SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package


Are your looking to buy SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package.


SkyTrak Training Package – Exclusively 

Shop Indoor Golf’s SkyTrak Training Package is perfect for golfers on a budget looking to improve any aspect of their game.

Featuring real time visual feedback and ball performance data outputted to your iPad or PC, your SkyTrak Training package is everything you need to work on your golf game in the comfort of your own home.

Also available in our higher end SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package and our loaded SIG10 Package.

If you are looking for a simulator for entertainment purposes, be sure to check out our Entertainment Series Simulators


What Your Setup Will Look Like

What’s Included In The SkyTrak Training Package

  • SkyTrak Golf Personal Launch Monitor
  • SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan
  • SkyTrak Protective Case
  • Choice of Golf Net
  • Net Return Home Series V2 Net and Frame
  • Net Return Pro Series V2 Net and Frame
  • Side Barriers
  • Net Return 6′ x 10′ Pro Turf
  • Two Rubber Tee’s – 1.75″ and 2.25″
  • Duffle Bag (For storing and transporting net)
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • SkyTrak User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Here’s What You’re Getting

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday OptiShot 2 Practice Golf Simulator Package to head studies show SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as the Trackman, at a fraction the cost.

What We Like About The SkyTrak

  • Amazing Accuracy
  • Ability To Provide Numerous Measurements Such As: Launch Angle, Back Spin, Carry Distance
  • Great Game Improvement Tool
  • Easy To Use. Review Our Quick Setup Guide
  • Works With iOS, Android, and PC. Full list of compatible devices
  • Voted 2017 & 2018 Best Value Golf Simulator by Golf Digest

SkyTrak Metal Protective Case

The SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is the official metal case authorized for use with SkyTrak, and is a great way to protect your investment.


  • Laser cut from 13-gauge steel
  • Offers protection from light drops, scratches and bumps
  • Can plug SkyTrak into wall charger while in the case
  • Easy access to the power button
  • Ability to view the LEDs through the case
  • Adjustable legs for leveling or raising SkyTrak
  • Integrated alignment stick channel

SkyTrak Play & Improve Software

  • Full golf course play on 12 world famous WGT Golf Courses (WGT Course Play for iOS only and is Single Player)
  • For multi-player golf course play options check here
  • 3D Driving Range with Shot Tracer Technology
  • Instant Ball Performance Data & Shot replay
  • Closest to the pin competition (single or multiplayer)
  • Longest drive challenge (single or multiplayer)
  • Target practice  (single or multiplayer)
  • Skills assessment feature
  • Bag mapping
  • Progress Tracking
  • Custom Environmental Settings (humidity, wind, etc.)
  • 5 Different Camera Views

The Net Return Golf Net & Side Barriers

The Net Return Golf Net is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer! These nets can handle golf ball speeds of up to 225 MPH and are built for years of use and provide you the ability to practice anytime and anywhere. Assembly is easy and straightforward, and takes one person under five minutes to put it all together. The Net Return Universal Side Barriers Ship in 2 Weeks.


  • Handcrafted in the USA Quality
  • Lightweight, Rugged, 1.5″ Tubular Aluminum Frame
  • Commercial Grade, UV Treated Black, Polyester Netting
  • Home Series V2 Dimensions: 7’H x 7’W x 3’6″ D
  • Pro Series V2 Dimensions: 7’6″H x 8’W x 3’6″D
  • Home Series Installation Videos
  • Pro Series Installation Videos

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

The Pro Turf Mat is made specifically for the The Net Return products. Unlike other mats that are smaller, the Pro Turf mat is 6′ Wide and 10′ Long and fits perfectly within the Home and Pro Series Nets.

The mat’s length allows for continuous ball return, and can even be used as a putting green. The Pro Turf has a 42 oz. nylon face-weight with a 5mm foam backing, allowing it to be rolled up and stored like a carpet. It weighs 50 lbs. and is roughly 3/4″ thick and ships with two OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor rubber tees, a 2’1/4″ tee and a 1’3/4″ tee. 

Here’s What You Need

iOS Device (preferred)

An iPad or an iPhone will be needed to support the WGT full golf course play feature. If both available, we recommend using an iPad.

For detailed hardware compatibility requirements please visit our system requirements page.

PC or Android Device

Basic driving range & game improvement modules operate as normal on PC or Android – however full golf course play via SkyTrak WGT software is not supported.

If interested in full golf course play with a PC computer, please review the 3rd party software options page.

Here’s How Much Space You Need

SkyTrak Training Package Space Requirements

Generally speaking, the SkyTrak Training Package is able to fit into most spaces.

We recommend a space with dimensions of:

  • 10′ Width
  • 14′ Length
  • 8’6″ Height (will vary depending on height of user)

Make sure you can swing your club comfortably in your desired space, as you may need more than 8’6″ high ceilings if your swing requires it. You can always place your setup in a room or space that is larger than the minimum space requirements listed above. 

Demo Video-SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package


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Swing away with SkyTrak to play 12 famous 18-hole courses on WGT Golf with your own clubs! Plus — play in closest to the hole challenges on six additional courses! Full Course Play: Pebble Beach.
With the Play and Improve Plan, get everything in the Basic Plan plus significantly more challenges, game improvement features, and progress tracking to your SkyTrak Golf setup. You also receive full golf course simulation for one-player only gameplay.

“We’ve been on an 11- to-12-week back order ever since. The increase in orders has been tremendous. Sales this year are going to far exceed what we did last year.” Historically, Calabrese says SkyTrak orders tend to tail off during the summer since people are out playing.

The integration with SkyTrak has become very popular for PC users. It does require a $99/yr subscription to SkyTrak Game Improvement package and a $299/yr fee for the course software package from TruGolf.

To access Fitness Golf on your SkyTrak simulator, you first need to be subscribed to the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan, which comes free with many SkyTrak simulator packages. Then you’ll need to buy the Fitness Golf package that includes the software license and full access to the courses.

Yes, SkyTrak launch monitors do work with foam balls, but there are real limitations to the data that some monitors can produce. Foam balls are a great way to have a fun and safe golf simulator session, including with kids. They also allow you to minimise noise and test your simulator before completion.
The following Launch Monitors are officially supported. For other launch monitors such as Skytrak, Mevo+ and other launch monitors, please let them know you want to play GSPro! GSPro also has an open API/interface available for the community to create software for integrating with GSPro.

I upgraded to the practice and improve package which gives bag mapping, wedge matrix and plenty more useful features. I also splashed out on true golf e6 game software, this gives me 15 courses to play. So yes it has improved my game, and is great for winter practice.

Customers can upgrade their 1 year Game Improvement Plan to 1 Year Play Improve Plan ( WGT) with an upgrade cost of $99.95 for one year. This upgrade is non-refundable. You must have an active and current Game Improvement membership to purchase this upgrade.

It’s as close to simulating real golf as you’ll get. And then, right at the top of the golf simulator tree we have Foresight’s GCQuad simulators. These are the sims you’ll see the top online golf instructors like Rick Shiels using in their videos.

After analyzing the patent for the original Skytrak released in November 2014 and their current patent-pending Skytrak 3D Launch Monitor, I believe it is safe to say the new Skytrak will be released by the end of the year 2021, most likely November.