Foresight Sports HMT Certified Pre-Owned

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HMT (Head Measurement Technology) combines with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen. With HMT, the most comprehensive analysis of a player’s swing and club head performance is now at your fingertips. GC2 Budget Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software Instantly see critical data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, and lie—even impact location—with the same unmatched accuracy you’re used to in the GC2.

Foresight Sports Launch MonitersPriceLatest Price
GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software$9,599.00Click Here
GC2 Budget Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software$11,399.00Click Here
GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package + FSX$13,999.00Click Here
GC2 Launch Monitor Certified Pre-Owned by Foresight Sports$5,400.00Click Here
Foresight Sports HMT Certified Pre-Owned$4,900.00Click Here

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1 review for Foresight Sports HMT Certified Pre-Owned

  1. Jonathan

    It’s basically a computer game driven by swinging real clubs and as such it’s great. I’d love a SkyTrak but that is way out of my price bracket.

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