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TGC 2019 Golf Simulation Software


Choose From Over 150,000 Available Golf Courses

the golf club design your own course

Choose from over 150,000+ available – ready to play – Golf Courses or create your own in just a few clicks with the included easy to use golf course designer software.

Design Your Own Course

Create a new course in minutes. Add as much detail as you like. You will never get bored with this one. The editor gives you the ability to create from scratch or mold anything Net Return Home Series Golf Simulator.

You can alter the terrain, move tees, move greens, move holes, delete holes, add holes, bunkers, rivers, ponds, trees, foliage, buildings, animals, and other objects.

practice on the golf club 2019

Practice & Play 24/7

Using your own clubs, you set up to hit the shot just as you would on a real course.

The system allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, the investment in MP-JW4001 Golf Simulator will do more for your game than any of the latest technology clubs you can buy.

Delivery of the software will occur within 1-3 business days after payment. You will receive an email with your license key from the Shop Indoor Golf team.

Once you have received your license, you can download and install the The Golf Club 2019 software at

*SkyTrak users must purchase directly from SkyTrak

5 reviews for The Golf Club 2019 (TGC 2019)

  1. Emma

    Excellent Support
    The Support Team is very knowledgable about the products they sell. Helped make decisions easier.

  2. Liam

    Tgc 2019
    Great helpful team!!

  3. Noah

    Gave as a gift
    Seemed to like it

  4. Oliver

    Worst golf game ever!
    Terrible play by play !

  5. Olivia

    Great game!
    Awesome golf game. The only negative is that the courses are limited to a handful. Other than that this game is cool!

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The Golf Club (TGC) 2019 is the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use. The ultra HD 4K graphics and 150,000+ courses make this a must-have for any serious golfer. Note: This product is a digital download.
For an $895 one-time payment or $479 annually, TGC 2019 is a great value for a larger course library and the design your own course feature.
SkyTrak and The Golf Club are excited to offer golfers the next generation of The Golf Club – TGC 2019. The high resolution, high performance graphics system allows players to move in real time around the course, with screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.

The six courses coming to the game are all TPC locations: Boston, Deere Run, Sawgrass, Scottsdale, Southwind and Summerlin. There will be 32 events on the career mode schedule, which also includes Qualifying School and the up-and-comers’ Tour as players get their start.

Up to 8 players, can use different tees. Has scramble mode. … Yes, hitting the Q key at any time flies you from wherever your ball is all the way to the green, which displays the slope grid, making it easy to check the pin position and green slope when you’re planning tee shots or approach shots.

LIDAR is laser mapping of geography areas and the data can be imported into Golf Club 2019 to create realistic courses. RCR is Real Course Recreation. Basically LiDAR takes hours and hours away from designers sculpting their courses.

Use the tabs at the bottom to see LIDAR courses (those created with actual LIDAR elevation data), RCR (real course recreations), or Fictional Courses. To search for a course on this page, use Ctrl-F to use your browser’s search function. When searching in TGC 2019, use the TGC name, not the real course name.

The following is a summary of the commonly available simulation softwares: E6, The Golf Club (TGC2019), Trackman Simulator and Foresight FSX. … TPS versions later than 6.3 (e.g. 7.2) will not run E6 or TGC2019. Trackman users wanting to use E6 and TGC2019 have to run version 6.2/6.3, typically on a separate USB stick.

1. The Golf Club 2019. The Golf Club (TGC) software is compatible with SkyTrak, some Ernest Sports launch monitors, the Mevo Plus, the Uneekor QED and EYE XO, and ProTee Golf simulators, among others.

The GQSX2 application is the software that sends your GCQuad data to TGC 2019. … The only app you’ll need to install from the long list of apps you’ll see is the Protee Golf Interface.

Once you open that it brings up a notepad file and if you head down to where it says putting straight and it should say equals off now all you have to do is delete the word off.