee! 

A Pro Series net can also handle golf ball speeds of 225 MPH with ease and is designed for years of use.

A Net Return training net offers a golfer unparalleled performance, premium quality, rugged durability and provides Instant Shot Feedback. 

Each and every Pro Series training net we sell is handmade, individually inspected and tested, and proudly Uneekor QED SIG8 Golf Simulator

Net Return Runner Package Product Videos:

What’s Included In The Net Return Runner Package:

  • Pro Series Net – Aluminum Frame, Green Sleeve Net
  • Side Barriers (Pair)
  • Runner Golf Turf – 42 oz. Nylon Face, 5mm Foam Backing, 2’6″ Wide x 9′ Long, 21 lbs.
  • Sandbags (4)
  • Rubber Tees (2) – 1.75″ and 2.25″
  • Rugged, Black Duffle Bag

Net Return Runner Package Features:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 250,000 Shot guarantee
  • Lightweight, Rugged, 1.5″ Tubular Aluminum Frame – Will Not Rust!
  • Multi-sport use
  • Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green
  • Large, Stainless Steel Push Buttons
  • Side Barriers insure miss-hit balls never leave the hitting area

Net Return Runner Package Specs:

  • Height: 7′ 6″
  • Width: 8′
  • Depth: 3′ 6″
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Made in the USA

The Net Return Runner Package Assembly Video

The Net Return Runner Package Disassembly Video

10 reviews for The Net Return Runner Package

  1. Liam (store manager)

    Pop up golf net
    I like the size and layout of the net. I don’t like how i have to constantly readjust the ends to straighten it out after a few hits. The netting started to tear down the seams after the first day. It’s still stopping the balls but does have holes in the net from the tears.

  2. Noah (store manager)

    Great Runner for a The Net Return
    Great Accent piece for a The Net Return!!

  3. Oliver (store manager)

    Great for pre golf warmup
    It’s just what I wanted and easy to assemble

  4. Olivia (store manager)

    Great practice net
    Easy to set up. Background makes it easy to see how well you’ve struck the ball.

  5. Olivia (store manager)

    Great Personal Hitting Net

    This is an excellent net. Its very easy to put together with the color coded tubes and its very durable. I have it outside and it handles all kinds of weather. I thought I’d need to add side nets, but I found I don’t need them. I plan on taking this net between my summer and winter homes and it looks like it will be easy to transport with the included carrying case.

  6. Alexander (store manager)

    Great way to improve your game

    We were looking for a way to quickly hit a bucket of balls. Whether to just stay loose or find the feel of hitting it “flush” for a little confidence, this allowed for that. Get a good mat to compliment and enjoy. Highly recommend!

  7. Evelyn (store manager)

    Quality Net

    Easy to set up. Quality net.

  8. Henry (store manager)

    Makings of a better game

    Excellent tool to maintain swing mechanics as it allows for year round usage. 10 min a day ensures enduring muscle memory.

  9. Isabella (store manager)

    Great Golf Net

    Indoor Range

  10. Benjamin (store manager)

    Best net

    This the best net made in my opinion. Easy to set up and appears to be the most durable net I’ve ever owned. Ball returns to your feet as well which is great.

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