SkyTrak+ Practice Golf Simulator Package

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All-New SkyTrak+ Practice Package

Create the ultimate indoor or outdoor practice set up with the all-new SkyTrak+ Practice Package! This entry level SkyTrak+ package includes your choice of Golf Net, the brand new SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor, the SwingTurf Golf Mat, and Landing Pad (optional).

SkyTrak+ accuracy has been proven against the leading commercial launch monitors with excellent results. It’s one of the few launch monitors on the market to offer the same incredible accuracy of $10K+ commercial units at a fraction of the price.

Indoor/Outdoor Functionality

The new SkyTrak+ can be used both indoors and outdoors, along with the GoSports Elite Net or RS Tour Golf Net! Use in the backyard to dial in your distances, or bring your garage back to life with the ultimate practice station. With the lightweight design of these nets setup paired with the convenience and portability of the SkyTrak+, you can golf day or night, inside or outside, all year long with the SkyTrak+ Best Practice Golf Simulator Package!

SkyTrak Software Features

Setup skills challenges to make sessions more purposeful, use Bag Mapping to plot your carry and total distance numbers for each club in your bag, optimize your shots with a view of your shot data, challenge your friends to a closest to the pin contest, and much more.

Shot Data – What’s Measured

Additional Club Data with SkyTrak+

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Club Face Angle
  • Face to Target
  • Back Spin Rate
  • Side Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Spin Loft
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Lateral Landing
  • Roll Distance
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Shot Shape
  • Descent Angle
  • Shot Score

Looking for an explanation of what this all means? Check out our brand new Launch Monitor Data Glossary to learn more!

What’s Included

  • SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor
  • SkyTrak+ Protective Case
  • USB Cable
  • USB Splitter Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Product Information Guide
  • SkyTrak App
  • 1st Year Game Improvement Software Upgrade
  • Virtual Driving Range

Practice Package Components

  • Your Choice of Hitting Net
  • SwingTurf Golf Mat
  • (Optional) Landing Pad Turf for full turf coverage

Indoor Space Requirements

Minimum Room Size: 8′ 6″ H x 9′ W x 12’D

Note that you may increase the minimum room size by including landing pads in your purchase

**Although this product may fit in your space, please make sure to take some practice swings to make sure you are comfortable swinging in your designated space.

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

  • Data Capture Technology: High Speed Cameras and Doppler Radar
  • Device Compatibility: PC, iOS, Android
  • Software Compatibility: TGC, E6 Connect, WGT

GoSports Net Specs

  • 1.5″ powder coated steel frame, ballistics grade netting, automatic ball return
  • 7.5’H x 7.5’W x 3’D assembled dimensions

RS Tour Golf Net Specs

  • Lightweight tension based assembly, ballistics grade netting
  • 7’H x 9’W x 3’D assembled dimensions

Turf Specs

  • SwingTurf: 5×5 or 4×9 size option, 5/8″ foam backing, 1″ pile height lifelike nylon turf
  • Landing Pad: 10′ x 8′ coverage with 1″ putting green turf material (optional)
  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

Explore The New Technology Of SkyTrak+

  • Dual Doppler Radar for Club Data Measurement
  • Improved Photometric Camera System for More Accuracy
  • New and Improved Shot Optimizer Interface
  • New Shot Scoring To Measure Your Progress

This new and improved tech can only mean one thing…Accurate data after every swing.


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